Chlorophyll is Trending on TikTok. Here's a Little Known Benefit That No One Talks About.



 Chlorophyll is having a moment on TikTik as a new group of people are now discovering the potent green liquid.  I've been a fan of Chlorophyll for a while now.  It's always been a staple in my pre-summer routine for years.  

Every summer, I load up on chlorophyll for the following reasons:

-Improved digestion.

-Internal detox

-Odor control (for when I sweat)

-Helping prevent summer-induced breakouts.

Those benefits alone are enough to keep me coming back.  But I'm here to talk about yet another, little-known benefit of chlorophyll that no one's talking about.  If you're still working on shedding those quarantine pounds but struggle because you can't seem to overcome those out-of-control cravings, then keep reading. 

Not only can chlorophyll have your skin glowing for summer, it might also help you get snatched as well.  

Let's say you've made a commitment to eating you start by making the obvious choice of incorporating more leafy greens into your diet.  By eating more greens, you automatically increase your chlorophyll intake.  As time passes, you notice that you're starting to lose weight so you assume that the weight loss is attributed to lower carb and increased fiber....and you might be right.

But what you might not know is the role that chlorophyll played in your weight loss.  

The chlorophyll-weight loss connection was discovered in a Swedish study.  In the study, the participants (which consisted of overweight women) were instructed to work out for 30 minutes a day, eat more vegetables, and limit snacking...basically the recipe for healthy weight loss.  But half the participants were asked to supplement with chlorophyll-rich powder (a product called Appethyl) while the other half wasn't.  

Did chlorophyll-greens make any difference?

It sure did!  In 3 months, the group that supplemented with a chlorophyll-containing powder lost more body fat.  Here's where chlorophyll made an impact. 

The group that was given the additional chlorophyll supplement experienced appetite reduction as a side effect.  More importantly, this group experienced a reduction in their desire for sweet and salty snacks.  It's critical to point out how big of a role snacking plays in our weight gain.  Once upon a time, I used to track my calories on an app and I was shocked to see how much of my daily calorie intake was directly attributed to mindless snacking.    When I manage my between-meal-snacking, I lose weight.  It's that simple.

What's not simple is conquering the urges that lead to snacking in the first place.  Trust me, willpower is no match when you know that a delicious temptation is just a few feet away.  But, once the cravings are under control, maintaining a healthy weight becomes so much easier.  

If weight management isn't an issue for you. chlorophyll drops should still be a staple in your routine because the potential benefits are pretty amazing. 


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