Saturday, February 26, 2011

Over the past year or so, I've really become attracted to the zen lifestyle of yoga and deep meditation practices. When I practice these methods on a regular basis. My body and mind benefit immensely. Little did I know that this holistic practice was also benefiting my hair as well.

I got into doing yoga a while back partly because it seemed like an easier form of exercise. I hate sweating. I hate it so much that I tend to stay away from aerobic activities so I could avoid it. Because of this, yoga just seemed like such an attractive alternative. So I started by just doing simple things like searching for free yoga videos on youtube. Although yoga isn't as physically demanding as running, I still felt the wonderful changes to my body over time. Not only did my body become more flexible, I also felt like my mind was more focused and at peace when I practiced yoga consistently. These benefits are pretty rad but what I'm most excited about is that my overall hair regimen also benefits from the practices taught in the zen lifestyle.

Deep Breathing ~"Focus on the breath."
Taking in slow, deep breaths is a foundational pillar of yoga. When I first began yoga, I didn't understand why I had to breath so slowly over and over again. Well now I know that this type of deep breathing practice benefits the body in numerous ways. One of the most powerful benefits of taking in deep breaths is improved circulation. The normal way most of us breathe is really insufficient. Our normal way of breathing is considered "shallow" and only uses a fraction of our available lung capacity. The optimal way of breathing should mirror that of a new born who allows her abdomen to fully expand and contract with each breath. So how does did deep breathing help your hair journey? Each deep breath you take in floods your body with oxygen which improves blood circulation throughout the body. Increased circulation means that oxygenated-rich blood can nourish your scalp and hair follicles. I like to combine deep, focused breathing with my scalp massages to make it even more impactful.

Yoga Poses-"Downward facing dog."
One thing I will say about the art of yoga is that although it isn't strenuous aerobically, there are some pretty difficult movements one has to master. Most notably are the various poses were my head is pointed towards to the floor along with several other positions that require a great sense of balance. These poses offer a real benefit to the scalp. First you're drawing in oxygen in large quantities through the deep breathing then you promote a rush of blood to the face and scalp with the various bending movements. There are numerous sites online that recommend numerous yoga poses for "hair fall" and stronger hair. Traditional exercises, while beneficial to the body, don't offer the direct scalp benefit as yoga bending poses.

Stress Reduction-"Release all of your negative energy."
I started practicing yoga during a pretty hectic time in my life. I felt like I was experiencing increasing amounts of work-related stress and needed to find a way to manage those damaging emotions. So I started doing yoga for 20-30 minutes each morning. In doing so I soon realized that I experienced a more peaceful and powerful day. I don't know how to explain it but I felt like I had such control over my mental state. My stress levels went down dramatically and we all know how adversely stress impacts the health of our hair. Whenever you are experiencing excessive shedding, take a moment and assess your stress levels before you spend money on a hair product. If your shedding is stress related, perhaps you can address the issue from the root cause with the calming effects of yoga.

Meditation/Visualization-"Close your eyes and quite the mind."
One of the most beneficial practices of the zen lifestyle is the art of visualization, meditation, and intention manifestation. I am fully present to the benefits of seeing what you want in the mind before it manifests in reality. One of the biggest examples of this is Njoy's inspiring story of how she incorporated visualization into her hair regimen. Stephen Covey said that everything is created twice, first in the mind, then in reality. What makes this practice so powerful is how visualization creates a strong, deep belief in actually achieving what you desire. The more you believe you can have strong healthy resilient hair, the more it becomes possible for you.

I'm saying all of this to demonstrate how important it is to build a hair regimen around a healthy lifestyle more so than just relying on products alone. If you are not much of a physically active person but you'd like to incorporate healthy practices into your routine, check out some of the hundreds of free videos available on youtube.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In a recent post, I listed some of my favorite items I'd carry with me so I can care for my hair on the go. While writing that post, I mentioned that I would soon be including silica into my hair nutrition and supplementation regimen. At the time, I knew that silica promoted healthy hair but it wasn't until I started actually researching the properties of the mineral that I really became convinced of its value to my overall health.

