The Cold Shower Method to Healthy Hair

Healthy Hair

Recently I've been turned on the idea of taking cold showers. It all started when I viewed a youtube video where a guy was challenging his viewers to take cold showers in the morning. By doing so, he said, we would be starting the day with an act of courage. In his words, "everyone should begin their day with an act of courage." I'm huge on personal development so I immediately took on the cold shower challenge as a way of developing mental toughness.

In the video the gentlemen also mentioned some health benefits of taking a cold shower. Apparently, the cold water on the skin causes the body to increase blood flow circulation as it warms up the body temperature to help protect itself from the cold temp. Increased blood flow and circulation helps bring vital nutrients to the skin and organs. Not only does blood flow help bring nutrients to the cells, the increased flow also helps to remove excess waste and toxins. I was overcome with excitement thinking about the possible benefits I'd experience from cold showers but after reading pages of testimonials on earthclinic's website, I was convinced.

For the past week I've been showering with cold water in the morning. Let me tell you gals, I will never take a hot shower again!
Before cold showers my skin was extremely dry, I mean almost to the point of flaking dry. Today, I only use lotion on the soles of my feet. My skin is amazingly soft and supple, I can't believe the change. When I take my cold showers in the morning, I like to let the water hit my face so I can get acclimated to the temperature more quickly. Because of this wonderful act of courage, the skin of my face has been transformed. My face looks noticeably healthier and smoother.

We all know by now that cold water as a final rinse on the hair helps to lay the cuticles flat but I'm thinking about what type of results I'll experience when I wash and rinse with cold water. This past Saturday was the first time I washed and rinsed with only cold water. My results were good but I can't say for sure what part of the fabulousness came from the cold water and which came from the Hair Fixer. Either way, cold water is the way to go for me. I am absolutely hooked on them and I'm not looking back.

I fully expect my hair to benefit from the increased circulation to my scalp as the cold water hits it. I can just see it now, all of those marvelous nutrients from my healthy eating and supplements being delivered straight to the hair follicles causing a healthy supply of new growth. Couple that with the shiny hair I hope to experience, and you get fabulously healthy hair.

For those of you interested in the cold shower method to healthy hair, I urge you to browse the testimonials on earthclinic. I also recommend that you start with a warm shower and gradually cool down the water before you step out. You can also do some searches online to find out more about the marvelous benefits of taking cold showers.


  1. this is a good idea. but i think i'll have to decrease the percentage of hot water gradually until i can manage to take a fairly cold shower! i don't know how you managed to change it cold turkey! :o

  2. i take cold shower every day and my skin looks beautiful; iam almost 31 and most of people think iam 24 so iam very happy with it!!!!

  3. Hi Anon!
    It's amazing the difference a little cold water makes. Whenever I tell people about cold showers I get looked at like I'm crazy.


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