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About a week and a half ago I rediscovered a miracle. This product has done more to improve my beauty concerns than any other products I have combined! Best of all, these wonderful concoction is all natural. What I speak of, my friends, is Apple Cider Vinegar.

I am amazed.....amazed at the number of ailments I was able to address with one simple all-natural liquid. It all started when I finally figured out that the $10 bottle of medicine I purchased for my toenail fungus was not cutting it. A quick search online led me to try ACV (apple cider vinegar). Within days, I noticed a wonderful improvement in the overall look and feel of my toenails.

It didn't take me long to realize that this stuff was extremely effective. Next I thought about a stubborn dermatitis issue I had been dealing with for a while. The skin on my face would peel and cause discoloration as it healed. My solution was to rub a little ACV on a cotton ball and swab the affected areas with it. That practice soon evolved to using ACV over my entire face. Let me just tell you all that my skin looks emaculate! Acne scars have started fading away leaving behind a smoother more even-toned texture. Best off all, my dematitis was gone. I even used to experience flakiness and peeling in my ear....not no more! I decided to begin dabbing a Q-tip into the ACV before I use it, the flakiness in my inner ear...gone!

Next I decided to attack my dry, itchy, flaky, scalp. Dermatitis causes unbelievable dandruff issues. It's like dandruff on crack. I wanted to relax my hair this past weekend but I knew that if I didn't wash first and address the itchy scalp issues, I'd suffer greatly at the hands of the relaxer. Several days before I relaxed I created a solution of apple cider vinegar and water and poured it in my nifty applicator bottle.

After washing I applied the ACV water, along with Keracare's dry itch scalp and allowed it to sit for several minutes. The word I can use to describe my experience afterwards was simply relief. I know longer felt like my scalp was infested with microscopic itch creators.

Days later I relaxed without a care in the world. I felt like I had more time to smooth out the new growth 'cause my scalp wasn't feeling like it was being eaten away by the relaxer. I rinsed as normal, washed, deep conditioned, and once again used that Apple cider vinegar water as a final neutralizer to help manage the PH balance of my hair and scalp.
I'm just going to take a minute to stand up on this chair and shout from the roof tops

"My Scalp is NOT burned and Scabbing!!!"
(Not to mention the benefits of shiner hair I experienced due to the ACV rinse.)

This is the first time in a long while that I am not having to deal with scabs after chemical burns. Best of all, I can massage my scalp without dealing with all the crazy dandruff. I knew that I had experienced victory when I attended an event this week. I sat next to a friend of mine who also has dermatitis. I shared the good news of ACV to her and secretly hoped she would heed my words as I watched her scratch her scalp, pick her ears, and brush her shoulders throughout most of the meeting. "I no longer have to concern my self with embarassing scalp problems" I thought to myself "I am a person with a healthy scalp."

So as I shared the good news with my friend, so I share the good news with friends. I am overjoyed at the numerous benefits I've experienced in such a short period of time. I drink it, I use it topically, I love it!


  1. Yes, Apple Cider Vinegar works wonders for the scalp and dry skin. I think it has something to do with it's acidic properties, it resets the ph balance. I either use an applicator bottle to apply it or part my hair and apply it with cotton balls. I use it prior to washing though. I'll have to try after washing.

  2. How did you use it for your toenails?

  3. I want to try ACV for my scalp issues. What was the mix ratios for your ACV/Water solution? TIA!

  4. Hi Anon!
    To be completely honest, I did not use a scientific approach to my ACV usage. I really didn't measure how much ACV I used compared to the H20 amount. Although the mixture was diluted, it probably consisted of about 50-60% water and 40-50% ACV.
    I really wanted it to be effective so I didn't water it down too much. Make sure you allow it to sit on the scalp for a few minutes.

    As far as my toenails, I really just use it straight (undiluted) on my toes. I have a little bottle that I put the ACV in. It has one of those little tops that most squeezable lotion bottles have. When I use it, I don't get ACV everywhere. I literally just pour some ACV on and around the toe, massage it a little, and let it sit (I don't rinse or wash it off). I can't believe the difference. Even my husband commented on my toes the other day and I've been going polish free for weeks.

