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Three healthy hair habits you need to maintain even when you're swamped

We all go through times when we are so busy, we're lucky if we even get a decent shower in, never mind our hair. The last thing you want is to become so engulfed in your work that you begin to backslide on your hair maintenance. You know what happens if we neglect to give our hair some TLC for even a short period of time, we end up having to make up for the neglect with months of deep conditioning, trimming, and babying just to get back to where we were.

If you want to avoid neglecting your hair when you have little time, just remember these three tips:

1. Nightly Care- I don't care how late you stayed up getting your work done, you still need to commit to spending just a few minutes every night adding a moisturizing product to your hair. Something special happens during the night when your hair gets some time to absorb moisturizer under a silk or satin scarf. By the time morning comes and you are ready to run out of the door, you needn't have to worry about what condition your hair will be in when you remove the scarf. This habit is a lifesaver for both you and your hair when you are running short of time.

2. Fabulous Hair Accessories-The very last thing you want to do when you are short on time is try to style your hair. Running a comb through your hair when you are in a hurry is not cool. That's when we end up with broken hairs at our feet. Avoid this action altogether by stocking up on fabulous hair clips, pins, headbands, and other hair accessories. When your hair is adorned in a fabulous accent, you automatically reduce the amount of combing you have to do. Accessories give a hint of glamour when we are sporting our protective styles. When we know our hairstyle looks fabulous, we aren't constantly trying to manipulate it. The less we manipulate, the more our hair thrives.

3. A Solid Hair Routine-Most of our hair routines consist of many intricate steps involving various healthy hair potions in order to get our hair just right. The problem with that is we can't always rely on our 20 step hair routine when we have little time. What we need to do instead is to create a basic hair routine that works just as well. The basic routine should include your favorite shampoo, moisturizing, and/or deep conditioner. Don't skimp on beneficial steps such as a pre-poo if it has a positive impact on the health of your hair.

The most important part of the solid hair routine is your styling method. If your hair only looks right when you roller set, then you must make sure that you roller set. You do not want to experience undesirable results only to go back and have to re-wash and style your hair all over again. Worse yet, you do not want to cause more damage by air drying if your hair reacts adversely to this styling method. When you look for ways to shorten your routine, remember that your goal is to still achieve very similar results.

Now is the time to plan for those occasions when we can't provide as much time to our hair as we would like. Take a look at your routine and figure out the most beneficial steps and products. The ones that contribute the best results. Those are the key actions that you want to keep and improve upon. They are going to be lifesavers when you have little time.

Take a few minutes and mentally go over your hair routine. Decide which steps can you omit if you had to and which steps absolutely have to happen. By doing this now, you are saving both your time and your hair in the future.

-Here's to the health of your hair.


  1. Great advice about hair ornaments used to minimize hair damage. I've found a great site,, full of the most beautiful headbands, clips and ponytail holders. These gorgeous items have saved me from many a bad hair day. The trims and flowers are just amazing!

  2. Such a great post!!! I'm sooo guilty of staying up too late and not taking the time to moisturize and prep for the next day before bed. I attribute that alone to phases where I get increased breakage and I seriously need to get it together!!! Esp right now where I'm at SL on my way to APL.


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