So far from my online research, I've learned that silica essentially is available in two main forms. Commercial silica products are usually derived from vegetal or colloidal sources. Horsetail silica extracted from a plant source. This type of silica is readily available, at a reasonable cost, in most health food stores. I first heard of horsetail silica years ago on the hair boards. Back then, the supplement went through the typical "hair craze of the moment" as did many other items. I didn't pay much attention to it at the time but now I am ready and open to receive its many benefits.

So why is silica even worth talking about? First off, it's important to know that silica is one of those essential nutrients our bodies need in order to function properly. Kinda like essential fatty acids or water. We have a natural store of silica in all of our connective tissue which depletes during the day through normal body functioning. We also loose silica as we age and that's when we begin to experience the signs of aging. Those who have adequate amounts of silica in the body boast of having beautiful skin, healthy hair, strong nails, and healthy joints. In fact, I learned that newborn babies have the greatest amount of silica reserves.

You might even remember me mentioning silica as a beauty nutrient when I talked about juicing cucumbers in my video. Because silica is a naturally occurring mineral, some of the food we eat contains silica. However, because our soil is becoming deficient and most of the food we eat has been processed, the amount of silica we receive from our food is minimal. Our bodies need this mineral to function optimally so it only makes sense that we supplement silica in a form that our bodies can readily absorb.

As I mentioned before, horsetail silica is a plant based source of silica and the most widely available. You can purchase in supplement form or you can even buy horsetail tea bags. I was really interested in picking up some horsetail silica extract then I came to find out that all silica is not created the same.....

It seems that the body more readily absorbs silica in colloidal form. This means that the particles are small enough to be absorbed into the body's system more efficiently. You guys already know that I am really trying to focus on supplementing in ways that make sense. Meaning I want the nutrients to be in usable form right away so I can get the most benefit. So when I found out that there are silica sources even more powerful than horsetail, I immediately wanted to know more.

Before researching for this blog post, I had no idea that bamboo is the richest known natural source of silica. Believe it or not, bamboo is comprised of nearly 70% silica. Horsetail, by comparison, is around 5-7% silica. I don't know about you, but if I were replenishing my silica stash, I'd probably reach for the bamboo supplement over the horsetail. I was browsing silica selections at the health food store the other day and found that bamboo had about 420 mg of silica per serving whereas the horsetail contained much less.

***update*** Since writing this post I've introduced bamboo tea in my regimen.

Colloidal Silica
Another alternative source of silica comes from quarts crystals. This type of silica is naturally in colloidal form which means the particles are smaller and more readily absorbed by the body. If you are one the market for silica, you'll quickly realize that most colloidal silicas are more costly than other sources. I think it's because you get more bang for your buck! Next I learned that colloidal silica comes in both capsule and gel form. It was a little harder for me to find colloidal silica capsules in the health food store, and I could only find the gel form online. After reading several great reviews of silica gel that I knew I had to get my hands on it.

Fiji Water
So then I found out that Fiji water contains around 91 mg of naturally occurring colloidal silica per liter. According to the website, Fiji water is filtered through many layers of volcanic rock before it's collected and bottled for consumption. This process creates silica infused water naturally. If any of you buy bottled water, you'll realize that Fiji is probably one of the most expensive waters on the market. Before I didn't really get why the price difference. Now I get it. You're not only getting much needed hydration, you're also receiving vital minerals that support your entire body, skin, and (most importantly) healthy hair.

So I purchased some colloidal silica capsules 6 days ago. Each day I've taken one capsule first thing in the morning. I may be completely crazy but I've already noticed a difference in my skin. I feel like my skin is thicker and more plump. Not too long ago, I was checking out my wrists. The first thought that crossed my mind was "why are my veins so obvious?" I hated the way they looked. I'm not sure if the silica made the difference, all I can say is that I no longer have veiny wrists! Add that to the fact that I've been purposefully eating sweets, fried foods, etc without one break out. In order to understand the magnitude of this last statement, you have to understand that if I even so much as sneeze the wrong way, I have to deal with pimples. Another nice result I've experienced is a reduction in the "cracking" and "popping sound" of my joints. I feel more lubricated....I feel (dare I say it) younger.

