[TikTok Beauty Secret ] How to Make Your Powder Application Look Flawless.

Early on in my skincare journey, my primary goal was to have skin so flawless that I would be able to confidently go "foundation-free."  As my skin improved, I made tweaks to my makeup routine that relied less on foundation and more on powder to cover imperfections. For the past few years,  I've been leaning towards powders to help control oil and diminish the look of acne scars and discolorations I still suffer from active breakouts, so my skin is nowhere near perfect.   

Powders do a decent job but they aren't blurring my imperfections like I hoped.  I haven't yet been able to create a flawless finish using powder. But while scrolling through TikTok, I came across a viral video of a powder with the ability to make my skin look exactly how I envisioned. Kimchi Setting Powder is currently taking the TikTok algorithm by storm.  

The difference in her skin once the Kimchi setting powder was applied had me in utter shock. This was the "filtered skin in real life" result that I desperately wanted.  I was seconds away from making the purchase when I decided to dip into the comments to see what people were saying.  Immediately, I saw a comment that caught my attention.
Apparently, achieving a flawless powder finish was possible for all of us even if we didn't grab Kimchi's Puff Puff Pass' translucent powder.  In her review, Kripa used a triangle applicator to apply the finely milled powder.  According to commenter, PinkCornerCreations, the triangle applicator holds to key to replicating the same results with "every powder."

A few others in the comments confirmed PinkCorner's sentiments.
So I was like "are y'all saying that all that I needed to do to create a flawless powder finish was invest $5.00 into some triangle applicators?"


Kimchi's Puff Puff Pass powder kit actually comes with its own round powder applicator.  However, the creator opted not to use it in her viral video.  

It wasn't long before I was fed more Kimchi powder review videos by the mighty algorithm and I noticed other reviewers forging the readily available round puff for a triangle applicator.  
This creator showed the puff during her unboxing but the puff was nowhere to be found during application.  When I scrolled through the videos found in the Kimchi powder search results, almost everyone pulled out their triangle applicator to apply.  

Don't get me wrong, Kimchi's powder seems like a great product.  I scanned the Amazon reviews and people seem to really love it.  They describe it as having "great coverage while giving a smooth, blur-like finish." The powder was also praised for its ability to manage oil and create a flawless, long-lasting, matte finish. 

 I went ahead and purchased the triangle puff after reading that Tiktok comment but these Amazon reviews have me ready to risk it all for Kimchi's powder 'cause some say it performed even better than other translucent powders in their collection.  

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