I gave Aphogee a second chance, here's how it went

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Years ago, I was constantly hearing about how great Aphogee treatment was. So of course I immediately went out and bought it. I don't remember much about the details but what I do remember was saturating my hair with this stinky liquid that hardened after a few minutes. The details get blurry after that but what I do remember was eventually throwing the stuff away.

Well last week I paid a visit to my local Sally's store in search of Hennalucent clear for my wash. They were out. The nice lady did recommend an alternative clear rinse. When I told her that I was looking for the strengthening properties of Hennnalucent, she asked me if I ever tried Aphogee. I told her that I had but the experience was not enjoyable to say the least. She then proceeded to go on and on about how it did wonders for her type 2 hair and how she recommends it to all her customers. She then reached out and handed me a sample packet of the Aphogee treatment and the balancing conditioner. A thought then crossed my mind. Maybe the missing link to better results would be this balancing moisturizer. Maybe if I gave it one more chance I could experience the amazing results everyone was talking about.

My next wash I pre-poo'd and clarified. I then proceeded to condition my hair with a moisturizing conditioner mixed with a dab of honey. I figured that this step would help to protect my hair from getting too hard from all of the protein. Then came the stinky liquid. I saturated my hair with it and proceeded to watch funny videos on youtube. I was having so much fun that I had no idea how much time had passed. Once I realized that I had forgotten about my hair, I began to panic.

"What would happen to my hair if I exceeded the recommended time?"
"Would my hair harden like a twig and just snap whenever I touched it?"
"OMG I am going to be bald when I rinse this stuff out!"

I honestly had the stuff in my hair for probably more than a half an hour. I am not sure if I had done something terrible. I quickly ran to the bathroom to see what the time specifications were. I did not find any. I jumped in the shower and began to rinse as quickly as I could. Once I got most of it out, my hair actually felt soft even before I used the balancing moisturizer. I think that using conditioner before the Aphogee treatment helped. Next was the balancing moisturizer then a final rinse with ACV and cool water.

During the rollerset I noticed that my hair was not as light and fluffy as it normally was. I seemed different, stronger maybe. When I removed the rollers, my hair was not like before. My hair was not bouncy like normal but I did appreciate the fact that it felt more resilient. I did experience less breakage when I combed out my rollerset then I usually do. That is definitely a plus.

It has now been a few days since the treatment and I can honestly say that I am experiencing less breakage. Has it stopped my breakage dead in its tracks? No, but less breakage is just fine with me. Overall I am pleased with the results. I wish I could have bouncier hair but I think I still will be able to achieve those results during my next wash. I'm glad that I only need to use this stuff every 6-8 weeks or so depending on the condition of the hair.

So to finish my review, I am recommending the product. If you have not tried it yourself and you are experiencing unnecessary breakage, give the sample pack a try. I paid like $2.99 for both the treatment and the moisturizer. If you use it and have undesirable results, at least you won't have a full bottle of the stuff to throw away.

Aphogee Treatment for Damaged Hair
Pros: Stronger hair
Cons: The smell, Hard hair
Consider: This product has a lot of protein. It can work against your hair if you use it to frequently or if you do not balance with moisturizer
Rating: 3.5 stars


  1. I keep a few of those small packs on hand to use two weeks after my relaxer touch-up. I agree, it puts an end to shedding issues ASAP!

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  3. Hi Anon!
    ACV stands for Apple Cider Vinegar.


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