Saturday, October 30, 2021

  A few years ago, I decided to develop a supplement regimen designed to create glowing skin from within.  I literally went to Amazon and sought out various supplements that I theorized would have a positive effect on my skin.  One of those supplements was hyaluronic acid.  I didn't even know that hyaluronic acid supplements existed.  I just automatically assumed that the only way to experience the hydrating powers of hyaluronic acid was to absorb it through the skin.  I had oodles of hyaluronic acid-based skin products sitting on a shelf but never thought of the possibility of taking HA in supplement form.  

Nevertheless, I took the plunge and purchased pure hyaluronic acid powder.  Once I got my hands on HA powder, I got sidetracked by the idea of making my own hydrating serum at home. I also wasn't a fan of how HA powder thickened my drinking water so I gave up on ingesting hyaluronic acid altogether.  

Today I learned that I should've taken hyaluronic acid supplementation more seriously from the jump.  

That's because emerging research supports the oral intake of hyaluronic acid to moisturize the skin from the inside out.  According to this study synopsis,  when HA is taken internally, it increases moisture levels of the skin, making it an effective dry skin fighter. That's not all....they also found that ingesting hyaluronic acid also promoted cell growth (proliferation) in our connective tissue.

In a separate study that lasted 12 weeks,  40 men and women (aged 35-64) were asked to consume 120 mg of hyaluronic acid or a placebo.   Positive results became evident as early as 8 weeks.  Water content (moisture levels), skin elasticity, and wrinkle reduction were just a few of the documented results achieved thanks to a faithful hyaluronic acid supplement regimen.  

I'm ready to get serious about hyaluronic acid supplementation this winter.  But first, I peeked to see what people on Amazon were saying about their own experience taking HA.  Most of the reviews are from those who take hyaluronic acid to treat joint-related issues only to realize that they also experienced skin (and even hair) benefits as a wonderful side-effect.   

Here's what I mean:

5.0 out of 5Reviewed in the United States on December 15, 2020
"I bought this product because of my knee pain and to improve fines lines.

I've noticed that skin on my face has improved...lines have not been like before "prominent", 
they are plumping slowly...also my hair it seems to be shinny...

I've noticed nails...are growing faster and strong..

My knee hurts but not like before.

Will keep buying this product...

Highly Recommended"

Reviewed in the United States on April 21, 2021

This is my 2nd bottle! I have arthritis in my right hand and it has helped considerably.
 Although I bought this for skin hydration and dry hair. I can say this has been an amazing addition
to the vitamin b complex I take. And I do already see (believe it or not) new baby hairs growing in. 
My lines have softened on my face. 
I have received a lot of compliments on my skin and hair in the last month
 and it got me thinking what am I doing differently? It’s the Hyaluronic  Acid with C.
 I will not go without this!! Love it!!! 


So basically, when we ingest hyaluronic acid, it's distributed throughout our entire body where it's used to lubricate our joints and address areas of injury and pain.  Hyaluronic acid is also disseminated to our skin to moisturize it from the inside out. 

I will not be without hyaluronic acid supplements this winter.    

Thursday, October 28, 2021


With each passing day, I feel my winter anxiety increasing. I'm overcome with deep trepidation over the fact that my skin will soon become a parched mess.  The dry air also triggers my dermatitis which makes everything worse.  I was racking my brain on how to tweak my regimen to enhance my skin's moisture levels when I was introduced to a new technique that might be the answer to all of my problems. 

This beauty secret that I speak of is known as "oil masking."  I hope I've piqued your interest because you're about to be introduced to a new ritual that might bless your skin.   

Ok, so what is oil masking?  

Oil masking is basically the art of applying a mask on the skin that consists of oils or butters.  It's like any other form of masking:

-You apply the product.

-You allow the product to remain on the skin for a short period of time.

-You remove the product and enjoy glowing skin. 

It's the same technique that you'd use to apply a sheet mask or clay mask, except this time you saturate your skin with the ultimate nourisher.  Oils and butters are amazing because they are extracted from nutrient-rich fruits or nuts.  This means that they're loaded with vitamins, micronutrients, and essential fatty acids.   Typically, we use oil sparingly on our faces.  Unless you go to bed greasy, you're probably only using a couple drops of facial oil at a time. How much nourishment can your skin absorb from that?!  What if we could allow our skin access to more of the benefits that oils have to offer? 

"I love to oil mask when I need to heal and soothe the skin." 

The idea of Oil Masking comes from a Youtuber who does this regularly as part of her routine.  In order to oil mask properly, we need to adhere to a few rules:

//pre-cleanse the skin 

//mask with your favorite oil or butter.

