Shea oil, a mo' betta butta!

Hair Oil
I'm spending this week in Atlanta visiting friends and family. I came to Atlanta armed with powerful intentions. Among them was my desire to stumble upon some hair goodies unique from those I can find back home. While browsing the local shops and stores, I quickly realized that Atlanta is probably the translation for "Land of Shea Butter." Everywhere I went I found some form of shea butter which is a good thing because I recently rediscovered the awesomeness of this nut.

I first purchased shea butter about a year and a half ago and quickly lost interest. That's because the butter was hard and difficult to work with. Then summer came along and slowly my shea butter began to soften. I remember the day that I first dipped my finger into the soft, buttery, creamy, shea. I could hardly believe that this was the same product that I nearly threw away just months before.

So here I am in ATL and my very first purchase within hours of my arrival is shea butter. I'm talkin' the natural stuff in a container with no label. Fast forward a few days and I find myself in a natural food store in front of their massive shea butter collection. This time I'm drawn to a bottle labeled "shea butter oil." I couldn't believe my eyes. Is it possible that I could have the softened form of shea at my disposal year round?

I sampled the oil with my fingers and simultaneously experienced sensations which only surface during late night hours with my significant other. The feeling was incredible. It took only a millisecond before I swooped up two bottles and proceeded quickly the register.

Even now as I type, I'm having visions of using this product when I air dry. My friend and I were caught in a down pour as we strolled the streets of the Little Five Points Shopping district. Needless to say my hair got wet as we ran to my rental car. A feeling of fear and dread came over me as I contemplated what my hair would look like as it dried. I had no scarf to tie down my hair, I also had no blow dryer. What I did have was my liquid shea.

As soon as I arrived at my friend's place I quickly made a beeline to her bathroom with shea oil in hand. The first experience using this product on my hair was magical. The consistency of this product was unlike other oils I have. Liquid shea is opaque and thicker than any other oils. I would describe it as a creamy oil. It feels extremely rich and moisturizing to the touch and my hair seems to love it.

My hair was damp when I used it last night so the oil acted as a sealer on top of the water. This morning my hair feels extremely moisturized. I'm also experiencing less breakage as I run my hands through it. Needless to say that I am a very happy girl. In fact, I'll be stopping by the marketplace today and picking up another bottle (or two).

Long live liquid shea!


  1. Where did you find liquid shea? You know you can put the hard stuff in the microwave. Or rub it in your palms.

  2. Hi Gigi! I don't have a microwave at home but I know that shea does turn liquid (like coconut oil) when you rub in your palms. This oil I bought seemed a bit different in consistency then melted shea butter. Its a little thicker and creamier feeling. My hair loves it.

    I bought mine in Georgia but I found some online on Amazon in case I run out.

  3. Woah you totally just convinced me to go out and get some. I too was turned off by how difficult shea butter was to work with, even though it moisturized so well.

  4. Never heard of liquid shea, but it sounds like a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi, your blog is excellent! Have a look at my pages. It's about haircare too but with a touch of humour:

    audrey x

  6. Hi!

    I live in Atlanta and have been looking for she oil forever.

    Do you happen to remember the name of the store you got it from?

    Thank you in advance!

  7. Hi Inna,
    I bought mine at the Co-op store located @ Little Five Points. They have a huge selection of natural hair products. I wished I lived in Atlanta so I can pick some up whenever.
    That stuff is fabulous!

  8. I just found your blog and really like it. The shea oil you describe sounds great. Does your bottle have a label? Is it the same as the picture from amazon at the bottom of the post? Any more info on the shea oil would be great.

  9. Lexelle-The label on my bottle is from Nature's Gifts. They are based out of Georgia and don't even have a website. My guess is that they are a small operation. I do plan on calling them to see if they distribute to other places. If not, I may order online and see if I get the same results. I'm still loving my shea oil. In fact, I don't use any of my other oils any longer. It moisturizes my hair to no end. I love it.


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