Jasmine Tookes Glows In this Fall Inspired Look She is literally perfection

Fall is a few weeks away and I'm way behind on collecting fall looks inspiration.  Typically when I think of fall, I imagine multi layers and knitted textures.  But supermodel Jasmine Tookes has completely transformed the perception of a "fall outfit" with this recent look.
The fitted leather pants are a customary fall staple.  As the weather shifts, we trade in our shredded jeans for leather skinnies.  I've been on the lookout for the perfect pair for years.  The one Jasmine is wearing is perfect because it buttons at the waist. This helps ensure a better fit.  We love the horizontal zipper detail and the extra zippers at the ankle.  If she were to walk into a room with fellow stylish women in leather pants, Jasmine would certainly stand out, thanks to the extra detail.

To keep the look feminine and flirty, she opted for a wrap shirt with lots of drama.  First, it's a crop which shows off her trimmed waist.  The huge side knot draws our attention, but the layered sleeves are the star of the show.  I typically hate tops with too much going on but, this time, I'm making an exception.

Jas' blouse perfectly complements her simple look.  She kept the colors neutral. Even her accessories weren't over the top.  Which makes blouse is the ultimate statement piece. Everything Jasmine is wearing perfectly compliments each other. That's why her look seems so effortless and perfect.
Can we take a moment to discuss her skin?  It's a rainy day and yet the girl is glowing!  I'm confident that this has everything to do with her healthy skin habits.  One thing we know about her routine is that Jas works out pretty religiously.  Hence the trim waist. I also happen to know that she loves Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk Foundation.....I mean, who doesn't?  It's on my top 3 list of favorite foundations.   I've also seen Jasmine featured on the Instagram page of Kim Kardashian's cosmetic doctor.  She's done some laser therapy (Cool Laser) to remove blemishes and resurface the skin.  I've considered trying laser treatments in the past but was told that micro needling produces similar results. The main difference is that with lasers, the results come much more quickly.

When we put our focus and attention toward ridding acne scars once and for all, everything we've ever wanted becomes possible. Foundation looks amazing on our skin, we can go makeup free and still get compliments, we can strut with the same unshakable confidence that Jasmine has.

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