I bought some liquid MSM, here are the 5 ways I'll use it

Your girl is at it again. Another random trip to the Vitamin Shoppe store to replace my liquid cod liver oil and, next thing you know, I'm walking to the counter with a handful of items that just know will change my life forever. One such item is my liquid MSM. Liquid MSM, in essence, is basically just MSM that has been dissolved in water for easy use. It's a long story but I actually did not initially purchase this product strictly for hair related reasons. But now that it's found a new home with me, I plan on using this amazing product to the fullest and I'd like to share my intentions with you. So here we go.....

"I'm using it as an eye treatment"
Yes, the real reason why I decided to even buy the liquid MSM was to use as an all natural eye drop solution. It all started when I was seeking out a natural treatment for my dry, red eyes. For a while now, I've been dealing with the issue of eye strain stemming from years of staring at a computer screen. My Google search eventually led me to two options. One was a lemon water bath and the other liquid MSM drops. At first, I was really turned off at the idea of intentionally putting lemon water in my eye but then I remembered an incident, only two days prior, where I received a direct squirt in the eye while attempting to cut through a lemon. Believe it or not, having a lemon squirt me directly in the eye only caused mild discomfort and not the burning/stinging one might think would happen. For this reason, I was open to idea of adding a couple of drops of lemon diluted in water as an eye bath.

MSM eye drops are an actual product available online. According to what I read online, MSM water has the ability to "soften the membranes, allowing fluid to pass through the outer layer of the tissues. MSM softens leathery tissue, equalizes pressures, repairs damaged membranes, clears up red spots and broken vessels, helps remove blemishes and other tissue particles. MSM eyedrops provide cellular nutrition necessary to make the outer tissues soft and permeable." So when I got home, I grabbed one of my empty travel size spray bottles, added some MSM liquid and additional (spring) water to further dilute the solution. Then I added 2-3 drops of lemon and "voila!"

It's been only a couple of days since I've used the solution and so far so good! First of all, I still have the ability to see which is a good thing. Secondly, I felt an immediate improvement in the comfort level of my eyes from the first use. Having never used traditional eye drops before I have nothing to compare it to. In all honesty, I feel way more comfortable using MSM drops vs. a traditional over the counter product. Hopefully this MSM water will create huge benefits for my eyes long term. I would really like to see healthier looking eyes overall. Oh, and perhaps I could experience an added side benefit of healthier lashes, longer lashes....we'll see.

"I'm going to drink it!"
Honestly, I didn't think of consuming this liquid but then I thought, "why not!" I mean, MSM is a sulfur after all and since sulfur is the fourth most abundant nutrient in our bodies. I'm sure taking a swig or two of this liquid MSM can only help. In fact, this MSM liquid may be better than taking MSM supplements because, as we all know, supplements in liquid form are absorbed in the body for more readily than traditional pills. Plus, anything we absorb in liquid form does not have to go through our digestive system which can alter the full effects of the nutrient. So I think I may add some MSM water to my morning hair tonic or perhaps my chilled bamboo tea! As we learned in my juicing video, sulfur is a beauty nutrient which can create healthy hair, skin and nails. After conducting a taste test, I determined that the taste isn't strong enough to disturb anything I may mix this with. So basically, this can be mixed with pretty much any drink.

"I'm spaying it in my hair!"
As I sat staring at my new bottle of MSM water, I kept asking myself, "what else I can use this for?" Then suddenly, the answer popped into my braid. Then I ran into the back room and grabbed my trusty spray bottle (the one I showed you in this post). Immediately I poured some into my mix and shook it up for good measure. Feeling pretty good about myself, I put my mister away for future use. Later on that evening I had to create a style using flexi-rods with short notice so I decide to mist my hair lightly so the style would set nicely. Instead of using the bottle where I added a little MSM water to my current mix, I decided to use my "eye wash" mister which contained only MSM water and lemon drops, diluted in spring water. The results? My hair felt so incredibly soft as I styled it. I give all the props of my softer hair to the MSM water mix because hours earlier I was silently complaining to myself about how dry my hair felt even though I just washed it a day prior. So from now own, MSM water will definitely be a staple in my spray bottle. I wonder if the MSM water has the ability to affect areas of concern like thinning edges......

