Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I am extremely excited to tell you all about my recent Zen Detox experience. I first stumbled across this product online while searching for ways to detoxify from the chemical exposure of relaxers, city water, and various hair product ingredients. At first glance, this product appeared to be the answer to all of my hair's wildest dreams, but could a product made of clay really make a positive impact on my hair?

I began my Zen detox experience by opening the cute red box and pulling out the page long product description and instructions. Actually the page was back and front so it equated to two full pages of insight into this wonderful product.

Here is an excerpt from the product page:

"Zen Detox is formulated to benefit people of all ages and hair of all conditions. It supports hair growth by detoxing the hair follicles/root. oil glands and scalp.

This unique multi-purpose formula is a very gentle Spa Detox to lift heavy metals and other toxins from the scalp and oil glands, and cleanse hair follicles.

Morrocco Method Zen Detox has been uniquely created to assist in removing the causes, not just the symptoms of disease. Our Zen Detox features Clays, which have been chosen of hundreds of clays from the most consistent results. An imported Volcanic Clay is added along with the synergistically tested formulas of spices and herbs."

The product itself consists of just clay powder which is a mint color. Nothing special about how it looks. The instructions state that the amount of clay powder should provide up to three uses so I poured about 1/3 it into a small bowl. Next I added some water over the powder which immediately started clumping up. I had a really hard time trying to create a smooth consistency once the clumps formed. Even as I added more water, I could not get it to smooth out. Eventually I gave up on trying to mix evenly and decided to use the product as it was (clumps and all). Some of the clumps were so big they were unusable. The good news is that the instructions state that any unused product should be left out at room temp to dry out and return to powdered clay. According to the package, the product does not expire so I can use it again weeks or months from now.

So I began applying the liquid part of the mix and breaking down to smaller clumps to use as well. I remember the Amazon reviewer stating that their hair benefited from the product so I used over the entire length of the hair as well as in the scalp areas. I applied as if I were applying conditioner. Let me also say that I applied on dry hair and I also skipped the pre-poo step of my regimen. Soon enough the liquid like mixture began to harden leaving my hair feeling stiff and looking ashy. At that point regret began to set in.

I was thinking to myself, "why on earth did I just add clay to my hair? Why didn't I just apply to scalp areas?" As time went on the hair got stiffer. It was a similar feeling to using the Aphogee hard protein liquid. I just played it safe an left the hair alone for the 15 minute duration until I washed it out.

I decided that since I was stripping the hair with Zen Detox, I would need to combat with a very moisturizing wash routine. So of course I had my Hair One moisturizing cleanser handy. I also decided that I'd use a blend of Silicon Mix, Suave Milk and Honey, and Nioxin Moisture and Strength conditioners as a way off adding the moisture back in.

To my surprise, the clay rinsed out fairly easily. I was not battling with clumps or clay remnants after the wash. One thing I did notice was that once I rinsed, my hair hung straighter. I don't know how to explain it but my hair was not tangled or fluffy or anything, it just hung straight down. I added the moisturizing conditioner blend to my hair and only left it on for a couple of minutes before rinsing. Once I rinsed, I immediately knew that my hair's moisture levels had once again been restored.

As I sat down to rollerset, I decided to use a dallop of Suave Milk and Honey conditioner as a creamy leave-in just in case the clay had over dried out my hair. I rollerset as normal but let me tell you, I instantly knew that I would experience a wonderful result because my hair felt very different.

It was unlike anything I've ever experienced yet to date. My hair felt like it wasn't my hair. Zen detox did something to it that I can not explain. The feeling was not like when I clarified leaving the hair feeling stripped clean. Yes my hair felt clean but not stripped. A word that would better described it would be....revitalized. My hair felt soooooooooooooooo extremely healthy. It feels strong and moisturized, it feels balanced. I feel like this is the result I've been seeking all this time. I don't know how to explain it. I'll tell you this, when I took my rollers out yesterday, my hair looked very different from how it looked on my most recent youtube vid. The curls fell below my shoulders. They were soft, shiny, and vibrant. I was absolutely amazed!

