The perfect wash and set


Tonight I decided the wash my hair. But unlike other occasions, I opted to take a more mechanical approach to the entire process. I mentally dissected each step in my wash and set process and thought of ways to improve each step individually. If I became successful in this venture, I would end up with a complete fool-proof method of obtaining a perfect wash and set at home every time (in theory).

When I do my hair at home, I am usually successful at achieving healthy looking hair but I often fall short of obtaining the goddess like hair that I enjoy from visiting my favorite Dominican Salon. Oh how I love the feel of my bouncy tresses as I run through the streets after walking out of the salon. But alas, this wonderful hair from my home styling methods eludes me.

I am determined to create a perfect routine that is so effective that I no longer have to endure the intense heat and the heavy hand of a Dominican hair stylist/magician ever again. Even as I type I am sitting under my Babyliss Pro hair dryer wondering what my hair will look like when it is all said and done. It took almost twice as long to get to this point than it normally does. I tried really, really hard to make sure that I did everything right. Sadly, I ended up sacrificing a ton of hair in the process. My hair ball was unusually large during my detangle. But I am not discouraged for I have a vision. My vision includes a means for me to achieve a flawless head of hair after every wash. For me that dream is achievable. For me that dream is my destiny.

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