//cleanse to remove the oil mask.

It's important that we follow these steps carefully to keep our skin from freaking out.  Pre-cleansing makes sure our pores are clean to prevent them from getting clogged.   Once the skin is clean, we use an oil or butter that our skin already likes.  Only use oils that you've used successfully in the past.  If your skin doesn't like heavy oils, may I suggest an ultra light-weight option like hemisqualane

You definitely should try masking with oil first before you experiment with applying butter.  Oil masking is also a good alternative if you don't feel comfortable wearing heavy oils on your face overnight for fear of how your skin might react.  

But enough of my yapping, check out more about how to oil mask successfully directly from the Youtuber herself. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

 Last year, on a whim, my husband and I walked by a bike shop located in a quaint neighborhood.  My eyes landed on this matte black cruiser and I fell in love.  My husband realizing, that I had instantly become obsessed with the bike, purchased it as I took it for a test drive around the parking lot. 

I was beyond excited about my new bike.  It was actually my first bike ever.  Growing up, I often rode my friend's bikes but never had one of my own.  The very first weekend with my new bike, I woke up early and tried to tackle a nearby bike trail.  It wasn't long before I realized how out of shape I was and how much work was actually required to ride a bike for longer than 15 minutes.  

It was long before started talking myself out of going out for bike rides.  Next thing you know, my beautiful new bike is in the corner collecting dust.   Guilt immediately took over as I contemplated how I could incorporate bike rides into busy days.  With cold weather and shorter days approaching, the idea of outdoor bike riding again was out of the question. 

My bike was doomed to spend its remaining days in a dark corner until I learned of the existence of stationary indoor bike riding stands.  

Whenever I went to the gym (and didn't feel like working out), I'd always start off by getting on the exercise bike.  Sitting on a workout bike while scrolling through my phone seemed like the easiest way to warm up before actually doing any physically demanding exercises.  Bike riding is a legit workout but you're seated the entire time so it feels a little less rigorous.  

One day, I happened to see a video of a guy riding a bicycle his tiny living room and I knew what I had to do.  He was using some sort of contraption that allowed his ordinary bike to operate as a stationary exercise bike

 I absolutely had to have one.

  Amazon offers several options at various price ranges.  I went with a lower-cost option with decent reviews.  Surprisingly, setting it up was pretty easy. Within minutes, I figured out the instructions and was riding my bike on the patio while overlooking the lake.  The entire experience was amazing. 


Back porch Bike trainer cycle Ops workout ##fyp ##bike ##quarantine ##backporch ##workout ##foryou

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 One thing worth mentioning is that these bike trainer stands come with an attachment that creates multiple levels of resistance.  It feels kinda like I'm on a spin class right at home.  I can feel the burn in my thighs after only a couple of minutes of riding.  It's intense.

If you live in an area that rains a lot or has harsh winters, or maybe you'll feel safer riding your bike in the comfort of your home.  If any of these apply to you, it might be a good idea to add a bike trainer to your Christmas wish list.  You don't need to have a fancy racing bike to use an indoor trainer. The one I purchased worked just as well with my cruiser.  

Next up, I'm buying an Ipad holder for my bike so I can catch up on my favorite shows while I ride.  The stand keeps the bike perfectly upright so I feel very comfortable multitasking while I ride.   For the past couple of weeks, I've been slowly turning my patio into an at-home gym.  The stationary bike is the main feature of my gym.  Even when I don't feel like working out, I'll still hop on the bike....'cause it's fun.    

 I'm really looking forward to the metabolism boosting benefits of consistent bike riding. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

I have more pairs of jeans than I need.  Part of the reason why I've amassed such a collection is because I've been on a constant search for the perfect fit.  My jeans always seem to fit properly when I first buy them but, somehow the waist seems to expand over time.  Can anyone relate? 

A few months ago, I collected a small pile of clothes and took them to a nearby alterations shop.  To be honest, the price to alter a few items of clothing was a bit surprising.   In the back of my mind, I wondered if technology had advanced to the point where we could make simple adjustments to our clothes at home without the need for a sewing machine.  

Little did I know that an invention existed that had the power to transform the waistline of my jeans within seconds.  The best part is that this solution is ultra-affordable.  

