Oily Skin Be Gone! Yet Another Reason to Drink Matcha Green Tea This Summer.


Matcha has become extremely popular in the last few years.  Even before TikTok catapulted the "it girl" archetype who's never without a matcha in hand, matcha lattes were already gaining traction.  After my first taste of a matcha latte, I was hooked.  Little did I know that drinking this delicious beverage, during the right time of year, could have a positive effect on my acne-prone skin.

Sure, I knew that matcha had some potential health and beauty benefits but today I learned that one of the side effects of drinking matcha tea could help keep my skin clear all summer long.

Summer is bittersweet for me.  I love the warm weather and longer days, but to be honest, winter is so much gentler on my skin. Aside from the potential dryness, my skin is relatively calm in the wintertime. Oil production is so much lower which means fewer clogged pores and rarely any breakouts.  In the winter, my skin behaves so well that I actually start to believe that I’ve reigned victorious in my battle with acne.

Then summer comes along and humbles me real quick. 

Instinctively, my skin responds to the hotter temps by supercharging its oil production.  Next thing you know, I’m dealing with oily skin, pimples, and acne scars as a little souvenir.  It’s a vicious cycle that has to end.   

And I think I know how…

Never in my life have I tried to address acne issues by attempting to control sebum production.  This summer, I’m trying something different.  Managing my skin’s oil production is at the top of my list and matcha green tea will be part of my winning strategy. 

A study was done in Taiwan which consisted of 80 women (ages 20-45) who were instructed to take decaffeinated green tea capsules or a placebo.  The green tea group took the green tea capsules 3 times a day (after a meal) for 4 weeks.  The green tea group experienced a significant difference in the number of acne lesions on their face.  

I’m a fan of drinking hot green tea, but I only seem to drink it consistently in the winter (is it possible that regular green tea consumption is part of the reason my skin behaves so well in the winter???).  This time, I’m switching the strategy up.  Along with drinking green teas, I’m also incorporating either matcha lattes or green tea capsules in my summer routine.  Buying green tea lattes can get pricey so I’m getting store-bought powder and making it at home.  For those days when I don’t feel like making lattes, green tea extract capsules will be my go-to.  

The study I read didn’t touch on the other benefits of taking green tea capsules so I headed on over to Amazon to check out reviews.  Most of the glowing reviews talked about experiencing more energy a boost in metabolism, appetite suppression, and weight loss.  A few reviewers specifically mentioned a decline in belly fat.  If you’re looking to help shed a few stubborn pounds from the holiday eating season, green tea capsules might help get your skin clear and your tummy flat.

The good news is that we have options.  You could drink a few cups of green tea a day and see how your skin responds. You can try green tea capsules for added convenience and to control how many milligrams of EGCG you take in. Or you can go for the ultra-concentrated matcha green tea powder in a delicious latte.  Just make sure you manage the sugar intake if your lattes are what you prefer.
Another thing necessary to mention is that matcha powder gets its bright green color because it's chock full of chlorophyll.  We already know how amazing chlorophyll is for the skin and body.

I created a regimen of drinking green tea in the winter and experienced a noticeable improvement in my skin. Now I'm wondering what took me so long to carry my green tea ritual into my summer skin routine.  All it took was a testimonial found online from a guy who swears that matcha green tea eradicated his breakouts..and now I can’t wait to see how my skin responds this summer.  

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