No Gate Keeping // Clarke Shares The Bronzer that's Got Her "Skin So Glowy"

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Y'all know that I love a.  There's nothing like reading the excitement of when someone shares a product they can't live without.  Whenever that happens, I always take notice because I could have been introduced to my newest obsession.    

Since spring is officially here, so I must turn my attention to transforming myself into a golden, glowy, goddess.  I'm a little behind on my body exfoliation routine so I need a little help to get the process started.  Thankfully, the help I've been looking for seems to have just landed on my lap timeline. 
TikTok creator and Columbia graduate, Clarke Peoples, is currently on an island getaway in Curaso.  She's a New Yorker, who just endured the long winter.  Her skin probably hasn't seen the sun in months.  But you really couldn't tell based on this picture she dropped on stories that featured her bronzy, golden skin.  
How did she get sunkissed skin so quickly?  

Thankfully, Clark took to Twitter to reveal her beauty secret.  

Clake says we NEEEED this bronze glow oil so I immediately went to check out the comments to see what others had to say and was not disappointed.

Everyone basically co-signed Clarke's obsession with her new holy grail bronzer. The only feedback received in the comments was that sometimes the color will transfer if you don't let it dry down. Clarke put those concerns to bed by sharing that she experienced no color transfer but she made sure it was fully dry just to be safe. 

I have always wanted to try tanning my skin but never got around to it.  The only time I get to enjoy the wonders of bronzed skin is on the rare occasion when I go on vacation.  So, for now,  Sol De Janeiro's Bronze Glow Oil might be my next best option.  At $35.00, it's not cheap but it seems to do its job so this purchase might be worth the investment.  

But if $35.00 isn't within the budget, don't worry....

When asked for suggestions for a suitable dupe, someone mentioned Colourpop's Sol Body Glow.  Colourpop's collection looks promising but I'm really digging Copacabana's bronzy tint which might come in handy if you want to blur light imperfections while creating your luminous glow.  

Thank you, Clarke, for not gatekeeping this must have glowing skin secret.  

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