Is it the mysterious blend of herbs and spices that created this wonderful result? Or was the result due to the fact that Zen Detox, purified my hair so effectively that my conditioners I used became 100% effective? I'm not sure. All I know is that my hands will not stay out of my hair for nothin. I feel a strong peace and calm right now as I appreciate my hair as in its new beautiful state. Words can not describe how grateful I am today that I came across this beautiful product and I can not wait to continue using the treatments for two more sessions as the product describes.

I'll provide updates as I complete the second and third application. Per the instructions, the two subsequent applications should remain on the hair progressively longer. The second application should last 30 minutes and the final application for an hour. As I finish up this blog post, I need to share with you that it's now been two days since my treatment. I'm experiencing practically no breakage, my hair's moisture level is high and there's a smile on my face.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Today I'm presenting the third installment of my youtube video series. Rollersetting can sometimes be difficult to perfect. You have to worry about perfect parts and flawlessly smooth hair in order to get the look you want.

If you are struggling with trying to perfect your rollerset, try this underhand method and see if you like the results.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I remember a conversation with a friend who was telling me about one of the reasons why she stopped relaxing. She was now living a healthier lifestyle and could no longer subject her scalp to harsh chemical relaxers. I've heard it said on more than one occasion that you should never put on your skin what you wouldn't eat. The reason we should avoid applying synthetic chemicals because our skin absorbs and delivers it straight into our system. After that conversation I felt a heaviness inside. I too wanted to protect myself from the chemicals but I wasn't yet ready to transition. Every day, I've carried around a burden of how I could minimize my exposure to these chemicals. That is until today!

Today folks, I introduce to you 5 Elements Zen detox hair and scalp therapy. I was all smiles when I came across this product online. Take a look at the product description from

Product Description
This unique multi-purpose formula is a very gentle Spa Detox to lift heavy metals from the hair follicles and scalp and to bring clarity to the brain. There are TWO main things for good health: To get the toxins OUT and to BUILD the immune system. There are over 70,000 chemicals being used in commercial production in the U.S. Medical researcher, Alan Levin, M.D. believes that, the vast increase of chemicals in our environment, foods and medicines has greatly altered the body's ability to rid itself of toxins. The immune system provides for our first, second and third lines of defense against everyday germs, viruses and bacteria.

This unique multi-purpose formula is a very gentle Spa Detox for the hair follicles and scalp. ZEN DETOX features clays, volcanic ash, herbs and spices which enhance this unique formula to help eliminate the chemicals, heavy metals and often carcinogenic exposures of daily living This therapy assists in detoxing Mercury which is now associated with over 200 diseases. Mercury is especially associated with neurological and behavioral disruptions including depression allergies, food sensitivities and chronic illness. ZEN DETOX is a therapeutic method to assist in detoxing accumulated chemicals from synthetic shampoos, conditioners, styling products, coloring agents, perms, hair relaxers, and Sodium Laurel Sulfate. There are 38 different names for SLS including DEA, TEA, MEA, and Cocomide, a synthetic so-called coconut oil. There are a wide variety of toxic exposures, including environmental and industrial pollution, toxic water and air. All of these chemicals and pollutants are stored in the body in our glands and immune system.

There is hope people! We too can protect ourselves from the undesirable effects of harsh chemicals to our body's systems.

Based on the two reviewers (who rated this product with 5 stars) on Amazon, this product also seems to bring out desirable results not just to the scalp but on the hair also.

Take a look:

By SLG (Detroit, Mi) - See all my reviews
This really helped remove debris and build up from my hair. My hair was soo shiny! And it felt so soft and smooth, but not coated. It was really clean with a really nice glossy sheen. My baby hair lay down perfectly when it usually likes to be wirey. I would recomend this to anyone having hair issues. My hair hasnt felt this good in a long time.

By DMTM - See all my reviews
I started using this product to detox my hair from all the chemicals I'd put in my hair. It made my hair SO soft and I think it straightened it out some. Looking forward to seeing how great my hair will look in the future!

(BTW, because the words "baby hair" and "straightened" were used in the reviews, I made the assumption that these reviewers probably have textured hair).

