How my hair reacted when I stopped using hair products

Hair Oil
One of the phases I went through when I got really serious about the health of my hair was purchasing hair product after hair product in hopes of finding "the one."
The one hair product that would tame my new growth, eliminate breakage, add unbelievable shine, remedy split ends, and add a softness to my hair unlike anything I had experienced before. Did I find this amazing product?
No... Instead I spent countless hours and a ton of money jumping from one hair product to another, reading label after label, containing promises of a hair transformation that would occur if only I purchase their product and allowed my hair to experience the difference. Some would work for a short while, others were left to ferment in my hair product closet (yes, I have a hair product closet).

I did learn a very valuable lesson from the entire ordeal. After reading so many ingredient labels, I began realize that more and more products were incorporating plant oils into their mix of various chemicals. The plant oils were not only on the list, but featured on the front label as well. These oils were so highly regarded, the manufacturer would go as far as including a picture of an avocado, or coconut, or and olive as a major selling point. It did not take me long to get the hint. I soon realized that my salvation rested in my obtaining these wonderful oils in pure form. I had long stopped using conventional "grease" products in my hair so I was skeptical of how may hair would react to natural oils.
The first plant oil that I purchased was jojoba oil. After much research on the benefits of this product I knew I would have to have it. The oil was light enough to use on a daily basis. My hair liked the moisture it provided and the light shine. From then on I new I was hooked. So then I began to ask myself, "what other oils were out there that I could use for my hair's benefit?"

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