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This week while browsing through some of my favorite hair blogs, I found yet another recommendation for including coconut milk into my hair routine. The milk would serve as a nice source of protein for my pampered tresses. I love coconut oil for numerous reasons so I immediately knew that adding this step would be a good move.

Much to my dismay, some of the various websites who covered the subject detailed the drippy, potentially messy, experience of having milk run down your back. Not only was I turned off by that visual, I was also weary of having to throw half a can of coco-milk away because of not having used all of it in one sitting.

A few days later, while gingerly strolling down the aisles of my local Asian supermarket, I stumbled upon the answer to my dilemma. There before me was a tuna sized can of coconut milk powder.

A myriad of thoughts began to run through my mind.

"Coconut powder will probably last forever."
"In powder form it'll be easy for me to use as little or as much as I need without having to throw the rest away."
"I can use the powder in my green smoothies."
"I'll mix this powder with my moisturizing conditioners to add a kick of protein."

Before long the can of coco-powder had found itself a new home. Last night I cracked it open the can and gazed upon the fine white powder. Everything in me wanted to taste it soooo badly. Without the help of a spoon, I immediately stuck my tongue into it and scooped as much as my tongue would allow. The powder immediately melted down my throat leaving a slight hint of coconut flavoring. After the episode repeated itself a few times, I decided it was now time to actually use it. I separated the powder in two zip lock bags, one to be used for hair purposes and one for consuming.

The powder is so fine that I had absolutely no problems mixing it in with my conditioner. I experienced wonderful results and would highly recommend that you try powdered coconut milk as an alternative to the runny sticky milk. You also have the option of adding water to you powder and creating your own coconut milk if you chose to do so.

(Maybe next time I will mix with coconut oil and create some sort of coconut-milk-oil-concoction Free smiley Face Courtesy of

Coconut Milk Powder-Try it, you might like it!


  1. What a great idea! I was going to try coconut milk soon, since I have had such good results with coconut and vatika oils. I always go to my local Asian grocery store and just walk around for hours looking, but somehow I have overlooked coconut milk powder...I'll be going this week on a hunt!

  2. I am a coconut for hair addict-- next time I go to the grocery store, I'm looking for the poweer!

    Btw-- I'm hooked on Bolthouse Farm drinks (after reading one of your posts a while back).

  3. @ Ms S- I love Bolthouse drinks. Sometimes I purchase the green goodness when I want to do a one day fast. The drink is thick enough to satisfy and chock full of nutrients.

    I'm also getting back to drinking the carrot juice. I know of the great health benefits but I'm drinking it mainly for my optical health. I used to drink it religiously for my hair and realized that my vision improved dramatically while doing so.

  4. Coconut milk was too runny for me. I love coconut oil though its great.

  5. I found coconut milk powder in the ethnic food isles of my local supermarket- the brand is Grace and is was under $1.00 for a small package, cant wait to try it in my conditioner mix.Thanks for the suggestion

  6. The Organix hair product line has a great coconut milk shampoo and conditioner blended with whipped egg whites and silk amino proteins. It's a must in my hair drawer. As a matter of fact, I need to go check to make sure im not running low rite now! lol

  7. That's a great idea! I actually picked some coconut milk powder up randomly today thinking that I'd find a way to use it in my hair. then I started searching online for recipes -- and bam -- your blog!



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