I'll be honest, I was hesitant to have the waist of my jeans tailored.  My weight fluctuates a bit and I wasn't quite ready to commit to resizing my jeans down permanently.   Thankfully. some genius came up with the idea of selling a packet of spare buttons that cinch the waist of your jeans in an instant.   


perfect hack for those jeans that fit the hips but loose on the waist 🤍 ##beautyhacksph ##jeanhack ##jeanshack ##loosejeans ##fashionhack ##stylehack

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After seeing a video demonstration of how easy it is, I immediately mosied over to Amazon to purchase. I kid you not, this is the best, under $10 purchase I've made all year.  

Trust me, you won't regret it. 

Monday, October 25, 2021


One thing I've been trying to get better at doing is saying my daily affirmations.    Whether you believe that affirmations are life-changing or just something you do to maintain a positive mindset, it's worth giving them a try. At the very least, affirmations help us redirect our focus, from the current reality to what we want to create/experience.   

Turning affirmations from a mindless activity into a powerful exercise in reality creation is very possible.  Affirmations can work, we just have to make sure we're doing them properly.  Saying your affirmations repeatedly is just one technique. There are a few other tips and tricks regarding affirmations that no one talks about.  Here are a few other ways to make sure that your affirmations are as powerful as possible. 

Focus on the When

When it comes to positive affirmations, the conventional school of thought places a lot of attention on crafting the right words to say.  Yes, it's important that our affirmations are said in a positive way and it's crucial to use the present tense, but no one really talks about the optimal time to say them.

In my opinion, one of the most powerful things you can do is to reaffirm your desires immediately after achieving something you want.  

For example.  Let's say you launch a small business and make your very first sale.  This is the perfect time to reaffirm mantras about money flowing into your life or how you consistently attract abundance.  

If I decided to have a big salad today for lunch, that would be a perfect time to mentally remind myself that "I am creating a fit healthy body."  

Be on the lookout for joyful moments that occur throughout the day. Moments of bliss create the perfect opportunity to recite your affirmations.  Whenever anything good should turn that moment into an opportunity to re-affirm your intentions.  It's important to combine delightful moments with affirmations because unexpected moments of joy elevate our emotional vibration.  When our vibration is lifted, the words of affirmation will become more believable.  Our subconscious will more readily accept what we're saying because our emotions and words match

 Involving our subconscious in the manifestation process is a crucial component that we can't forget.  

Another effective way to engage your subconscious mind in the manifestation process is to state your affirmations right before you fall asleep at night.  As we drift off to sleep, the brain actually enters a different state.  During that time, our conscious thoughts subside as the subconscious takes over.  Stating our confirmations before bed is like opening the doorway between our conscious and subconscious.  Keep in mind that our subconscious beliefs rule our actions.  If we wish to manifest at a high level, we need to master ways to tap into our subconscious.

Lastly, another perfect time to say your affiramtions is......basically all the time.  Our subconscious mind is constantly running negative scripts in our minds--all day, every day.  Our default way of thinking is inherently negative.  Repeating positive sentences a couple of times a day simply isn't enough to combat our negative thoughts. But if you silently repeat your intentions throughout the entire day, it no longer remains an'll become a belief. 

Friday, October 22, 2021

 One activity that I loved doing on the weekends was trying out new makeup techniques.  Weekends are perfect to experiment with makeup.  A successful attempt at a new makeup look automatically redies you to enjoy any last-minute weekend plans.  I haven't been inspired to try out a new makeup look in a while.  But something magical happened while I was randomly scrolling through TikTok.

After watching the 10-second video demonstration, I knew this technique was too good to pass up.  The method is so simple that you can literally try it right now.  It's called the "eyeglasses concealer" trend.  All you have to do is apply concealer around your entire eyes in the shape of glasses (complete with nose bridge and the part that extends over the temples).

Once the concealer is fully blended in, you're left with a perfect blank canvas for shadow or whatever eye makeup look you prefer.

I immediately jumped on this bandwagon because I have really small, almond-shaped eyes with dark lids that tend to get oily. This ingenious method basically solved all of my problems.  By circling the undereye and the lid, I got rid of all the extra pigmentation that surrounded my eye.  Once the recess pigmentation was neutralized,  suddenly my tiny eyes became more of a focal point.  I quickly grabbed mascara and liquid eyeliner to finish the look.  For the first time ever... I could clearly see my lashes using just a single coat of mascara. My winged liner looked better than usual too.

Here's a clear demonstration of the actual technique.  You must try it.  


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Glasses concealer hack! 😭🤣 It actually worked though! What do you guys think of this hack? 💕 ##concealerhack ##concealer ##tiktokhacks ##beautyhacks

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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

 Yesterday, I was casually browsing through random Instagram stories when I landed on the account of a Swimsuit Entrepreneur who just to happened to be answering questions from her followers.  She's a  busy mother raising two young children while simultaneously building an empire.  