    When I searched online, a lot of people mentioned soaking their feet in an ACV/H20 mixture in their foot bath. That may be another alternative for you.

  5. I completely agree that ACV is the new beauty wonder drug. I discovered this for treatment of skin and hair/scalp in January of this year and since then I have, nor will I ever purchase another over-the-counter acne medication again. IT’S THAT GOOD!! I have tried to spread the word about ACV but its just sounds too good to be true to some women. Anyway it works for meee!!!!!!!

  6. I'm glad that you've discovered ACV. There are a number of other uses for it that you might enjoy. Drinking a capful a day of the stuff is actually very healthy. I can't really take the taste of the stuff myself but google it. Also, ACV is a very good clarifier I use it bi-weekly to get a deeper cleansing. Another use for it is to help with frizz. If you mix ACV, honey, and warm water it will reduce frizz and the honey will add shine, just add it like you did. Give it a try. It one of those recipes that I use so often I forget that I don't have to.

  7. I just had to say thank you for the advice on Apple Cider Vinegar for Dermatitis. I have been struggling with my scalp for months now (I have seasonal flare ups and winter and so far early spring have been pretty bad) and nothing really seemed to make a difference. But after reading your post yesterday I went to Sally's and picked up an applicator bottle and then to the grocery store and picked up some ACV. I shampooed my hair last night and let the ACV run down my scalp before I conditioned. Not surprisingly it burned a little, but since I'd just used a strong anti-dandruff and tea-tree/peppermint infused shampoo combo, I wasn't alarmed. I just hoped that meant it was working. I proceeded with my normal routine and today I am amazed at the difference in my scalp. Scales and dry patches would normally start to show up in my air drying process, not the case last night and I normally can not part my hair for flat-ironing the next morning without finding flakes, also not the case. I only wash my hair weekly so I'm interested to see how the rest of this week progresses, but even if I only have a few days of relief that is far better than where I was before. I'm also 2 weeks away from my next relaxer, my hope is that using ACV with my washes until then will cut down on my usual chemical burns as well. Sorry for the long post but I had to say thank you for such a great tip, you have no idea how much you helped me.

  8. Carlie,
    I'm sooooo glad it worked for you. I'm telling you that the relaxing process was a snap after the ACV rinse. I was scared that I'd burn worse because of the irritation but I experienced just the opposite.

    This is the first time that I've ever found something that handles the peeling that I experience on my face from the dermatitis. Since using ACV as toner, I've been free of ALL peeling and irritation.

    This stuff is like miracle water.

  9. i will definately be doing this, i am planning on adding this my daily routine by drinking some everyday

  10. I love ACV! I've been using it on my skin and hair for a few weeks now for the same reasons, flakiness, and itching. This is a miracle product, and its so cheap!

  11. Hi Anon,

    How long did you use the ACV rinse before you started to see positive changes in your dermatitis?

  12. I started feeling relief the first time I used it. I also use it directly on my face whenever I started to see flakiness and peeling. It's now been months seen starting to use it on my scalp and skin, and the dermatitis is pretty much under control. I still get dandruff from time to time but not like before I started using ACV.

    I no longer peel around the hair line. Even now when the air is drier. ACV has been a lifesaver.

  13. Thank you for sharing! My grandfather has been taking this daily, along with honey, for many years and I'm reseraching about its other uses. I will definitely be trying this on my hair after taking out my braids this week!!

  14. Hi,

    What type of ACV do you use? I know there's the unfiltered and then the kind that you can get off the shelf of your local grocery store. If this helps my scalp I will invest in a lifetime supply! lol.


  15. Apple Cider Vinegar is good for all sorts of things! I drink some in water (almost) everyday to deal with "yeast issues". I'll definitely try it on my scalp to manage dandruff!


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