Using a pre-shampoo oil treatment for healthy hair

Hair Oil
Once upon a time, the day I would wash my hair would consist of nothing more than a shampoo, rinse, condition, rinse, and set. That was until I learned about the fabulous pre-shampoo treatment. The treatment basically consists of applying a moisturizing conditioner, plant oil, or a combination of the two to dry hair before you begin to shampoo. You can apply the oil 15 minutes before you wash or as early as the night before you wash. I even pre-treat my hair before I visit the Dominican Salon. Relaxed hair generally tends to be extremely dry from the chemical process. Any step you can take to add much needed moisture will be well received by your hair. Once you apply the product to your dry hair, you can make the step more powerful by wrapping a hot moist towel around your head and sitting under the dryer for about 15 minutes.

The pre-shampoo treatment works to add moisture to your hair in preperation for the stripping affects of the shampoo. This step in my washing process allows me to use a clarifying shampoo at every wash. The purpose of the clarifying shampoo is to remove extra buildup on the hair but without the pre-shampoo treatment, I could only use this product sparingly to avoid over-drying my hair out. Remember that with healthy relaxed hair you must always think about adding moisture whenever and however possible. Once I started pre-treating my hair, I never looked back.

Here is a video for your viewing pleasure from a Ford Model who also pre-treats as part of her routine. Enjoy!

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