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I am extremely excited to tell you all about my recent Zen Detox experience. I first stumbled across this product online while searching for ways to detoxify from the chemical exposure of relaxers, city water, and various hair product ingredients. At first glance, this product appeared to be the answer to all of my hair's wildest dreams, but could a product made of clay really make a positive impact on my hair?

I began my Zen detox experience by opening the cute red box and pulling out the page long product description and instructions. Actually the page was back and front so it equated to two full pages of insight into this wonderful product.

Here is an excerpt from the product page:

"Zen Detox is formulated to benefit people of all ages and hair of all conditions. It supports hair growth by detoxing the hair follicles/root. oil glands and scalp.

This unique multi-purpose formula is a very gentle Spa Detox to lift heavy metals and other toxins from the scalp and oil glands, and cleanse hair follicles.

Morrocco Method Zen Detox has been uniquely created to assist in removing the causes, not just the symptoms of disease. Our Zen Detox features Clays, which have been chosen of hundreds of clays from the most consistent results. An imported Volcanic Clay is added along with the synergistically tested formulas of spices and herbs."

The product itself consists of just clay powder which is a mint color. Nothing special about how it looks. The instructions state that the amount of clay powder should provide up to three uses so I poured about 1/3 it into a small bowl. Next I added some water over the powder which immediately started clumping up. I had a really hard time trying to create a smooth consistency once the clumps formed. Even as I added more water, I could not get it to smooth out. Eventually I gave up on trying to mix evenly and decided to use the product as it was (clumps and all). Some of the clumps were so big they were unusable. The good news is that the instructions state that any unused product should be left out at room temp to dry out and return to powdered clay. According to the package, the product does not expire so I can use it again weeks or months from now.

So I began applying the liquid part of the mix and breaking down to smaller clumps to use as well. I remember the Amazon reviewer stating that their hair benefited from the product so I used over the entire length of the hair as well as in the scalp areas. I applied as if I were applying conditioner. Let me also say that I applied on dry hair and I also skipped the pre-poo step of my regimen. Soon enough the liquid like mixture began to harden leaving my hair feeling stiff and looking ashy. At that point regret began to set in.

I was thinking to myself, "why on earth did I just add clay to my hair? Why didn't I just apply to scalp areas?" As time went on the hair got stiffer. It was a similar feeling to using the Aphogee hard protein liquid. I just played it safe an left the hair alone for the 15 minute duration until I washed it out.

I decided that since I was stripping the hair with Zen Detox, I would need to combat with a very moisturizing wash routine. So of course I had my Hair One moisturizing cleanser handy. I also decided that I'd use a blend of Silicon Mix, Suave Milk and Honey, and Nioxin Moisture and Strength conditioners as a way off adding the moisture back in.

To my surprise, the clay rinsed out fairly easily. I was not battling with clumps or clay remnants after the wash. One thing I did notice was that once I rinsed, my hair hung straighter. I don't know how to explain it but my hair was not tangled or fluffy or anything, it just hung straight down. I added the moisturizing conditioner blend to my hair and only left it on for a couple of minutes before rinsing. Once I rinsed, I immediately knew that my hair's moisture levels had once again been restored.

As I sat down to rollerset, I decided to use a dallop of Suave Milk and Honey conditioner as a creamy leave-in just in case the clay had over dried out my hair. I rollerset as normal but let me tell you, I instantly knew that I would experience a wonderful result because my hair felt very different.

It was unlike anything I've ever experienced yet to date. My hair felt like it wasn't my hair. Zen detox did something to it that I can not explain. The feeling was not like when I clarified leaving the hair feeling stripped clean. Yes my hair felt clean but not stripped. A word that would better described it would be....revitalized. My hair felt soooooooooooooooo extremely healthy. It feels strong and moisturized, it feels balanced. I feel like this is the result I've been seeking all this time. I don't know how to explain it. I'll tell you this, when I took my rollers out yesterday, my hair looked very different from how it looked on my most recent youtube vid. The curls fell below my shoulders. They were soft, shiny, and vibrant. I was absolutely amazed!

Is it the mysterious blend of herbs and spices that created this wonderful result? Or was the result due to the fact that Zen Detox, purified my hair so effectively that my conditioners I used became 100% effective? I'm not sure. All I know is that my hands will not stay out of my hair for nothin. I feel a strong peace and calm right now as I appreciate my hair as in its new beautiful state. Words can not describe how grateful I am today that I came across this beautiful product and I can not wait to continue using the treatments for two more sessions as the product describes.

