My devious plan to kick up my hair growth this Winter

Hair Maintenance
Next week will make two months since I've last relaxed. Right now I'm battling a ton of new growth. Its been said that hair grows fastest in the warmer months than at other times of the year. I've decided to keep charging towards my goal this fall/winter by taking purposeful actions to keep the growth a comin'.

Last year I suffered some major set backs with my hair. This year has been all about rejuvenating the health of my hair. Next year will be the year of beautiful hair!

So how am I gonna get there?

I've decided on three actions.

Winter for me means dry itchy scalp. My dandruff is unbearable. One of my chosen remedies for this issue is coconut oil. I read online about the anti fungal properties of this oil and decided to implement this new way of using coconut oil right away!
Not only does rubbing the oil on my scalp help curb my dandruff woes, I'm also subjecting myself to a soothing scalp stimulation at the same time. And we all know what scalp stimulation leads to boys and girls.....growth!

I especially focus on the front areas of my scalp because my of seborrheic dermatitis which can cause dryness and peeling around the hair line. I've massaged my scalp with the oil several times a week for the past several weeks and I already can tell the difference in the new growth and with the flaking.

My new job has me on the road for most of the week. Because of lack of structure, I fell off the vitamin wagon hard. When I worked at an office, I would pack healthy meals and salads for lunch. Now I'm on the road grabbing what I can or eating the decadent food from a nearby restaurant. I'm slowly adapting to life outside an office by pickup up some healthy foods and convenient snacks, but I was struggling to get back to the days when spinach was a staple for me.

I decided to take decisive action in the form of liquid vitamins. No longer will I have an excuse not to take my vitamins. Now I only need to take a capfull of the liquid nourishment once a day. At my previous job, I could pop my vitamins in the privacy of my office. Now many of my lunches take place in a group format. No one would believe that I could consume upwards of seven pills at a time simply for the sake of my overall health. With my liquid formula, I simply pour a little into my drink or I take a spoonful at breakfast. Don't get me wrong, I still consume some pills, but with the liquid vitamin, I can miss a day or two of taking the pill form of my vits, without feeling guilty all over. Not to mention the fact that supplements in liquid form are far more readily absorbable in the body than vitamin pills.

Last but not least, I've stepped back from my weekly rollersetting routine and shifted to more frequent washings and air drying. The reason for taking this action was two-fold. The main reason was because of my ever growing dread for the amount of time a full wash and set required. The other reason I am on a rollersetting hiatus is because I wanted to round out my growth increasing actions with more frequent washes. Its only logical to conclude that the more often I wash my hair, the more growth I could experience. More washing means more conditioning, more conditioning means more moisture, more moisture means less breakage. Along with the increased levels of moisture, my frequent washings also subject my hair to further instances of scalp stimulation as I rub in my
scalp treatments
in with my finger tips.

Airdrying is not my method of choice for styling. I need to clarify that statement by saying that I once loathed airdrying. This new (and temporary) wash routine has forced me to come face to face with my enemy and find a reasonable compromise. We are not where we need to be but we've come a long way from our shaky beginnings. Airdrying, for me means less hair loss during the wash (because of the reduced level of manipulation) which is why I decided that I had to make peace with this styling method. The time I save by airdrying is also a huge plus for me which makes it possible for me to wash twice a week instead of weekly.

These shifts in my hair world are relatively minor but I am extremely confident in the outcomes arising from the changes. Its all about asking yourself if what you are doing now will get you to the results you want. For me, the answer was no so I decided to take action. Once I'm where I need to be, I'll once again shift and evolve with my hair.

Thanks for listening.


  1. I was wondering where you have been. I miss reading your updates!

    But airdrying?! I was thinking about this last night. I am travelling for business for two weeks in November... I will need to wash my hair by rollersetting most likely wouldn't be possible.

    Please update us as to what you do when you airdried. I tried before but only when doing braidouts.

  2. Hi Ms S!
    I'll post my airdrying routine this week. Its not perfect, but its working for now.

  3. Hi, I recently discovered your site, and you have some very helpful advice. I've been trying to grow my hair out for years without much success, but I recently came to the conclusion that breakage has been the main culprit. As for airdrying, I've been doing that for years, I can not stand a roller set, I like the look, hate the work. I just don't have the patience, and haven't practiced enough to make it go any faster, besides my hair takes forever to dry--the extra time and effort is just too much for me. Anyway, I washed my hair last night and because I didn't have a clean satin pillow case I decided to sleep with a satin cap on, I was sure my hair would still be very damp in the morning and I might have to actually comb thru my hair with my blow dryer, (which I have done in years unless it was an emergency) rather and just giving it a 1 minute blast of warm air to dry any residual dampness as I usally do. But I was more worried about the possibility of my ends drying out beyond repair from the cotton pillowcase, so I decided to chance it. To my plesant surprise this morning my hair was barely damp and it only required my normal warm air blast to get the remaining dampness out. I'm sure your air dry routine is probably much healthier than mine, your commitment to hair heatlth is obvious (lackthereof on my part could also a small factor in my non-growth), but I just wanted to vouch for the non-evilness of air drying. I also wanted to ask as a fellow sufferer of Sebborehic Dermatitis, does coconut oil smell like coconuts? As winter one of the worst times for my dry scalp as well, I'd love to try it, but I can't deal with strong scents and coconut is one of my least favorites. I hate to rush out a buy something I'll take one wiff of and never use again. Keep up the good work.

  4. Carlie! Welcome!
    I'll start by gushing over the wonderful benefits of coconut oil. This stuff is great for dermatitis. I even use it on my face when I experience the embarassing peeling. Not only is coconut oil great for the dermatitis, I use it in a myriad of ways on my hair. For braid outs, coconut oil is a must for me. I've used a little coconut oil mixed into my leave in and that works wonderfully. The list goes on an on. Yes it smells like coconut, but only slightly. The scent is not at all overbearring(I also think the smell dimishes over time). Go ahead and take the plunge. You won't regret it.

  5. I wish you the best with your hair. I am sure you will reach your goal. I am so happy that you are giving air drying a shot...I love it.

  6. I have looking for Websites and Blogs that give advice regarding hair fall. I have followed so many, but none was useful. Your advice is wonderful and I will definitely try these. Hope to stop my hair fall.


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