You Need to be using a Red Light Therapy Panel at Home. Here's Why...


As a beauty technology buff, I've always had this fascination with red light therapy (RLT).  I first learned of RLT years ago when red light masks first entered the market.  At the time, these super-expensive masks were only used by celebrities because the hefty price tag made them so inaccessible.  Madonna and Kourtney Kardashian had their very own red light masks at home. The rest of us had to pay outrageous prices for 15-minute sessions at a spa.

Fast forward a few years and now we've advanced to a place where anyone can buy their very own red light therapy mask on Amazon.   I've owned a couple masks over the years which allowed me to experience the benefits of red light therapy at home.  My personal experience with RLT has only left me wanting more.  Red light masks are great but I've had my eye on another device that's even more powerful.

Once upon a time, I randomly walked into a skin spa located in a swanky part of town.  I sometimes show up at spas unannounced to browse through their menu of services in hopes of stumbling on a new treatment I've never heard of.  On that day, I learned of the existence of full-body LED therapy.   Instead of a bunch of tiny red lights on a face mask, you expose your entire body to the healing power of infrared light. 

Instead of paying to experience the full body LED bed at a spa, I immediately searched for a comparable product I can use at home.  At the time, at home LED panels were rare and the prices were outrageous.  But I couldn't get them out of my mind because I so intrigued.  

Actually, intrigued is too mild of a word....I became obsessed.  I needed to have one.  The only thing holding me back from having my very own LED unit was the price.  

Thankfully, technology becomes more affordable over time. Not only did prices drop as more competition entered the market, but more options also became available.  Today, Amazon carries a variety of clinical-grade LED devices in a variety of sizes that'll fit any budget.  

After waiting for several years, I finally took the plunge and invested in a tabletop LED device.  As I write this article, I'm sitting comfortably as I bask in the comfy warm glow of my LED machine.  There are a myriad of potential benefits one can experience from regular use of red light therapy but if I were being honest, I got it mainly for the beauty benefits.  

I'm a huge fan of sci-fi futuristic movies.  One trope that I always found fascinating was when movies would use light technology to instantly heal wounds and cure illnesses.  RLT is literally the closest thing we have to this type of technology.  As a matter of fact, NASA actually uses red light therapy to treat the wounds of astronauts who had difficultly healing while in space.  

Having a red light machine handy in the event of an illness or injury is cool but my real intention was to use this machine to help me create my best skin ever.  I've owned the machine for only a couple weeks and I have absolutely zero regrets. Zero.  In fact, after my very first use, I knew that made the decision.  Something about the slightly warm light feels comforting---soothing.  I left my very first session feeling like my mood was lifted.  This type of therapy would be awesome in the winter when sunlight is scarce and seasonal depression hits.  


I might be over-exaggerating but I began to notice a difference in my skin after only a few sessions.  I can't properly describe the skin benefits I experience from RLT.  I feel like my skin is more toned, smoother, and healthier looking.  I can't explain it.  This morning while looking at my face, I feel like my jawline is more defined.  It could all be in my head but I saw some pretty convincing before and after pictures that validate my experience. 

Red Light Therapy before and after
Red Light Therapy before and after 30 days of use (source)

Crows feet minimized and improved skin texture from Red Light Therapy

When I first got my machine, my mom just so happened to suffer a minor injury that cause swelling to her foot and ankle.  Immediately, I brought my portable red light machine over and gave her back-to-back sessions 2 days in a row.  Her swelling, which has lasted a week, immediately started to go away after the very first session. 

Like I said, I have a few LED devices but nothing compares to this machine. The light is more powerful and the effects seem much more evident.  I had a small wrinkle (creasing) on the left side of my forehead (above my eyebrow) that is now gone.  Because the results seem so real, it's easy for me to remain consistent. 


Hair regrowth at the hairline after using a light therapy Laser Cap. 
Many of the notable benefits of red light therapy revolve around healing and repair. Since I'm not dealing with any injuries at the moment, I'll focus more on the aesthetic benefits.  Since the skin benefits are coming along nicely,  I'll now focus my attention on using red light to promote hair growth.  RLT stimulates blood flow and circulation to the scalp when the red light is focused directly on that area.  This can result in an increase in hair thickness and even hair regrowth.  My hair is doing pretty well but we're heading into the winter months which is when my hair sheds the most. Hair growth also slows down this time of year so I want to do whatever I can to stimulate it. 

I wonder if red light therapy has many positive benefits on grey hair?

Eventually, I'd like to invest in an even larger device meant to deliver healing light to the entire body.   LED masks are good, but red light therapy panels are better....much better. If you were thinking about investing in a mask, consider if a panel is a better option for you. If you have others in your household who can benefit from incorporating LED treatments that help lower inflammation, alleviate pain, and promote healing, then go for a panel.   

You won't regret it.

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