Wait. Should We Be Drinking Green Juice at Night?


One habit I want to get into again is drinking green juice on a regular basis.  I plan on starting this ritual as a gateway into eventually incorporating more green salads into my diet.  Green juices are a super-easy way to flood the body with a rush of nutrients which is why people make it part of their morning routine.  

Drinking green juice every morning is probably one of the healthiest habits one can have.  But now I'm hearing that green juice might not just be a morning thing.  Some are even saying that it's an even better idea to drink your green juice at night.

Consuming green juice is always a good decision because it gives us access to the valuable micronutrients found in fruits and veggies,  It also feels good knowing that you've done something healthy first thing in the morning.  That morning burst of energy (post-juice) is also a plus.  Aside from water, green juice seems like the ideal morning beverage. So why are some saying that we should consider switching to green juice at night?

The reason for guzzling your greens at night makes perfect sense.  By doing so, you're equipping your body with the necessary nutrition to help support the nightly repair and rebuild process.   Experts always tell us not to eat too late at night.  The main reason for this is because digestion is such a labor-intensive process. If our bodies are busy trying to digest a meal while we sleep, it takes away from all the restorative work that needs to happen overnight.  

Imagine the value of drinking a nutrient-rich liquid to fuel the body prior to entering its nightly rebuilding process.  Green juices get their color because of their chlorophyll content.  According to this study, chlorophyll helps regulate the gut bacteria to help ease bloating and promote better digestion.   Chlorophyll is also anti-inflammatory which is exactly what we need before going to bed.  I remember drinking lemon water at night whenever I had a cystic acne flare-up.  This typically worked like a dream. The next morning I'd wake up with my breakout appearing noticeably smaller.  

Another major benefit of drinking greens at night is their loaded with magnesium which most of us are deficient in.  Magnesium is an essential mineral that we all need because it helps promote a healthy heart and muscle.  For the purposes of drinking green juice at night, magnesium can also help us get a good night's sleep.  When I used to do float tanks, I slept really hard for like a week.  That's mainly due to the magnesium content in the salt used in the tank. 

 Lastly, chlorophyll-rich green juices could potentially help the body detox by binding to heavy metals.  When we wake up in the mornings, the first process our body goes through is elimination. That's because it was hard at work all night undergoing its own detox process.  Supplying our bodies with greens before bed is like arming a soldier before going to war. 

Pro Tip: Sometimes green juice can really boost energy levels so you may want to drink it a few hours before your actual bedtime.

If you're like me, and you aren't ready to break out your juicer every night, take the path of least resistance by opting for a low-sugar premade juice.  You can also opt for a powdered formula that mixes easily with water.  Or, if you're just looking to do the bare minimum, add a few drops of chlorophyll to your water at night and watch the magic happen.

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