Even with all the wonderful benefits to the body, my most selfish reason for taking silica is for improved skin and, of course, hair health. Most people who've taken colloidal silica consistently share their positive experience first with strong healthy nails, then glowing skin and stronger hair. In fact, a study was conducted of 55 healthy women who consumed Hubner's silica gel for 6 months. Those in the study experienced increased thickness in their hair by almost 13%. So I took the plunge and ordered the gel form online. My desire is to continue to see massive improvements in the quality and health of my skin and to have the ability to maintain strong, thick, healthy nails that are all the same length. And of course I want to experience quality growth of ultra healthy strands. Thank you, Lord, for creating silica.

Here are some reviews of silica from

rated 5 of 5 jenjenluv on 1/26/2011 6:25:00 PM More reviews by jenjenluv
Age: 19-24 Skin: Combination, Fair, Not Sure Hair: Blond, Other, Other Eyes: Hazel
I started out with the smaller bottle of this stuff. I'm not sure the brand, i am too lazy to go check. The first bottle went fast. it only lasted about 2 weeks. Now i'm on my second bottle. It's been about a month and i still have lots left. I take a table spoon a day and i like the taste. The gel turns into an almost fluffy texture when in your mouth. My skin is much nicer looking. Not as oily. My nails are stronger. I noticed new little lashes growing on my lashes. and my brows are growing in nice and thick. My hair seems a bit better. I'm sure in a couple mnonths it will be even nicer from using this. It's hard to say right now because the winter has been harsh on it. Overall i think its a great little miracle worker. I don't know how it works really but it's had nothing but great reviews, and while it doesnt work magic over night, it subtly does wonder for your hair skin and nails.
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rated 5 of 5 top reviewerfelgoj on 3/19/2010 2:15:00 PM More reviews by felgoj
Age: 36-43 Skin: Combination, Medium, Warm Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Medium Eyes: Brown
My coworker can attest to the fact that when she takes silica (horsetail extract) regularly for a few months, her hair grows faster. I've seen her have gorgeous hair that she grew out from a short bob to long past her shoulders in almost no time (1 season). I started using silica (along with biotin) 1 week ago in an attempt to grow stronger, thicker nails. I forgot that it's good for skin & hair as well, & I'm glad that it is b/c currently I'm desperately trying to grow out a bad haircut by the time summer comes! lol Let's hope the results will be good. So not much has happened in 1 week except: My eyelashes are SO MUCH LONGER! I thought I was imagining things but I compulsively examine my lashes every day & I could swear the other day my lashes looked different -- longer & curly at the ends (my ordinary lashes never curled on their own). I don't wear mascara every day, so knowing that my lashes look puny with mascara on, I applied mascara today to check the length & it's official -- my lashes really grew longer in 1 week. The difference is so obvious. Nothing else in my skincare routine or daily habits changed except for the addition of biotin & silica to my diet. I have to credit them both & will continue using them together (as long as biotin doesn't cause me any bad acne breakouts). I take biotin once a day (5mg) & silica twice a day (both Vitamin Shoppe brand) with food. I'm so amazed at this unexpected result! I hope to get similar results with my hair, & will update after a month or two to allow for some hair/nails results (which obviously will take longer than lashes ....but who knows! lol). Now I know the real value of silica & I wish I believed in its powers sooner. UPDATE: I'm 2 weeks into this & I noticed my pores have shrunken! I always had giant oily pores that have been a major source of embarrassment & disappointment. Two men in my life have also asked me why I have holes in my face (ugh!). My skin now looks velvety smooth without any makeup & my pores are no longer obvious - my pores look normal! YAY I thank silica & biotin for this. I wish I discovered this a lifetime ago. continued >>
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rated 5 of 5 dawl_1015 on 2/26/2010 10:11:00 PM More reviews by dawl_1015
Age: 19-24 Skin: Normal, Tan, Cool Hair: Blond, Wavy, Fine Eyes: Green
