Random Thought #1: My cousin will be bald by the end of this year

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Random thought:

I have a female cousin who is not in tuned with the basic fundamentals of taking care of her relaxed hair.

Last week while at a family function, she nonchalantly moved a section of her hair aside so that she could reveal a massive area of baldness on her scalp.

I gasped in horror and quickly told her to cut off as much relaxer as she could (if she was willing) and to allow her hair to grow naturally (even if for only part of the year) before relaxing again.

She then proceeded to reminded me of a family wedding occurring in just a few short weeks and reaffirmed the fact that she could not attend the function without a fresh relaxer.

I then flashed back to the days when she would openly mock me for allowing myself to be seen in public with more than a quarter inch of new growth.

That's when I realized that my words were futile and no change would come about until she literally has no hair left on her head.

On the bright side......the red hair color she sports looks really nice.

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  1. She must be giving herself the relaxers because no self respecting stylist would let her get fresh relaxers on top of fresh relaxers..


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