I understand that the primary ingredient in this product is clay so I honestly don't expect soft manageable hair. In fact, I expect some drying as a result. Ultimately, I do see a wonderful benefit to removing toxins and chemical build up from the hair and scalp. Especially for those of us who relax. The creator of the product, Anthony Morrocco even states that those of us who wash our hair with hard water (like me) can also benefit from this detox process. I imagine this detox process to be much like an internal detox, you may experience a low point as the chemicals are released but afterwards the results are magnificent. That is just my opinion. I have no idea how this product will work.

I'll know in a few weeks though, cause I just ordered it!

Review coming soon!

Monday, April 13, 2009

It’s been a long time since I’ve visited a salon on a regular basis. I’m not talking about going into the salon for a special occasion, I’m talking about entrusting the health and vitality of your precious tresses to another person. I learned many a lesson in my younger days when I wanted so desperately to experience fabulous hair. In those days, anyone with decent looking hair were the one’s who “got their hair did” on a regular basis. I was extremely impressionable and wanted so badly to have great looking hair. That's when I made the decision to get me a stylist!

To me, a hair stylist has so much power. This person has the ability to transform the look and feel of the hair within just a few short hours. If only these people would use their magical powers for good and not evil. I’ll share with you my story and give you some examples so maybe you too can differentiate if your stylist is you hair’s best friend or it’s enemy.

Evil power #1: Your Stylist stuns your hair’s growth.

I can remember it like yesterday, I walked into a local hair salon for the first time. I think the reason why I selected this place in particular was because of it’s presence in the area. The place was large and prominent. It had been there for years. I figured that people liked what they’re getting if such a large salon could remain open and profitable for so long. That’s why I made a point to visit this place early on a weekday morning so I would receive one on one attention. I was right. I walked in and found one stylist eager to help me. Not knowing what I wanted, she offered up a glossy hair magazine to help me make my decision. Back then I was enamoured with the blunt cut bang so I selected a pic of a model who’s look most closely resembled what I wanted. She then proceeded to relax my hair and work her magic. Hours later I had a blunt cut bang………and a neck length bob. During the styling process, I was deterred from looking into a mirror. Otherwise I would have noticed that my trim had turned into a full blown cut and style.

What happened?!?!

The picture I showed her was far from a bob. In fact, I purposely spent ample time seeking someone with at least hair past her shoulders in an effort to avoid any confusion. I smiled grudgingly when I saw my new hair style and proceeded to pay for something I did not ask for. I left the salon vowing never again to return.

If your stylist makes the decision that you have too much hair on your head, she’s using her powers for evil. Stay away from a stylist who appears to suffer from longhairphobia, its time for you to move on.

Evil Power #2: Your Stylist creates false results

One thing I do love about going to the salon is the flawless look I get almost every time. The feeling of sporting silky, flow-in-the-wind hair is like no other. If only that feeling would last forever…but alas the fresh out of the salon feeling soon fades. I’ve accepted the fact that the just stepped out of a salon look doesn’t last forever, what I can’t cope with is experiencing massive amounts of breakage as a result of all of the crazy practices your stylist uses to create the fresh, fabulous hair look. Is your stylist creating healthier hair or just better looking hair? If your stylist has to trim dead ends every month, chances are your hair isn’t getting any healthier. That’s when you have to decide if your hard earned money is working against you and your lovely hair.

Evil Power #3: Your voice is powerless against your stylist

I visited a salon once at the recommendation of a friend. When I sat in the chair the stylist asked me what I wanted to experience during my visit. Impressed by her level of interest, I decided to proceed with my desire to have a rollerset done after the wash as a setting method. The stylist then proceeded to talk me out of a rollerset stating that my hair would not benefit from this practice. I tried to reiterate my request to no avail. I remember on another occasion I asked a stylist to rollerset my hair in a certain way in order to produce a different result. She responded simply by saying “no” and proceeded to go about her business like I hadn’t even said a word.

