Managing new growth while stretching

Stretching Relaxer

Bad news, while I was trying to create the perfect wash, set and blow out, I accidently knocked my Supersalano dryer to the ground because I was startled by my dog. So anyways, because of the hefty price tag, I will now have to find more "creative" ways to deal with my growth aside from using the heat of the blow dryer. This could actually be a good thing. I also decided not to use my flat iron if at all possible. Because I have been a good girl with my vitamins and smoothies, I have quite a bit of growth to contend with even though it has only been a month and a half since my last touch up.

For the next month and a half or so, I will have to be pretty clever in my hair styling techniques to minimize breakage and maximize "cute-age" (is that a word?).
Because of the amount of new growth, wearing my hair down just is not an option. The only area that I really am concerned about with regards to my new growth are my edges. Over the years I have tried some simple methods to tame my wild edges without the use of harsh gel products. These include:

Using a light leave in condition on my dry hair around my edges before tying my hair down at night. When I use this method, my hair dries flat while I sleep without having to add any heat to my hair.

Using fabulous accessories to camoflauge my curly edges. Whenever I use a cute wrap, headband, or scarf over my new growth, I always seem to get compliments. Using accessories kills two birds with one stone. Functionality and Fabulosity!


  1. How do you keep your new growth moisturized to minimize breakage during stretching? This is my first time stretching and I've luckily reached 11 weeks post relaxer and I'm trying to hold out to 12. I just wonder if I'm doing it right because my new growth has become so hard. Any advice? Thanks,

  2. That's a great question. Of course the less manipulation the better, especially during the latter part of your stretch. Whenever I'm doing a long stretch, I make sure I take my vitamins religiously. For some reason, the texture of my new growth is different when I supply the hair with constant nutrition. The texture becomes a bit looser making it more manageable. Another thing you have to really focus on during your stretch is mega moisture. Since you're working with two textures, you've got to create as much elasticity in the hair as possible to avoid snapping and breakage.

  3. Thanks so much for your response. Your blog is very helpful. It's so funny because I was talking to someone about my new hair journey today and she basically said "I thought black women with hair like yours can only grow to a certain point". I was completely shocked and even more determined to prove to myself and her that women with hair like me can grow their hair. I know she siad it out of ignorance and just not knowing because I once thought the same thing. Do you have a new regimen or is it the same one of your site? Also have you heard anything about the Organice Root Stimulator Olive Oil Relaxer? If so, any comments. -Thanks, J

  4. Currently the regimen for the most part is the same on my site. I will tell you, however, that I'm constantly adding little tweaks here and there to my regimen all the time. For instance the steamer is new to my regimen. I'm also considering air drying my roller sets going forward. It's all about seeing how you can do what you do just a little bit better each time.

    I have not tried ORS relaxer but have heard some great reviews about their products overall. I'd say, do a quick search online for the relaxer reviews then decide. Make sure you have plenty of new growth before you relax.


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