Are causing more damage to your hair by NOT using heat?

We all know that heat is one of the major damage causing culprits that our hair has to contend with. We also know that by using heat on a regular basis, we are slowly but surely robbing our precious hair of the moisture that we so desperately need. So with that said, I am going to utter a phrase that may be thought of as controversial (brace yourselves).

I believe that using absolutely no heat on relaxed hair could also damage the hair.

Why you ask? Well you have to start of with the notion that relaxed hair is considered damaged by default because of the chemical process that it undergoes to change its natural state. With that said, you now have to work diligently to add to your hair the main components that it is lacking. These components include moisture and protein. But another component that I believe relaxed hair needs is a styling process after the wash that helps seal the hair.

Don't get me wrong, air drying is absolutely wonderful for the moisture levels in the hair. But many of us know that air drying, if not done the right way, can cause more harm then good. I think back to times when I would completely air dry my hair in a neat bun. The problem would arise a couple of days after the wash when I would attempt to comb the hair after the hair was dry. I don't know about you but every time I would even attempt to comb my hair after air drying, I would end up with a mangled mess with more breakage then I bargained for. I could tell that my hair felt better from air drying, but at the same time, I could clearly see that my hair needed to dry with some sort of structure to help seal the cuticle layer.

So what's a girl to do? My recommendation is the trusty rollerset. The beauty of the rollerset is that I can still air dry my hair, or I can dry on a cool setting, or I can dry with warm air. Either way, I am not applying the crazy hair-killing heat of a flat or curling iron. So there you have it. Heat is bad, but no heat can also be bad. If you are not a fan of the rollersetting method, you can find other means of setting the hair while avoiding damage such as braiding the hair or twist setting. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure that your hair is happy with it.
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  1. Very Informative. Thanks for this. I always had problems with just simply air drying. But now that I'm becoming more knowledgeable I know how important tension is and how to use heat safely when I need to.

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  3. Thanks for this post Lovinglife it is very informative.
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  4. Yes I agree!!! I've been on a hair journey for 3 months and went overboard with braid outs. My hIr was just so dry. I now 2 strand twist in 4 sections, but I'm still working on that method. I love roller sets and I used to be good at it, not sure what's going in. Add in texlaxed and new growth...and it's not cute.