How to Turn Your Meals into an Anti-Aging Powerhouse

I try to stay consistent with taking supplements, but sometimes it's hard.  Of all the supplements in my regimen, I have the hardest time staying consistent with consuming enough collagen.  That's because the daily intake requirements are kinda high compared to typical supplements.

Not to mention that most collagen experts actually recommend that we take more than the recommended dosage (aka collagen loading).  Collagen is highly abundant in the body, but it starts to decline each year after the age of 25.  When we take 2 scoops of collagen peptides, we help the body restore some of its reserves. But, if you're looking to experience external beauty benefits, it's important to stay consistent and consume enough collagen to make a difference.

I absolutely want to bet better with my collagen intake. But couldn't find a way to easily fit it into my lifestyle until now.
Yesterday, I just so happened to be watching an infomercial featuring Dr. Axe and his branded collagen peptide powder.  During the show, he made a comment that immediately caught my attention.  In trying to convince the viewing audience to make a purchase, he reminded us that collagen powder is a perfect ingredient to add to your favourite recipes.

Why? Because it's odorless, tasteless and doesn't affect the texture of your meals.  By including collagen into your meals, you're fortifying your food with nutrition that can strengthen your bones, give you plump skin, support your joints, and thicken your hair.

As soon as I heard Dr. Axe's recommendation, I remembered the article I wrote on how collagen peptides are able to withstand high temperatures and remain effective. Back then, my goal was to include a scoop of collagen in my cup of tea.  But, because summers here are extremely hot, I didn't drink much tea.

But I do eat several times a day.  Why not include collagen in daily meals?

Some examples that quickly came to mind include:

-Adding collagen to oatmeal or cereal for breakfast.
-Mixing collagen to sauces or stews (I've seen someone mix collagen into their spaghetti sauce).
-Including a scoop of collagen in any hot beverages like tea or coffee.
-Blending collagen into smoothies.
-Incorporating collagen into your baking recipes.

Winter is coming and my plan is to enjoy a collagen laden soup pretty much every day.  I'm keeping my options open to all the possible ways that I can sneak collagen into my meals.  Collagen pills or packets will come in handy when I'm on the go, but while preparing meals at home, I'm going to do everything possible to incorporate collagen powder into the mix.

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