My shine enhancing routine: Did it work?


Since my last post, I have incorporated my shine enhancing routine twice. Yes, twice.
I wanted to make sure the same results could be duplicated. There were slight differences each wash but the end result was still amazing.

The first go around:
I followed the routine I posted with only a few minor tweaks. First off, I used a neutralizing shampoo because I relaxed a few days prior and wanted to make sure I washed every bit of relaxer out. After using the neutralizing shampoo, then came the Suave clarifying.

I then mixed a few squirts of honey with my Suave Milk and Honey conditioner. I left in for a few minutes and proceed to rinse.

I purchased my Hennalucent from a huge beauty supply store that specializes in wigs and weaves. That's probably the reason why the powder hardened until it formed one massive block. I literally had to use a blunt object to pound the Hennalucent back into powder form (next time I'm going to Sally's). I decided I would mix coconut oil into the powder since it would melt nicely with the hot water. Though I tried my best to recreate the natural powder structure of Hennalucent, it formed into small clumps when I added the water. I had no choice but to use it as it was.

Though I had the issues with Hennalucent, it washed out without any problems. The very last step was to rinse with vinegar. I had no apple cider vinegar so I used plain 'ole white vinegar. I poured a little in a bowl of water to dilute. Then I poured the mixture on my hair and rinsed with super cold water. I used warm water throughout the duration of the process to allow penetration of product.

Then I rollerset my hair and went to bed without sitting under the dryer. The next morning, when I awoke, I sat under the dryer under the cool setting.

When I removed the roller, I was absolutely floored at how fabulous my hair turned out. Just like my co-worker, each individual strand proudly displayed its intense shine. Not only that, my hair was light, silky, and absolutely gorgeous. My hair almost rivaled the look and feel I experience after a blow out, with the exception of the straight roots. I opted not blow dry my roots because I had obviously done a successful job of sealing the cuticle layer. I was deathly afraid of undoing the great results of sealing the hair shaft by using direct heat.

The second time I mirrored the routine almost exactly with a few minor changes:
1. I used Aveda Smooth Infusion conditioner instead of Suave Milk & Honey.
2. I wash in the morning so I actually dried my hair under a cool setting for the duration of the drying process.

Same results of intense shine and fabulous hair.
I know that I said that this routine would not necessarily be a staple, but forget what I said. This is definitely a keeper for me. I even purchased Apple Cider Vinegar just to make it official. I also plan on rotating conditioners because the Smooth Infusion conditioner did not impress me the least bit. I can't wait to get some non-expired Hennalucent so I can really experience the full benefits.

So to finalize my review, this routine will be my official routine until further notice. The steps are fairly simple and straight forward. Because my hair comes out so wonderfully, I won't be tempted to slip into a salon for a blow-out every now and then.

Finally, I must apologize to everyone but my $35.00 digital camera is acting up (what a surprise). I plan to officially step into the 21rst century and purchase a real camera in the very near future. Clearer pictures will be posted so stay tuned.

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