Evil Power # 4: Your stylist knows not of healthy hair

I firmly believe that the purpose of visit a salon and paying your hard earned money is to obtain beautiful, healthier hair. Your stylist should have a vested interest in the overall health of your hair. He or she should talk to you about what you’ve been experiencing and what you want to accomplish with regards to your hair. Does your stylist inspect the health of your hair regularly? Does he or she care about how your hair is acting between visits? If your stylist is using her power for good, then your hair should be reaping the wonderful benefits. If you are not reaping the rewards, you are better off cornrowing your hair, buying a wig and using the $50-$75 you spend every other week on full body massages instead. The person doing your hair has (hopefully) spent a countless number of hours training in the art of hair. You should not feel anything less than sheer bliss every time you visit your stylist. If he's using his powers for good, your hair will show it.

I'm not saying that all stylist are evil. In fact, I've come across a few that were very supportive to the health of my hair. I'm here to just make sure that you are selective in who you chose to take your hair to the next level. If your stylist is not taking your hair to new lengths, cut her out of your life.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

About a week and a half ago I rediscovered a miracle. This product has done more to improve my beauty concerns than any other products I have combined! Best of all, these wonderful concoction is all natural. What I speak of, my friends, is Apple Cider Vinegar.

I am amazed.....amazed at the number of ailments I was able to address with one simple all-natural liquid. It all started when I finally figured out that the $10 bottle of medicine I purchased for my toenail fungus was not cutting it. A quick search online led me to try ACV (apple cider vinegar). Within days, I noticed a wonderful improvement in the overall look and feel of my toenails.

It didn't take me long to realize that this stuff was extremely effective. Next I thought about a stubborn dermatitis issue I had been dealing with for a while. The skin on my face would peel and cause discoloration as it healed. My solution was to rub a little ACV on a cotton ball and swab the affected areas with it. That practice soon evolved to using ACV over my entire face. Let me just tell you all that my skin looks emaculate! Acne scars have started fading away leaving behind a smoother more even-toned texture. Best off all, my dematitis was gone. I even used to experience flakiness and peeling in my ear....not no more! I decided to begin dabbing a Q-tip into the ACV before I use it, the flakiness in my inner ear...gone!

Next I decided to attack my dry, itchy, flaky, scalp. Dermatitis causes unbelievable dandruff issues. It's like dandruff on crack. I wanted to relax my hair this past weekend but I knew that if I didn't wash first and address the itchy scalp issues, I'd suffer greatly at the hands of the relaxer. Several days before I relaxed I created a solution of apple cider vinegar and water and poured it in my nifty applicator bottle.

After washing I applied the ACV water, along with Keracare's dry itch scalp and allowed it to sit for several minutes. The word I can use to describe my experience afterwards was simply relief. I know longer felt like my scalp was infested with microscopic itch creators.

Days later I relaxed without a care in the world. I felt like I had more time to smooth out the new growth 'cause my scalp wasn't feeling like it was being eaten away by the relaxer. I rinsed as normal, washed, deep conditioned, and once again used that Apple cider vinegar water as a final neutralizer to help manage the PH balance of my hair and scalp.
I'm just going to take a minute to stand up on this chair and shout from the roof tops

"My Scalp is NOT burned and Scabbing!!!"
(Not to mention the benefits of shiner hair I experienced due to the ACV rinse.)

This is the first time in a long while that I am not having to deal with scabs after chemical burns. Best of all, I can massage my scalp without dealing with all the crazy dandruff. I knew that I had experienced victory when I attended an event this week. I sat next to a friend of mine who also has dermatitis. I shared the good news of ACV to her and secretly hoped she would heed my words as I watched her scratch her scalp, pick her ears, and brush her shoulders throughout most of the meeting. "I no longer have to concern my self with embarassing scalp problems" I thought to myself "I am a person with a healthy scalp."

So as I shared the good news with my friend, so I share the good news with friends. I am overjoyed at the numerous benefits I've experienced in such a short period of time. I drink it, I use it topically, I love it!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I can remember it like yesterday. Sitting in sixth grade history class trying desperately to pay attention. I remember little of what I was taught that year but for some reason I could never forget the story of the Nile River. No I don't remember how long the Nile river is or how many countries it flows through. The one thing I do remember is how fertile the land was along the River. Why was the land so fertile? The reason why so many people have been able to enjoy the richness of the soil for so many centuries is due to the fact that the Nile would routinely overflow producing the right environment for vegetation to grow along the river banks.

