"Just A Little More." The Fool Proof Way of Reaching Any Goal You Set For Yourself



The new year is upon us which means its time to turn our attention towards achieving new goals.  Goal setting could be an awesome experience or, it could cause a bit of anxiety.  Especially if the goals are too lofty or if you set goals last year and weren't able to reach them. 

This upcoming year, I'm taking a whole new approach to goal setting and I think it'll produce some achievable results.  The method I'm using is extremely low effort which produces low anxiety...but it's also proved to be very effective.   Best of all, it promotes consistent action which is the direct path to real results.  I've already started implementing this method and I'm loving the process so far.  If I continue to apply this technique, I have no doubt that I'll reach all of my goals. 

With typical goal setting, you define your desired outcome. For instance, you decide you want to make X number of dollars next year or weigh X number of pounds. There are also the goals where you start something new (launching a business, starting a new hobby, etc).  The last category of goals involve improving your current results (growing your social media, getting a promotion, etc).  

Every single one of the types of goals I mentioned can be achieved by applying my easy-to-follow method.  To come up with this method, I simply asked myself, what could I do to reach this certain goal or outcome? 

 Every answer I came up with involved the word "more" 

If I wanted a toned. fit body, all I needed to do was have more gym visits (or keep the visits the same and do more reps).

If I wanted to boost sales in my business, I needed to do more marketing and more send more customer emails.

If I wanted to be healthier, I needed to consume more fruits, veggies and drink more water. 

To overcome my mounting clutter, I've decided to  "clear out and organize more."

...the list goes on. 
prepare more healthy meals

 I also looked back at the areas of my life that went well this past year (like finally being able to lose my stubborn 5lbs) and asked myself how I did it.  My answer....I walked more. I couldn't tell you how much I walked because I didn't set a goal to walk x number of times per week or a certain number of miles per week.  I didn't follow a specific protocol, I just walked more.  

The word more is so unspecific and contrary to normal rules of goal setting but it seems to work for me because I'm not bound to rigid standards. If I tell myself that I need to go to the gym 3 times this week, I don't really know that I'll follow through with that desire. But if I say, to myself "more gym visits this month than last month" I can easily fulfill that intention because if I went to the gym zero times last month, I only need to go once to reach my goals. Once I achieve the "goal" of going to the gym once, I can continue to shift the goal post to more gym visits this week than last week.  

This method only requires you to do a little more than your current baseline.  Which makes it an excellent technique for starting at ground zero.  I suggest you apply the doing "more" technique to any goal where you feel a lot of resistance.  You'll know when resistance is high if you're avoiding the task altogether.  If you spend even 1 minute doing something that you've been avoiding, you've implemented the "doing-more-goal-achievement-technique" into your life.  One minute of anything, when done consistently, can completely alter current realities.  

Think of "more" as an active state that's fluid and ongoing.  Don't view it as an unachievable outcome but a consistent way of being. Also, don't attach the meaning of having to do more because we aren't doing enough.  We want to add more because we want to experience more of the benefits it brings into our lives.

Once we engage in any type of action, we become aware of how easy it is to do the thing we've been putting off for so long.  So when it's time to do it again, our level of resistance is much lower.  Once you've overcome resistance, you open the door that leads to consistency.
And that, my friend, is how habits are formed. 


  1. i really enjoy your blog and am so happy to see that you're still posting. wishing you the best in this new year <3

  2. love this approach. i have done this a few times myself, sunconsciously. just go that little extra step, and it makes a difference, especially once it starts to compound


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