The Top Ten Ways to Know if You Are Spending Too Much Money on Hair Products

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I'm feeling a bit lighthearted today so I decided to list my top ten ways to know if you are spending too much on hair products.

Here we go.....

#10. Every time you go to the grocery store, your first and last stop is the hair product aisle.

#9. You researched all the non-traditional holidays to see if there are any more that involve buying of gifts. If necessary, you will convert and participate in whatever rituals just to have another opportunity of receiving new hair products as gifts.

#8. You have all of the email addresses of major hair product manufacturers in your contact list.

#7. When you receive a credit card offer for 0% intrest on purchases, your very first thought about is about placing your hair product wish list order.

#6. The guy who owns the beauty supply store knows you by first and last name.

The number five way to know that you are spending too much money on hair products...

#5. Your carpel tunnel starts acting up again when you post your long list of hits and misses on LHCF for the last month.

#4. You start to exhibit crack head like behaviors when purchasing new products.
First you ask the girl in the counter "you got dat new.... Then you proceed to clasp the product with both hands before sniffing it for potency. You quickly put the money on the counter and run out of the store without a bag or the receipt.

#3. You are now to the point where you have to hide your hair product purchases because at first everyone thought you were doing good things to your hair, but now everyone thinks you're crazy.

#2. Every time someone on the forum lists the new product you get all excited only to find out that you have it already.

The number one way to know that you are spending too much money on hair products.

#1. You spent all of your grocery money on hair products so you reason with yourself that you and your family can consume some of them because they contain natural ingredients.


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  2. Guilty on #'s 2, 4 and 10.

    You almost had me on #1, but I spend the grocery money on romance novels.

  3. HA ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Especially at #4, #3 and #1... LOL LOL!

  4. Im so like #10..geez..oh well..I love hair!!

  5. ME ME ME right now i have no money but i know that as soon as i dp, i am heading to the new bss i found near my dad's house and i am not going to see my dad until i can go into this bss. i know it's wrong but i cannot help it, it's either that or i go see my dad and spend food money on hair products which i will do without hesitation lol.


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