This product is amazing, I use the Hubner brand and experienced ridiculously fast nail growth, clear skin, and stronger/thicker hair. My hair has been dry, thin and basically crappy my entire life.. Its very dry despite constant conditioning, a healthy diet etc, and never grew. Now the baby hairs around my forehead are literally 5 inches long (the BABY HAIRS), when they used to be only a centimeter! As for the rest of my hair, it's getting better, Ive only been using it 2 months. My nails grow so fast that I trim them, and 3 days later, they're back to the same length, its crazy. I dont know if this will work for everyone, but it's been awesome for me, and I recommend that people try it for at least 2 months to see if they get good results! Where I buy it, it's $30/bottle CDN, but I get it from a small, local health food store, and you may find it cheaper at other places. Happy hair growing =)
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rated 5 of 5 eurobarbie on 7/26/2009 10:16:00 AM More reviews by eurobarbie
Age: 19-24 Skin: Acne-prone, Fair, Cool Hair: Blond, Straight, Fine Eyes: Blue
I had first found out about Silicea through many advertisements in health food stores. It was probably not untill a year later I had decided to purchase it when I noticed how lacklusture my hair had become, perhaps through too many uses of my straightening iron and the bi monthly hair colourings. Of course I still use topical hair creams and lotions, to be honest I knew that if I wanted nicer hair I would have to chop off my ratty ends and suppliment my diet. In addition to the not so pleasent state of my hair I had my mothers weak, brittle nails and moderate hormonal acne. This is when I decided to purchase Silicea. I had read up about Silicea before purchasing because I was abit scared of putting this in my body. The Hubner Brand Silica website states "Silica gives strength and support to all connective tissue, tendons and ligaments, skin, hair and nails. Silica supports the absorption of calcium in the human body. It is essential to the human body, it is found in lungs, intestines and blood." So simply I suppose, silicon is needed in a lot of the parts of our body and this is an aqueous solution made of oxygen and silicon. It is reccomened to be taken once daily, a tablespoon mixed into your favourite drink. I did so, I first mixed it in with water, and to be honest whilst there is no taste whatsoever I found little bits of gel still floating around no matter how well I would mix it, I would feel them slide down my throat and it wasn't the most pleasent experince. So I started taking it with orange juice, and couldnt tell the gel apart from th juice no mater how hard I tried. My mother takes this with a glass of milk as silicea helps absorption of calcium and she doenst find the bits of a gel a problem. After about two weeks, I noticed my nails and hair were a little bit better, but again being honest, it was probably not the strength of result I was hoping for. But I had also had subsequently being applying the gel to any pimples I had before going to bed, using a cotton tip soaked in the gel, and I had found that my skin was so much better. I was so surprised, having acne for the last six years having tried everything from over the counter prescriptions to homeopathy, I was so surprised a simple natural compound worked so well. It has cleared up 90% of my pimples, and now I only dab the occasional spot and it is litterly gone the next day. There is a little bit of tightness and redness which may occur whislt the gel is on your skin. You may also feel a slight tingle after about 10minutes of the gel being on your skin. I get this sensation whilst my mother doesnt, but it is only superficial, do not be scared, do not wash it off it helps dry the pimple naturally and I find also prevents scaring. I still drink the gel when I feel that I am getting a few pimples due to eating too much sugar or that time of the month, it works beautifully. I had continued drinking the gel for 2 months after my initial purchase, The overall condition of my skin was lovely, I cant really decsribe it, I guess I would have to say healthy. The dryness around my knees and elbows had healed up and skin was more radiant. I had found my fine hair to have less breakages and I allowed it to grow longer as I had wanted to for a while. I couldnt really tell any effects on my nails as I had got acrylic nails shortly after, but they do grow quite fast. Now the product itself, as I have said to me there