The reason I took us back to sixth grade history was to make a comparison between how the flooding of Nile river promoted the growth of countless varieties of vegetation and how adequate blood flow to the scalp will promote healthy (and perhaps faster) hair growth.

A scalp that doesn't get stimulated is like a receding river. Our hair follicles rely on an adequate supply of blood flow constantly bringing with it precious nutrients the hair desperately needs. In fact, a study was done measuring the blood flow amount to the hair follicles of men with baldness and those with without the condition. Unsurprisingly, scientists found the group of normal-haired subjects measured higher in the amount of blood flow to the scalp than the other group.

I feel that as a part of a healthy hair regimen, healthy blood flow to the scalp and/or scalp stimulation should be a given. Let's talk about some options we have to help us grow the flow.

What better way to increase blood flow to the entire body faster than by exercising. Something as simple as a walk around the block will bring more blood flow to the body than being sedentary. Think about it, a person who's donating blood may be given a ball to squeeze as a way of increasing flow. This simple act quickly increases blood flow which causes the vein to suddenly become apparent. If you are not yet accustomed to a physical lifestyle, no worries, why not start off with something light like yoga or daily stretching. Stretching involves little physical stress on the body but still works to help increase the level of blood flow to the body overall.

Stimulation to a certain part of the body via massage is a sure fire way to increase blood flow. In this case you want to make sure to focus on your scalp for the hair's direct benefit. Scalp massages are key. Especially for those of us who are always protective styling in an attempt to leave the hair alone. Scalps massages also feel wonderful, there is no reason why you shouldn't be doing them regularly.

*Stimulating products*
You know how you get that little bit of tingle on your scalp when you use certain shampoos and conditioners. Enjoy that feeling because you are experiencing scalp stimulation. I've used a spray once with cayenne pepper and other stimulating ingredients that worked together to promote hair growth. Not only was it beneficial to my scalp, it felt great! Best of all I could use it on dry hair anytime my scalp felt like it needed a little kick. For those of us too lazy for consistent scalp massages, why not get some stimulating products that do all the work for you?

If you like it hot, than Cayenne pepper is perfect for you. That stuff increases blood circulation in the body like nobody's business. For those of you how've done the lemonade cleanse, you know that one sip of the cayenne pepper water and your whole entire body began to feel alive! Increased blood flow in an instant. Taking cayenne pepper also benefits the heart and the digestive system. Some have even used it directly on the scalp during the wash. I did it once and got a little bit in my eye. I didn't appreciate feeling like I just got maced in my shower. Not a keeper for me. I prefer to use it as an internal stimulator.

*Cold showers*
Speaking of showers, some of you may already know that I am a believer in cold shower therapy. This is were one takes cold showers in the morning both as an act of courage and to enjoy the myriad of benefits from deciding to do. Warm temperatures does increase blood flow but cold water therapy causes the body to increase capillary size in an attempt to warm you up. Your skin glows afterwards from the increase in blood flow. You also get this wonderful rush as the water hits you. Taking a cold shower isn't a chore, it's an experience!

*Belly breathing*
One thing taking a cold shower does is cause you to breathe deeper. But you don't have to jump into icy waters to get the blood-flow increasing benefits of belly breathing. Belly breathing is simple the act of taking deep full breaths way into the belly as opposed to the shallow chest breaths we normally take. As we take in large breaths we allow the oxygen we breathe in to reach all the way down to the lower parts of the lungs. More blood is pumped into the body when we take deeper breaths hence increased circulation. Belly breathing is beneficial to the entire body. Every cell within you will gladly reap the benefits of this breathing method. Start belly-breathing today!

Increased blood circulation is not just about healthy hair its about a healthier you. Each one of these methods described above will benefit you entirely. May your cells to be as rich and nourished as the banks of the Great Nile.

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