Weary of relaxer chemicals? Zen Scalp Detox may be the answer.

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I remember a conversation with a friend who was telling me about one of the reasons why she stopped relaxing. She was now living a healthier lifestyle and could no longer subject her scalp to harsh chemical relaxers. I've heard it said on more than one occasion that you should never put on your skin what you wouldn't eat. The reason we should avoid applying synthetic chemicals because our skin absorbs and delivers it straight into our system. After that conversation I felt a heaviness inside. I too wanted to protect myself from the chemicals but I wasn't yet ready to transition. Every day, I've carried around a burden of how I could minimize my exposure to these chemicals. That is until today!

Today folks, I introduce to you 5 Elements Zen detox hair and scalp therapy. I was all smiles when I came across this product online. Take a look at the product description from Amazon.com

Product Description
This unique multi-purpose formula is a very gentle Spa Detox to lift heavy metals from the hair follicles and scalp and to bring clarity to the brain. There are TWO main things for good health: To get the toxins OUT and to BUILD the immune system. There are over 70,000 chemicals being used in commercial production in the U.S. Medical researcher, Alan Levin, M.D. believes that, the vast increase of chemicals in our environment, foods and medicines has greatly altered the body's ability to rid itself of toxins. The immune system provides for our first, second and third lines of defense against everyday germs, viruses and bacteria.

This unique multi-purpose formula is a very gentle Spa Detox for the hair follicles and scalp. ZEN DETOX features clays, volcanic ash, herbs and spices which enhance this unique formula to help eliminate the chemicals, heavy metals and often carcinogenic exposures of daily living This therapy assists in detoxing Mercury which is now associated with over 200 diseases. Mercury is especially associated with neurological and behavioral disruptions including depression allergies, food sensitivities and chronic illness. ZEN DETOX is a therapeutic method to assist in detoxing accumulated chemicals from synthetic shampoos, conditioners, styling products, coloring agents, perms, hair relaxers, and Sodium Laurel Sulfate. There are 38 different names for SLS including DEA, TEA, MEA, and Cocomide, a synthetic so-called coconut oil. There are a wide variety of toxic exposures, including environmental and industrial pollution, toxic water and air. All of these chemicals and pollutants are stored in the body in our glands and immune system.

There is hope people! We too can protect ourselves from the undesirable effects of harsh chemicals to our body's systems.

Based on the two reviewers (who rated this product with 5 stars) on Amazon, this product also seems to bring out desirable results not just to the scalp but on the hair also.

Take a look:

By SLG (Detroit, Mi) - See all my reviews
This really helped remove debris and build up from my hair. My hair was soo shiny! And it felt so soft and smooth, but not coated. It was really clean with a really nice glossy sheen. My baby hair lay down perfectly when it usually likes to be wirey. I would recomend this to anyone having hair issues. My hair hasnt felt this good in a long time.

By DMTM - See all my reviews
I started using this product to detox my hair from all the chemicals I'd put in my hair. It made my hair SO soft and I think it straightened it out some. Looking forward to seeing how great my hair will look in the future!

(BTW, because the words "baby hair" and "straightened" were used in the reviews, I made the assumption that these reviewers probably have textured hair).

I understand that the primary ingredient in this product is clay so I honestly don't expect soft manageable hair. In fact, I expect some drying as a result. Ultimately, I do see a wonderful benefit to removing toxins and chemical build up from the hair and scalp. Especially for those of us who relax. The creator of the product, Anthony Morrocco even states that those of us who wash our hair with hard water (like me) can also benefit from this detox process. I imagine this detox process to be much like an internal detox, you may experience a low point as the chemicals are released but afterwards the results are magnificent. That is just my opinion. I have no idea how this product will work.

I'll know in a few weeks though, cause I just ordered it!

Review coming soon!


  1. One of the ingredients is Blood of the Dragon. Ummmm, that was kinda scary. I do bentonite clay treatments on my hair every now and then, it's only about $7-8 for 16 oz. and I think it cleans out my hair and scalp pretty well. Idk if it brings clarity to the brain but I'm not sure if any topical over the counter treatment can penetrate that deeply and do that. I don't think I would want it to anyway.

    Let us know your results though. I'm kinda weary.

  2. This looks like it is the answer to my worries as well! I can't wait to hear your review on it. Oh..and can you tell us how you found it?

  3. @ Dance-I started looking for relaxer detox stuff online and Zen detox came up. It seems to be one of the only products out like it in the market targeted specifically for chemical detox of the scalp.

    @Flower-I heard that red clay has some detoxing properties to it as well. At first I was just going to just use some clay but I thought to myself..{I need to buy this product and review it. I know there are lots of people who might be interested if its claims are true}.

  4. Thanks for this!!! Thanks for trying and reviewing it! I like in the uk though :/. It would be Great to find an alternative. The way you described it makes it sounds gd!!!

  5. I can't seem to find this on Amazon. What did you search under to find it?


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