Relaxed Hair Health, a year in review

Healthy Hair

I can not believe that its been nearly one year since I posted my very first entry. This year I began my journey with intentions on bringing health back to my hair. One too many visits to the Dominican Salon left my hair thin and damaged. Even now, one side of my hair is longer than the other. Worst of all, my hair was in dire need of strength.

I made some great finds this year which have really helped to turn the state of my hair around. Most notably, I found and fell in love with my new relaxer of choice, Affirm Fiber Guard which is unlike any relaxer I've ever experienced. Not only did I find a fanstastic relaxer, 2008 was the year that I became aquainted with liquid shea oil. Unlike the solid version of shea, this liquid just melts into the hair covering it with softness and sheen.

But lets not forget my most wonderful find yet, the infamous L'Oreal Hair Fixer. Folks this product does for my hair what no other product could do. Those of you who frequent my blog may have noticed a theme of me experimenting with several hair strengtheners in search of just the right one. I've tried Chi Keratin Mist, Aphogee 2 minute reconstructer but none compares to this magnificent product. I am amazed at how much stronger and healthier my hair looks.

Since it appears as if I've solved my dilemma this year, I will move on and take on another challenge. Once I've completed Hair Fixer series, my focus will shift from strength to silkiness. My ultimate goal is to own a head of thick, strong, shiny, silky hair that looks so fabulous, people around me are forced to do a double take.
I have put out my intentions and now I wait for it to come to pass. Ultimately, I'd like to be more adventerous with my hair trying out different ways to showcase my tresses. Long ago, I thought that my hair would not be strong enough to withstand any excessive manipulation but not any more.

Today, my hair has been given a second chance and I plan on taking full advantage. Will I finally reach midback? You betcha! Will my hair be the envy of everyone around me? Abso-freaken-lutly!

Will 2009 be the best year ever!???? Stick around and find out.


  1. Happy new year! Ok, you've sold me on the hair fixer! I know you don't use conditioner, but did you use a leav-in and the hair fixer? Also, do you think it matters how long post-relaxer you are?

  2. Hi Tiffanita!
    I use a leave-in first then I use a seperate spray bottle on the section of hair before I roll it.

    I am about 1 month post relaxer or so and I'm getting better results with my hair now (with regards to breakage) then I did when I first relaxed. I have proof in the form of my saved hair that I lost from each rollerset. I may post pictures at the end of the experiement.


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