Big Hair? How to rollerset successfully when your roots are poofy

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I am about 6 weeks post relaxer right now and I'm starting to get to that point where rollersets become less effective at giving me that sleek straight look that I usually wear. A little later on down the road I will experiment with braid outs and other styles that work with (not against) my new growth. But before I get to that point, my first instinct is to rely on rollersetting as a styling method of choice.

So what is my secret to rollersetting when you have poofy roots? What I do is simply incorporate two styling methods into one to obtain my desired results. One of those methods is the scarf method. The scarf method works at taming your new growth. What you do is wash and condition as normal, then comb your wet hair into a ponytail. Once in a ponytail, I pin the hair that is hanging up to the back of my head and proceed to tie my hair down with a silk or satin scarf. By using this method, your new growth dries very close to the scalp. The closer your hair dries to the scalp, the lower the probability of big hair.

The second part to this method is to then rollerset the hair. I usually take down the ponytail once my hair is partially dry (about 40-50% dry) and proceed to rollerset the hair as normal. By then my roots are 100% dry. If your roots are taking to long to dry, you can use a hand-held blow dryer on a low or medium setting to spead the process along. I usually keep a mixture or leave-in and water at hand to wet the length of the hair as needed. When I do this, I am careful not to get the roots wet and undo all of the good from tying it down with the scarf. The end result of the rollerset is usually very similar to having done a rollerset without the scarf method. The roots are neatly flattened against the scalp thus your overall look will not be as big as it would have been if you rollerset your hair without first dealing with the new growth.

So there you have it, you too can continue to roller set without having to use the intense heat of blowing out your roots afterward. You no longer have to contend with the huge eighties hair once your new growth starts to blossom.

Leave a comment and share any tips you have for dealing with new growth when rollersetting.


  1. Just wanted say I love your blog...I hope you don't mind but I added you to my Fav Site List On My blog..Great Info!!! I've have been trying to figure what to do with new growth when roller setting....

  2. Your blog is so informative...Thanks for your hard work in gathering all of the info. I have used the scarf method for my new growth but have not done it exactly as you did. Next time I will try it this way.

  3. Thank you so much it has been a fantastic guide, now to rollerset successfully when our roots are poofy is without a doubt simple utilizing your advice. Kudos

  4. Can you do a video or refer me to a YouTube video using
    This very same method. I'm currently transitioning my daughter's hair.



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