A lot of the questions asked were geared towards her growing brand.  One question, in particular, had my full attention.  Even after having two children in a short time span, she still was able to a healthy weight.  Someone asked her what foods does she stay away from when it comes to nutrition.  

Her response was simple, there aren't really any foods that she stays away from.  But, instead, she lives by one rule which helps keep her on track and her one rule is this...

"Eat One Salad A Day (no matter what)."

She also accompanied her response with an image of her lunch which included a side of fries and a salad. 

When it comes to my eating habits, I'm either at one end of the spectrum or another.  Either I'm eating salads all day every day or everything I eat is deep-fried..there is no in-between...and that's a problem.

If you were to ask me today when the last time I had a salad, I don't think I could answer accurately.  That's probably because on my currently on a "healthy eating kick" so salads aren't something I'm thinking about right now. 

But what if I took on this mantra of eating a salad a day? What impact could that make in my life? Currently, I'm eating approximately zero salads a day.  This means that I'm giving up a lot when it comes to micronutrient intake.  Most of the foods I eat in a day are fully cooked which means lowered levels of enzymes, fewer antioxidants, and barely any naturally occurring micronutrients.  I'm eating to satisfy hunger, not to nourish my body. 

Salads, as we all know, also provide us with ample amounts of fiber which promotes a healthy gut.  A healthy gut isn't just about improving digestion but it also improves our skin health and brain function.  Ideally, I'd love to eat a diet of mostly raw, plant-based foods but Popeyes won't let me be great so I'll take the second-best option...treat myself to fast food from time to time while still incorporating salads in my daily routine.  

Eating a salad every day means I'll eat less of the other stuff.  Less french fries, less bread, less fried foods.  Ever heard stories from people who lost 10 lbs by simply eliminating soda from their diet?  Imagine the potential benefits to our waistline by eating a minimum of 7 additional salads a week.  

Even if your weight stays exactly the same,  eating one salad a day will benefit your body in too many ways to pass up. 

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Some schools of thought would have you believe that achieving success requires a great amount of effort.  Don't get me wrong, hard work will most certainly amplify your results.  But I also want to highlight that you can also enjoy positive results by doing the least.

I know that sounds crazy but I believe that doing the bare minimum might be one of the most effective strategies for success

Let me explain...

When I first became interested in the topic of personal development and motivation, I'd often hear stories of people achieving significant results by incorporating incredible amounts of hard work as their main strategy.  One LOA teacher talked about how he achieved success in real estate by making 100 cold calls daily before noon.  Millionaire, Grant Cardone encourages us to 10X our efforts if we really want powerful results.  Gary Vaynerchuk's advice to budding entrepreneurs is to out-hustle your competition. 

The idea of grinding our way to success is valid, but I want to also highlight that doing the least can also move you forward.  

Moving forward is probably the most powerful thing you can do if you're trying to achieve a goal.  No matter how far the finish line, the most important thing you can accomplish today is to move one step closer.  

What moves us closer? 


How do we achieve progress?

By doing something....anything. 

How you define that something is up to you.  Some days, this might mean an 18 hour day of dedicated work.  On other days, you might allocate only a few minutes of activity towards something that impacts your goal.  A few minutes of activity might not sound like much but any action is always better than zero action.  

Doing the Bare Minimum Will Prevent Negative Consequences from Taking Over. 

Let's say your goal is to get healthier and your ideal is to go to the gym for an hour a day, you might consider a 15-minute workout on YouTube as doing the bare minimum.  Fifteen minutes compared to an hour may not sound like a lot until you consider how a few minutes of activity each day has the power to improve your health.  

Doing anything for 15 minutes a day will make an impact because all of your actions will compound over time. 

Doing the bare minimum is the genesis of Habit Creation.

The reason why doing the bare minimum matters is because it's the opposite of doing nothing.  Neglecting your goals completely will cause you to lose any and all progress that you've made so far.  Imagine someone who wants to build the brand of her new business.  She puts up a lot of effort in the beginning and starts to gain some traction.  But she comes discouraged by the speed of her progress and gives up on her project.  For days or weeks, she does nothing to related her business....not even the bare minimum.  When she finally decides to return and try again, she finds that the progress she made, in the beginning, has nearly gone away.  Frustrated, she has to start the process all over again.

