Why your hair will love avocado oil

Hair Oil
Like most of you, I absolutely love hair oils. In fact, once I included oils into by daily regimen, my hair product budget went down dramatically. Natural oils were just what my hair was craving my entire life. Over the years I have experimented with various oils and blends of these oils. By far I would have to say that one of my very favorite oils is definitely the blessed avocado oil. My hair loves this stuff!

Avocado oil is excellent for the hair because the oil is rich in proteins, amino acids, and vitamins A,D,and E. What more can you ask for? The oil also acts as a humectant which means that it adds moisturize to the hair. Some have benefited from mashing up a ripe avocado and applying it to the hair as a deep conditioner. That is an honorable idea, but for me, it was a bit messy and I am not sure I received the same results as I would have if I would have simply used the oil with my favorite intense conditioner. If you do not have this oil in your hair arsenal I am definitely recommending it to you. Take a look at this video of a Ford Model who benefits from this wonderful fruit.

You can use avocado oil in several different ways depending on your preference or hair type. Some chose to mix the oil with some conditioner and add to the hair just before shampooing as a pre-treatment. You can also add a little bit of the oil to the hair while you deep condition for more luxurious locks. If you're suffering from extremely dry hair, feel free to dap a little bit of the oil when styling for a hint of extra shine and suppleness throughout.


  1. I never knew avocado oil was a humectant. Cool!

  2. Thank you for the post. I am myself planniing on adding it to my regimen. This week i went from store to store looking for it lol.
    Whre can i find it?

  3. I found it at whole foods.

  4. I love your blog. because your hair tips is very informative.

  5. I created a hair mask with eggs, yogart and avocado and my hair came out so shiny!

  6. i love avocado oil :))


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