is no taste or smell, although the sales lady told me there was a metally taste, I have noticed no such thing. The gel is a clear thick mixture. Be sure to always keep this in the fridge after opening and shake the bottle very well before adding the gel mixture to your drink of choice or before applying it to your face. This mixes in any particles that have seperated. I initially purchased this from a healthy food store in QVB for 45AUD but have being buying it from Chemist Warehouse for around 30AUD ever since. I recommend it to alot of my friends with acne and other skin conditions, it has helped a handful of them greatly and I cant encourage people enough to try it. Its natural and relatvly cheap considering the amount of money people spend on pimple mediactions which contain harsh chemicals which may dry out your pimples but are causing havoc to your skin and body. oh yes, have repurchased and will always repurchase. I wish everyone the best of luck with this product :)
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Age: 36-43 Skin: Sensitive, Fair, Not Sure Hair: Other, Other, Other Eyes: Other
I'd experienced nothing-short-of-miraculous hair regrowth (my hair had been thinning for a while) with BioSil capsules, then I switched to Flora Silica because it was half the price and lost all that new growth )= I've just restarted my BioSil regimen and will update in a few months.
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rated 5 of 5 top reviewerilleyad on 7/25/2009 1:39:00 AM More reviews by illeyad
Age: 19-24 Skin: Acne-prone, Fair-Medium, Warm Hair: Brunette, Straight, Medium Eyes: Brown
Silica is one of the best beauty supplements out there. For those who don’t know Silica is not to be thought of as ‘plastic silicone’ it is classified as a natural mineral found in the earth known as Silicon Dioxide. It is known for assisting in calcium absorption during bone formation- therefore it is known for helping mend bone fractures. Silica studies have revealed that it can prevent osteoporosis. It can also promote the health and healing of your connective tissue. As healthy and wonderful as this sounds, I am sure you are more interested in it’s beautifying properties! I originally bought this supplement for the promise of healthier nails and hair after Biotin turned out to be a failure for me. For those who do not know, Biotin is known to cause break outs in acne prone skin. I wanted an alternative and came across Silica tablets at my local GNC for $18 per 90 soft gel tablet bottle. After 6 weeks of use, I am pleased to report I have suffered no break outs and have finally achieved my stronger, less flexible mid length nails. A huge change from the original brittle, breakable, pealing nails I had. Although I must admit, Biotin had done a better job adding a little thickness to my nails where Silica only made them a tiny bit thicker, but much more stronger. However, healthy nails were not the only benefits I achieved, I noticed my skin appeared more dewy and glowy. After some research I found out that Silica promotes skin health and collagen renewal. It also is credited towards fetal growth, bone health, dental health, capillary health, speeds healing, such as sprains, bruises, and cuts. I am extremely pleased with this product and highly recommend it to anyone who is not 100% happy with Biotin, or had bad results from it. Research reveals that the most potent form of Silica is found in the product- Biosil, a more natural form. It is twice the price, however it is considered the best because it is all natural and comes in a potent liquid form that is more readily obsorbed. Happy Shopping!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I was thinking the other day about how full my makeup bag was. I carry several types of lipglosses, a couple of mascara tubes, a myriad of make-up pencils, a small bottle of perfume and other miscellaneous items. With all the many beauty items I carry with me at all times, I realized that I hardly carry any times in my purse that contribute to healthy hair.
My day job requires me to be away from home for most of the day. It's not uncommon for me to leave early morning, returning late-night. Sometimes, I'll pass the whole day without doing anything that benefits the hair.....the whole day. So I determined this was no longer acceptable and decided to take action and create a "healthy hair" on the go kit. I had an extra make-up bag handy so all I needed to do was pick out what items would make the cut.