I'll provide updates as I complete the second and third application. Per the instructions, the two subsequent applications should remain on the hair progressively longer. The second application should last 30 minutes and the final application for an hour. As I finish up this blog post, I need to share with you that it's now been two days since my treatment. I'm experiencing practically no breakage, my hair's moisture level is high and there's a smile on my face.


  1. I ordered this after reading your last post on it and it came in the mail today. I will probably do my first one Sunday. Glad I got to read your review so now I will used warm water and my applicator brush to mix to minimize lumps. Wish me luck!

  2. Tina,
    Let me know what you experience. I'm curious to see if this product works as well for others as it did for me.

  3. I would like to order this product but, I have a few questions to ask if you don't mind.....How many weeks post were you when you tried the product? Do you suggest using this product three weeks prior to a touch up? Or afterwards? Thanks for your help on this.
    PS - I ordered the Hair One Conditioning shampoo after reading your review. I am extremely happy with it. I am 16 weeks post and I can comb my hair with ease with this product. Thanks again.

  4. Okay...I did it today. Mixed with warm green tea added a little at a time. It was like mixing glue paste for a bit there..LOL! Anyways, after much mixing with my applicator brush, it finally smooth out like cake batter and I applied to freshly washed hair starting at the roots and putting remainder on the ends and piling on top of my head. I covered with a conditioning cap. As it dried I did notice tingling around my edges with were exposed to the air. I kept on for 2 hours or so. Last 20 mins or so I removed cap let dry for a bit before rinsing out, doing a quick DevaCurl conditioner and then putting JessieCurl in with a cap on. I am wearing that now as I plan to sleep in and rinse in the am and seal. I just checked and definitely my curls are hanging lower. I am wash and go theses days so I will see what it looks like after it dries. So far I liked it. :-)

  5. @ Tina-Wow, it looks like you took the experience to a whole 'nother level!
    Green tea sounds interesting. Just wondering why you used green tea as opposed to water. The conditioning cap sounds like a good idea, the heat produced in the cap may help the product to penetrate deeper.

    Please update us with your final results.

  6. @bobo-I was about 4-5 weeks post (with very noticable new growth) when I used this. Since this product is used in a series of applications, I would probably try it a week or two prior to application and complete the series a week or two after the relaxer.

    Then again if you are bunning and protective styling every day until you relax, you could hold off until a week or two after relaxer to start using. The great thing about this product is not only the detoxifying benefits but also the wonderful look and feel of the hair afterwards. It really helps in the manageability of the hair and the effectiveness of the products you are currently using.

  7. End result...definitely had more curl definition and less frizz. Unforch my scalp felt a bit itchy today, so I did a co-wash and an acv was frizzy and less defined after that. I'm not doing a hot oil treatment of dry hair over night and my regular routine in tomorrow. I do think I had good results, though and look forward to using again in a couple of weeks.

  8. Tina-Thanks for the update. I also may have forgot to mention that I used an ACV rinse during my first stab at the Zen detox. Unfortunately, my scalp won't allow me to wash without it and not suffer the consequences.

    I'm glad your hair liked it.

  9. I just tried this today. Oh my. This is going to take my hair regimen to a whole new level. Love it. I was planning to relax next week at 16 weeks post, now I can hardly justify it. The stretch continues...Thanks for sharing.

  10. Hi, I'm also becoming more concern about the health of my scalp, and using something like this seems interesting, noticed from your regimen page that your not doing anything like this right now, what is it in your regimen that your doing that is detoxing your scalp and hair? I checked out bentonite and it seems like a cheap alternative to this product that can be used once a month.

  11. Hi Innerbeauty! Currently, I'm still using essential oils and ACV to help balance my scalp and help treat flaking. Right now I'm all about scalp massages and essential oils are really convenient. I do plan on using ZEN detox again. I think the product is hidden behind some more recent purchases in my product closet.
    Bentonite Clay is a good alternative. The reason why I purchased ZEN was because of some of the additional herbs and such found in ZEN.

  12. I had purchased the Zen detox a while back but just used it today and it was amazing. I followed the instruction to the tee and my hair was so soft and strong, this is definitely a keeper because I am 11 weeks post and detangling was a breeze, I think I am going to try some of their other products.thank you Nadege for your review.


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