Stretching Relaxer Tip: Taming those edges with no heat

Hair Maintenance

This week will be by 8th week since I've relaxed. I can usually go to about 10 weeks on average before finally having to do something with my head. My biggest new growth obstacle is primarily focused in one area, my edges. It doesn't matter how great my hair looks after a rollerset, I still have those curly edges to contend with.

I implemented a critical thinking approach to solving the problem. By asking myself "which tools and techniques work best on smoothing my edges I came up with this short list:

*Tying my hair down flattens my edges
*Using a blow dryer and a round brush after a rollerset straightens my edges
*Using a water based product loosens the curl on my edges

I eliminated the second option as a method of choice for two reasons.
1. That kind of heat and pulling on a regular basis is going to get me in trouble.
2. My Supersolano was knocked off a table by my dog and is not working. Needless
to say, I was not happy about that.

So I was left with two options. But instead of choosing one or the other, I decided to incorporate both. What I pretty much do is spray a little Biolage Leave In tonic around my edges. I use Biolage because it is light enough to use on a daily basis without hideous buildup. You can opt to use any water based leave in that you like. Feel free to use only water if that is your fancy. Some might use aloe or NTM Silk Touch Leave-In. Its whatever your hair likes.

Once the product is in, I use a brush to smooth my edges back. (I use the kind of brushes a brotha would use to brush waves into his hair. The kind with the bristles close together.) After the hair is smoothed, I tie it down with a scarf. The scarf helps the hair to remain in place as it dries.

This is my no-heat method to taming those wild edges of mine. It works pretty well. The fact that I can use this method daily is also a major selling point. I hope you are just as pleased with the results as I am.

-Here's to the health of your hair.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this tip! I am 20 weeks post ad although this isn't the first time I have stretched this long, this could possibly be the first time I manage a long stretch with decent looking edges. lol!


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