Rollersetting your way to healthy hair-The Process

Now that you have prepared for your rollerset by having your basic necessities, you are ready for the next steps. Start with hair that has been washed and conditioned. Make sure that you avoid tangling the hair during the wash and drying process. Tangles work against you. Tangles add additional time that you can use to do other wonderful things with.

Your hair should be fairly wet. You should also position yourself in front of a mirror so you can clearly see what you are doing. Before even starting you need to keep in mind the key factors that can make or break your rollerset:

*Your ability to make perfect size parts.
*Your ability to smooth out the hair with a small tooth comb.
*Your ability to keep the hair wet throughout the process.
*Your ability to roll the hair tightly against the roller.
*Your ability to keep the roller and hair in place close to the scalp.
*Your ability to use the right size roller for each part.

If you can master these six key factors will make your rollersetting experience much more pleasant. There is nothing worse than spending 2 hours rolling your hair only to have a busted looking set once its all said and done. Believe me....I've been there.

I start my rollerset with a small part horizontal part right at the front of my head (where my bangs would be if I had bangs). Once I make that part, I comb the section of hair with a large tooth comb first, then a small tooth comb once I am comfortable that I have removed all of the tangles. I never use a small tooth comb first. After the section is combed out and smooth hold the hair away from the scalp with a bit of tension to make sure the hair is as straight as possible. Then take the roller and begin to roll the hair around the roller towards the scalp. Pay close attention to the hair as you roll it. Make sure the hair is perfectly smooth around the roller. You should be able to see the sides of the roller. If you have hair hanging over the side of the roller, you will end up with crinkly do not want that.
So I keep rollering down the middle of my head until I create a "mow hawk" with the rollers. Then I create similar rows on both sides of my head.

I know that words only paint half the picture so I included this short video to help provide a clearer picture. This is part of a series of rollersetting videos by the same stylist on youtube. Take a look.

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  1. For the life of me, I can not achieve a cute rollerset with wet hair. I've tried about 10 times and each time I unroll my hair (after sitting under dryer for an hr or air drying) its a mess. Either it's curledd too tighltly, not curled tight enough. limp, dull, my roots are too poofy. It drives me crazy. lol. But now when I roll my hair nightly DRY, the next morning its great. Bouncy and silky. I would really like to succeed at the wet set though so I can limit the amount of blow drying I do every weekend when I wash and style.


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