The Dry Skinned Girlies Say We All Need This Power Enriched Moisturizer


Every winter, I suffer through having to deal with excessively dry skin that eventually goes away in the summer.  Because dry skin doesn't plague me all year long, I just assume that I don't have chronically dry skin so I don't do anything special to address it.  

In summer, I'm more focused on creating glowing skin so I rely heavily on baby oil gel to get the job done.  Sure, the oils and butters make me glow, but is my skin actually hydrated?

The answer is likely no because I'm not focused on hydration.  But I've since seen the error of my ways thanks to advice from those who've mastered the art of creating hydrated skin. There are people with dry skin and there are those who battle with eczema.  This skin condition causes severe dryness, itching, flaking, and scaly, rough patches.  Eczema sufferers have a vested interest in finding the most hydrating products available.  When they recommend a product for dry skin....I listen because they know exactly what they're talking about.  

My eyes and ears perked up when I came across a tweet where the secrets of hydrated skin were revealed by the experts.

Her request was exactly what I was waiting for.  I needed to know the recommendations from those who suffered through and conquered the battle for hydrated skin.   Several products were recommended but one, in particular, stood out as a clear winner.  

Cosrx is one of my favorite recent finds.  Last year I saw a tweet from someone proclaiming that Cosrx changed their skin and I immediately did what I had to do by grabbing their Advanced Snail Mucin along with their  Power Essence and Advanced All In One Cream.  Both are lifesavers when it comes to keeping my face hydrated but surprisingly, neither appeared on the list of recommendations from those who know best.  

Instead, they raved about Cosrx's Moisture Power Enriched Cream as their hydrated skin holy grail.  

One look at the ingredients and I could tell why.  There's panthenol (pro-vitamin B5, ceramides, glycerin, and propolis extract from honeybees).  Reviewers also raved about how light the formula is. They also boasted about how Moisture Power Cream is hydrating enough to be used as a night cream.  

Currently, Kiehl's Ultra Facial cream is my hydrating heavy hitter but, when temps rise, I find myself leaning to more lightweight formulas that aren't necessarily as hydrating.  Now I've found the perfect combination that offers -intense hydration + lightweight feel- in one formula.

This summer, I'm determined to win the battle over oily skin.  I'm starting off by sipping on cups of green tea while making sure my skin stays hydrated af so it doesn't need to overproduce oil to compensate for dryness.  

Cosrx hasn't let me down yet so Power Enriched Cream is a definite buy for me.  Especially with loyal Cosrx customers saying this was one of their favorites from their entire lineup. 

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