The UnderArm Mask That Lightens, Exfoliates, and Keeps You Odor Free.


 I have a confession to make.  I haven't worn deodorant in ages.  This was a conscious decision made a while back when I decided to take control of my underarm health.  Years ago, I relied on store-bought,  antiperspirants to help control sweating and odor.  But traditional deodorants didn't really address my concerns. 

The things I really wanted to achieve were: a prettier underarm, less sweating, and odor control.

Once I started experimenting with a new underarm routine, I realized that traditional deodorant wasn't the answer.  

I began by switching to antiperspirants without aluminum. There's a consensus that aluminum found in deodorants might migrate to the brain through our lymphatic system.  One of the theories around the cause of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's is that aluminum accumulates in the brain.  Going aluminum-free seemed like a better choice for my overall health and wellness but it didn't get the job done concerning the objectives I shared earlier.  

Eventually, I gave up on antiperspirants altogether.  Working from home made this transition easier but  I couldn't just go cold turkey without having a strategy in place.  Then, one day, I was introduced to the idea of using glycolic acid as an underarm toner of sorts.  Using The Ordinary's Glycolic Acid Toner has been good for me.  Over time, it's lightened my underarm area and helped manage odor.  I thought my underarm routine was set until I stumbled on another product that'll take everything to the next level.  

Someone recommended Megababe's Happy Pits on a forum and I immediately ran to Amazon to find out more.  

Happy Pits is a charcoal-based clay mask that works to draw out impurities and detoxify while also including glycolic acid (which my pits already love) and vitamin C for its well-known brightening effects.  I jumped into reading the positive reviews and they mirrored exactly what the person on the forum said.  This product does its job.  

Reviewed in the United States on March 5, 2023

This is awesome for anyone who struggles with hyperpigmentation on their armpits due to shaving or deodorant. It lightened mine up significantly and I'm still on the first bottle. I use it 1-2 times a week.

Reviewed in the United States on September 2, 2021

So far this has been such a great solution for my embarrassing underarm odor.

I've tried many deodorants before to try to solve the issue but nothing has worked. I actually picked this up at Target and let me tell you!! I don't have ANY evidence of underarm odor ALL day!! Maybe this was all I needed.. an armpit detox..which frankly I never thought about considering all the face and foot masks I've used. If you have clinical underarm odor like myself please give this a try. It has succeeded in my book.

Many of the other reviewers talked about using this armpit mask to help them transition from traditional deodorant to an all-natural one.  I've seen lots of comments online from people who were scared to switch to an all-natural deodorant because they weren't sure if a natural deodorant would fail them.  Happy Pits seems to prep the underarm area by detoxing the sweat glands thereby reducing the potential odor so your natural deodorant doesn't have to work as hard.  Basically, Happy Pits Mask is everything I've ever wanted in an underarm product and I must have it.  

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