Scalp Massager:
My fatal flaw is the constant incessant need to play with my hair. I know for a fact that this constant manipulation has negatively impacted my retention. This is especially true when I'm doing an activity where my mind tends to wander (like driving or sitting in front of the computer). Well now I've decided that if I can't break the habit, I can at least put something in my hand that will help add some type of benefit to my hair. The answer came in the form of my trusty scalp massager. It's small enough to fit easily into my make-up bag. Putting my scalp massager to work satisfies my craving to always fiddle with my hair. It's like giving a smoker a nicotine alternative that deals with the need to have a cigarette in hand. So while I'm driving, I can have 1 hand (safely) on the wheel and the other hand stimulating and envigorating my scalp.

Aveda Damage Repair:
I'm fortunate enough to have an Aveda school in my city. One of the benefits I get to enjoy are the low cost massages, facials, etc. Not too long ago, while waiting to pay for my amazing massage, my eyes wandered to the trial size bottle display and noticed a cute little tube of moisturizer. I was still feeling all "zen" like from my relaxing experience so I grabbed the moisturizer without even looking at the price. I came to find out later that I paid around $8.00 for 0.85 fl oz tube. Had I known what I would be paying for it, I think I would have passed. I'm glad I didn't because I really like how well it moisturizes without weighing down the hair. In fact, I enjoy this product so much that I later bought a full size bottle. So the travel size bottle is now with me where ever I go. Now, whenever my hair needs a little kick of moisture, I've got my Aveda daily hair repair within arms reach.

Silk Scarf:
Another way I combat my hands in hair disease is by tying it up under a silk scarf. Often I have to make a 2-3 hour commute from one job location to the other. I've decided to use this time to "refresh" my hair. By this I mean moisturizing and sealing my hair and allowing it all to sink in under the loving care of a silk scarf. This also helps me keep my hands away from my hair so it's a double benefit. In the picture, my silk scarf is folder and held in place with a binder clip. This helps keep it in a small enough size to fit perfectly in my little bag.

Hair Nutrition:
Gosh, I can't even begin to tell you how often I've forgot to take my vitamins after a long day of crazy hectic-ness. So now I've decided to take my nutrition seriously and pack my Nordic Naturals omega-3 supplements where ever I go. Just having the pills with me serves as a subconscious reminder to stay consistent with taking them. Since my makeup bag is transparent, I'm provided a gentle reminder to take my vitamins every time I'm in my purse (even if I'm just reaching for my cell phone). I also keep a bottle of Cell Food in my purse. One of the benefits of Cell Food is that it can be taken without food. I also like the fact that no refrigeration is required. This product has a ton of health claims. What attracted me most is that Cell Food claims to contain 78 trace minerals and 17 amino acids which are easily absorbed at the cellular level. I've grown accustomed to the strange taste which makes it easy for me to just take off the cap and drop a few drops on my tongue whenever the mood strikes. Next on my list of products to try is their silica formula. You guys may already know but silica is essential for healthy hair, skin, joints, and a healthy heart. The list of benefits to the body from taking silica is just too good to pass up. I'm really in tuned to taking my nutrition to the next level by focusing on readily absorbable sources. This is why juicing is so exciting to me. Cell food goes well with my philosophy of "getting the most bang for my buck" when it comes to nutrition. This also means that I don't have to pack 50-11 vitamins like I did years ago when I didn't know any better.

Gleau Argan oil blend
What healthy hair kit would be complete without a small size bottle of Gleau for sealing? I once had a habit of re-applying a light oil to my hair a couple of time throughout the day. I kid you not, I received the most number of compliments on my hair when I maintained this practice. I guess the healthy glow was just too much for folks to look at without saying something positive. So now I ask myself, "why did I stop doing this?" One sure way to get this habit going again is to keep a little bit with me at all times. And because this oil is so light, I don't have to think twice about reapplying when ever needed. My little 1/4 ounce bottle easily fits into the palm of my hand so I can discretely take it into the restroom with me and apply without feeling self-conscious.

Although this may all sound like a lot of stuff to be carrying around. It all fit neatly in my bag makeup bag which is around 8.5 inches long, 4.5 inches high. I even had enough room to slip in my tiny spray bottle filled with essential oils. Both this healthy hair kit and my makeup bag are able to fit side-by-side, comfortably in my purse.

Now that I'm packed and ready to go, I must focus on the next phase of my healthy hair plan. Before, when I held more of a 9-5 work schedule, I would use my restroom breaks as the perfect opportunity to refresh my hair with product. I was also fortunate enough to have my own office so I could easily break out beauty supplies, when convenient and reapply whenever the mood struck. Because of the routine nature of my work, my actions easily developed into a habit. Now, I barely ever have two days in a month that look similar so I don't have a support structure in place to reinforce a consistent habit. I realize that creating a structure is key otherwise I'll just be lugging around more stuff that I'll never use. I've got some ideas that I'll play around with around how to create a practice of promoting healthy hair throughout the day. My end-in mind is to support my desire to have healthy looking hair everyday with consistent action. I'm excited to see what may come of this in the long run.