Doing the bare minimum is a powerful concept because it allows us to maintain the progress we've already made without having to put in a ton of effort.  Another positive aspect of doing the minimum is that it doesn't require as much internal motivation as someone who's trying to focus on taking massive action.   When you do something related to your goals every day, you are essentially training your habit muscle.  Once the habit muscle is activated, you will encounter less resistance each day.  

While doing the bare minimum, think negatively about whether your bare minimum activities are making an impact.  There will be days where you have the motivation to take massive action.  When that happens, you don't have to start from the beginning again.   Taking massive action is futile when you've gone days or weeks without doing anything at all.  

If you're intentional, you can figure out a "bare minimum" strategy that also helps move your progress forward.  I'll never forget listening to an interview over a decade ago by the guy who wrote the "Chicken Soup of the Soul" series.  The author reached the status of writing the top-selling book series of all time.   When asked what he did to achieve such massive success, he said that "every day, they had to do 5 marketing actions."  In his case, he did 5 interviews talking about his book every single day.  He established a bare minimum that still produced incredible results.  

For every goal on your list, write down the minimum set of activities that will create progress, or at least, keep the progress you've made so far.  Identifying your bare minimum activities can really be a game-changer.     No matter what you do decide, just make sure you aren't doing nothing. 

Friday, October 15, 2021


I like to think of myself as a comb connoisseur. Ever since the early days of my hair journey, one of my main focuses was to get my hands on the very best comb or brush I could afford. Preferably one that with the ability to melt through tangles like a hot knife through butter. 

One of my all-time favorite detangling tools of all time was the double-rowed comb crafted by Conair.  Unfortunately for me, that comb (which I loved so dearly) is no longer in production.  More recently, I stumbled on a hot new detangling comb (EZ Dentangler) which has several rows of teeth that flexes and bends with hair.  I love this comb, but I need something that can help me detangle small sections with ease.  Detangling is an art and sometimes, one size doesn't fit all when it comes to detangling tools.   


Many years ago, the Tangle Teezer took the hair industry by storm with its unique detangling tool that fits neatly in the palm of your hand.  Everyone raved about it so, of course, I had to get one.  My first impression of the Tangle Teezer wasn't that great.  I felt like I couldn't really trust that the bristles weren't damaging my (then relaxed) hair.  Also, the shape of the Teezer felt slightly awkward to hold during the delicate act of detangling.  

Tangle Teaser vs. EZ Detangler

I've since learned that Tangle Teezer released a paddle brush version of their original detangler.  The paddle detangling brush has similar bristles/teeth to the original design but with a convenient, easy to use, handle.  Although I didn't love the original Tangle Teezer, I'm willing to give the paddle brush version a try because I'm fascinated by the tiny, flexible, plastic bristles.  I often roller set on wash days to stretch my hair.  The EZ Detangler is great but it can't detangle with the precision required for me to achieve a successful rollerset. I need something that can handle the smaller sections flawlessly.  So the plan is to use my EZ Detangler to remove shed hairs on a macro level.  Then, I'll employ the expertise of the Tangle Teezer to finish the job.  

One thing I learned about my search for the perfect detangling comb is that the perfect comb doesn't exist.  It's more about finding the right comb that does what it's supposed to do without causing unnecessary stress to the hair.  I think the combination of the EZ Detangler + The Tangle Teezer brush might be just the right move.  

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Once upon a time, I would make a weekly trip to Whole Foods for a bag of fresh cut wheatgrass.  While there, I would often stop by the little juice stand in the middle of the store and pay a few dollars for a shot of freshly juiced grass.  Although it was costly, I was committed to my weekly wheatgrass ritual because, after learning of the wonders of wheatgrass juice, I needed to experience it for myself.   

It's been years since I've tasted nutrient-rich elixir of juiced grass.  Although I loved the benefits, I didn't want to scrape pulp out of a juicer every morning nor did I want to take out a second mortgage to sustain my Whole Foods spending habit.  

Then one day, I was introduced to my new bestie, Wheat Grass Juice Powder, and everything changed. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

As a beauty technology buff, I've always had this fascination with red light therapy (RLT).  I first learned of RLT years ago when red light masks first entered the market.  At the time, these super-expensive masks were only used by celebrities because the hefty price tag made them so inaccessible.  Madonna and Kourtney Kardashian had their very own red light masks at home. The rest of us had to pay outrageous prices for 15-minute sessions at a spa.

Fast forward a few years and now we've advanced to a place where anyone can buy their very own red light therapy mask on Amazon.   I've owned a couple masks over the years which allowed me to experience the benefits of red light therapy at home.  My personal experience with RLT has only left me wanting more.  Red light masks are great but I've had my eye on another device that's even more powerful.

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