"I'm using it as a facial mist!"
After finding three ways to use this liquid MSM, I felt like I was on a roll. So I decided to keep riding the wave and mist my face with the MSM/lemon water mix. Reason being is because the sulfur can have a positive impact on my skin and acne. I've seen Evian facial misters at Sephora and have always wanted one. So I thought "why not use this product to hydrate and nourish my skin since there are several MSM mists (mixed with Rosewater) on the market". I could mist with MSM water post workout, or if my skin feels dry after cleansing, or to hydrate skin when there's low humidity in the air. I can also see this being very useful after a long flight. I've already mist my face several times and so far I feel like my skin has a nice subtle glow to it. Every time I hydrate my eyes, I finish up by misting my face and allow to air dry. Not only is it a refreshing experience but it's beneficial for my skin as well. I can already tell that this facial mist will get loads of use in the days and months to come.

"I'm mixing it into my hair conditioner!"
And of course, I will have to somehow find a way to incorporate this wonderful product into my hair care regimen. You guys may remember this post on mixing nutrients with my conditioners. If the diluted MSM has helped create softer hair, how much more can I benefit from mixing in with my conditioning hair products. Since the MSM water is a bit too watery to mix in with conditioners (it may dilute the thickness of the product), I've decided to purchase some MSM powder that I can mix in with my fave conditioners. I can't wait to see if there are any immediate benefits from adding MSM as a booster. If I experience great benefits, I may incorporate MSM as one of the ingredients in the Gleau moisturizer mix.

I don't think I've bought a product with so many uses in a long while. I would say that my $10.00 was money well spent.

*p.s. I've also purchased some MSM lotion and bath soap so I can have smooth, healthy skin all over*


  1. That is so cool! What made you actually turn to MSM before you bought it? I'm sorry about your eyes :( That hurts my heart. & I'm glad you've found so many practical uses for just one product. I'm young & I've been having slight eye problems (lately) myself. Maybe I should go buy some :-P

    Where can you buy that at? & I like the idea of putting it on your face. Curse the dryness of (beautiful) African American skin. Haha.

  2. HI Raven! I took MSM years ago as a supplement for my hair but this time I was intrigued about using it as an eye supplement. I went to the Vitamin Shoppe to pick up the liquid but the soap and lotion I could only find online. I heard the MSM on the body helps prevent stretch marks and keep the skin tight.

  3. The only sulfur I have ever used is plain sulfur soap for my acne. It truly helps with my cystic acne (thanks to pregnancy hormones), clears up my regular whiteheads, and prevents blackheads around my nose and mouth. It's my go-to for clearing my skin.

  4. Hi Nadege, what great information. Thanks for posting. Again I'm so glad I found your blog.

  5. I just began to use epsom salt, another sulfur product. I have a mini spritz bottle and I put 1/2 tsp in 30mL of water and spray my skin, face, and scalp after a shower. It softens skin, reduces blemishes, helps with varicose veins, and some people have experienced hair growth. Also epsom salt has magnesium (a mineral most Americans are deficient in), which is readily absorbed through the skin and can relieve anxiety and depression.

    However, please keep us updated on your MSM supplementation, especially if you see improvements with your skin.

  6. Um, I see this is an older post... Regarding the MSM liquid spray, I'm not sure I understand this correctly but did you spray that into your eyes? That would be a new way to apply liquid to the eyes (I have an issue with applying eye drops so any other technique is welcome). Thanks if you reply.

    1. Hi Timea,
      Yes, you read it correctly, I sprayed it directly into my eyes. Just make sure the only ingredients are water and MSM. It's much easier than applying eye drops.

    2. Thank you for this article. I have bought a 500ml bottle of MSM liquid but am unsure how much distilled water to dilute it with in order to make eye drops. Can you advise please? Thanks

    3. Hi Anon,
      The MSM water that I had was already diluted. My advice would be to start off with just a little tiny bit of MSM in your water and test it out to see how you respond. Then you can slowly increase the amount if needed.


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