Friday, September 27, 2019

Once I was finally able to defeat my acne, I thought all of my skin's problems were behind me.  But, the older I got, the drier my skin became.  Dry skin sucks because that's when the signs of aging start to appear.  Suddenly, I can see tiny little cracks and lines appearing on the surface.  Not to mention flaky skin which is the absolute worst.

After deciding that I've had enough, I sought to find the highest moisturizing products on the market.  My search lead me to hyaluronic acid (HA).  Specifically, I fell in love with Hada Labo's range of hyaluronic acid products.  These HA focused moisturizers are sensational.  In fact, I recently added to my collection with an HA product that literally feels like a sheet mask in a bottle.  I'll dedicate an entire article to this product because it's that amazing!  But, for now, I want to let you in on another find that I stumbled upon less than 24 hours ago.

The reason why this product is so interesting to me is that the hero ingredient was found to be 5X more powerful than our beloved hyaluronic acid.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

I try to stay consistent with taking supplements, but sometimes it's hard.  Of all the supplements in my regimen, I have the hardest time staying consistent with consuming enough collagen.  That's because the daily intake requirements are kinda high compared to typical supplements.

Not to mention that most collagen experts actually recommend that we take more than the recommended dosage (aka collagen loading).  Collagen is highly abundant in the body, but it starts to decline each year after the age of 25.  When we take 2 scoops of collagen peptides, we help the body restore some of its reserves. But, if you're looking to experience external beauty benefits, it's important to stay consistent and consume enough collagen to make a difference.

I absolutely want to bet better with my collagen intake. But couldn't find a way to easily fit it into my lifestyle until now.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Another summer has come and gone.  How did you do with wearing sun protection?  Were you a good girl who applied sunscreen religiously every day?  I wasn't.  I tried my best things didn't work out as well as I would've liked.  Because sun damage takes a while to appear, we may think we've gotten away with skipping sun protection here and there.  But, even though we don't see it, the damage might still be there.

Even if the signs of sun-related aging don't show up for years, we still experience hyperpigmentation from increased sun exposure.  Perhaps a little skin brightening might be in order....and I have just the thing could help produce brighter skin while helping to minimize sun damage from summer.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Lately, when I come across beauty secret reveals on IG, I'll sometimes see tools and procedures that were little known now becoming mainstream.  I love it when beauty innovations become commonplace.  This helps bring the prices down as more companies strive to get a piece of a booming market.  We saw this happen with LED masks. When LED first entered the beauty market, a mask costs thousands of dollars and only a few celebrities had access to their very own anti-aging mask.  Now, these masks are very accessible and even drug store brands like Neutrogena have thrown their hat in the game.

Another skin-changing beauty invention that I'm a huge fan of is microneedling.  After developing a skin routine that controlled my acne, my focus immediately turned to the obvious acne scars that were permanently engraved in my cheeks.  After a series of microneedling sessions, my skin began to look normal again.  My goal of going foundation free was quickly becoming a reality.

Now, a new procedure has appeared on the horizon. Some believe that this procedure might be an even better version of microneedling.   It's called micro-channeling and I can't wait to tell you why it's so awesome.

Monday, September 9, 2019

I wanna share something with you.  It's probably something you've heard before but I'm sure someone needs to hear this again.  We're heading directly into winter.  I dunno about you but cold-weather season always means that I'll be slowly packing on a few pounds.  This year I want things to be a little different.  I'm tired of trying to shed extra weight when summer rolls around.   Instead, I want to discover the secret to staying lean and implement that habit into my life.

What's the secret to staying lean, you ask?  Well, I'm happy to share it with you.  And, best of all, this secret is much easier than you can imagine.
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