Going Green.....for the health of your hair


There's lots of talk nowadays about going green. Well I'm here to talk about how we could be friendly to our hair by going green. Specifically, green superfoods and how they can take our health, and our hair to the next level.

I ceased from eating red meat and chicken about a year and a half ago. As I started researching the nutritional impacts to my decision, I stumbled upon a wonderful world of green supplements that I had never before heard of. These superfoods came in the form of blue-green algae. The more I researched the health benefits the more excited I got about the overall possible improvement to my hair. I even found this fantastic video on youtube that went into detail about the nourishing qualities of the green foods.

This food product has been called the world's healthiest food. I was attracted by the fact that spirulina, pound for pound, contains more protein that meat. It even contains high amount of valuable B vitamins one does not normally find in plant foods.

Lets talk about some of the benefits:
*Spirulina contains 10 times the concentration of beta carotene of carrots.
*Spirulina is the highest protein food without the negative effects of cholesterol.
*Spirulina contains essential fatty acids and amino acids.
*Spirulina contains phytonutrients for optimal health.

Spirulina's close relative is chlorella. Chlorella contains all of the wonderful nutritional properties of spirulina along with an added property that helps to detoxify the body. I can usually find Spirulina in powder form but for some reason, I usually tend to find Chlorella in tablets. I keep both the spirulina powder and chlorella tablets around. The powder for when I have time to make delicious smoothies in the morning. The pills for when I have to rush out the door.

Sometime last year I was able to cultivate the habit of drinking a green smoothie every morning. The smoothie was a combination of:

1 Banana
2 Vanilla Soy Milk
3 Spirulina
4 Powdered fiber

It was a fairly simple and truly delicious drink. The spirulina will make everything turn green but don't be fooled, you will not likely taste it. The only time I can remember actually tasting the stuff was when I got adventurous and mixed the powder with plain water. That was before I knew how easily I could mask the taste with just a banana and some soy milk.

At one point in time I was faithfully making my morning smoothie daily. My wavy new growth was proof that my hair follicles were being nourished by the superfood. The new hair was unlike anything that every grew out of my head before. It made stretching a snap. I fell off the daily smoothie bandwagon when my mixer malfunctioned. But I know that now is the time to get back to my routine! Since going without a blender for so long I have found alternative ways to enjoy my spirulina powder.
*I mix with my Yoplait yogurt
*I add to my Bolthouse farm juices.

Next I will try mixing into plain fruit juices to see how it goes. These alternative ways of consuming will keep me from making excuses when I don't feel like peeling a banana. I can no longer make excuses for not consuming this incredible product every single day.

So join me, won't you, in helping to make our world a better place. A better place by going green and creating a head of healthy hair. The planet will thank you.


  1. I may have to try this! For about 3 weeks, I was drinking a homemade fruit smoothie every morning. I fell off the bandwagon but an making great efforts to begin again.

    Where can I buy Spirulina?

    If I can get my hands on it, I will definitely give this product a try.

    I am all about finding simple ways to eat healthier, whether it helps grow my hair or not. =)

  2. Where do get your chlorella tablets from?

  3. I bought mine from Whole Foods but I think Vitamin Shoppe may have them as well. Try the powder also if you can. When you consume foods in liquid form, the nutrients are more efficiently absorbed into the blood stream.

  4. This is a fantastic post. I'm a greenie myself. I used to buy the Klamath Green algae in powder, but i love the Garden of lIfe Greens combination. it's loaded with all those greens including wheat grass. The best thing bout these greenies is you can really see the effects on your hair and skin. My hair has grown so much since I began using this. Also Vitacost sells greens a lot cheaper than the vitamin shoppe. Hugs ,De

  5. I've started adding phytosterol poweder to my omlette every morning to combat my elevated cholesterol levels. Of course I have a scale to measure a proper amount. I'll check out Spirulina as well.


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