So tell me, what are your must have "healthy hair" items that you take with you wherever you go?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I received a reader email the other day with the following question:

Q: In my efforts to stay healthy, I have been going to the gym more frequently. However, when i'm stretching my perm, it can be very discouraging knowing that i'm going to sweat out all my hard work from my pre-poo, deep conditioning and rollerset hair routine from the day before. Do you have any tip on how to keep your hair looking great during stretches while continuing with a gym routine?

First of all, I commend you for your commitment to the consistent practice of healthy exercise. Regular exercise gives you so many benefits from a toned fit body, to improved circulation which benefits the skin and hair. One of the dilemmas one faces if they aren't a daily co-washer or a consistent protective styler is how to keep the hair looking fresh even after a long, intense workout session.

When I think about the adverse effects of a workout to the hair, I think about three areas in particular:
  • the edges
  • the scalp
  • the hair
Let's first start by discussing the edges. Obviously, when the moisture of perspiration comes in contact with the hair, the edges will start to revert, especially if you are mid-stretch. My tip for managing your edges comes in the form of two simple items. A silk/satin scarf and a light leave-in product. Damp edges should never be allowed to dry on their own. They need to be safely secured down so they can be tamed while drying (especially if you tend to wear straight styles). Wal-Mart and Sally's offer a satin head-band like product used to protect the edges from excessive sweat. May I recommend you tie one satin scarf around the hairline and another around the entire head? The first scarf's sole purpose is to protect and properly secure your edges while the second protects the rest of the hair from the increased humidity. If your edges need a little help after the work-out, simply mist them with a light, conditioning leave-in like Biolage Daily Leave-In tonic and re-secure the scarf around your edges 'till it's dry. The daily tonic is really conditioning without creating build-up. Perfect for your daily workout schedule.

Next you probably want to do something that keeps the scalp feeling fresh between washes. One of the biggest things you'll notice about sweat is the salty taste. The sodium released through our sweat has a drying effect on the hair and scalp. If your hair needs a little invigoration, I suggest you look into the possibility of spritzing your scalp with essential oils or apple cider vinegar per my $2 scalp treatment method. ACV has a clarifying effect that will work wonderfully on scalp build-up. Essential oils help stimulate and give your scalp that "fresh, tingly" feeling. Oh, I also want to suggest you make use of the steam room in your gym (if there is one). When I visit the steam room regularly, my body seems to detoxify and my sweat becomes less salty with consistent use. Drinking enough water and having a clean, healthy diet also impacts the quality of your perspiration.

Finally, let's talk about how to maintain your hair after each workout. The silk scarf is critical to maintaining your style, especially your straight style. My all time favorite way of creating great looking hair between washes is with the use of steam rollers. There are so many reasons why I'm recommending steam setting. The biggest advantage is the addition of moisture to the hair with each use versus depleting the hair of moisture with curling or flat irons. Steam curlers can give you nice bouncy curls in just a few minutes. Plus the hair usually feels nice and soft afterwards. Another tip I have is to add a couple of drops of apple cider vinegar to your distilled water when you steam set. This works drop the pH level of the water which helps in seal the cuticle. Your hair will also receive the clarifying benefit that comes with using ACV. This means your hair will receive relief from the build up of salty sweat that works to dry the stands.
If you are wearing textured styles like a braid out. I suggest you braid your hair prior to heading for the gym and dampen the hair a light nourishing leave-in conditioner. The conditioner will counteract the drying effects of the perspiration and will help the braid set within the short time frame between workout and styling. Oh, I should also mention that there are no-water shampoos and scalp cleansers on the market if you are seeking a product that will help you get through 'till the next wash. I hope you received some good ideas that will help your hair "preserve it's sexy" while you focus on creating your healthy body.

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