L'Oreal Hair Fixer review week four

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My L'Oreal Hair Fixer experiment is still going strong, its been about a month since I've used conditioner in my hair and I can not believe the results I'm experiencing. Yesterday's wash routine was very similar to last week's with the exception of one step, I washed with cold water. The reason I used cold water? I talk about it detail in my next post.

Once again, I had no problems using a fine tooth comb for my rollerset. With every application I am loosing less and less hair. Part of the reason I switched to airdrying a couple of months ago was because of the ungodly amount of hair I would loose with a rollerset. Not no more!

The hair doesn't feel as moist as it would if I used conditioner. It doesn't feel dry either. I've had experiences when a conditioner hadn't done its job and the hair feels unprotected from future damage. This is not the same feeling. The hair still feels great, it just feels like it could benefit from a little more moisture. What I do to rectify the situation is immediately rub in some of my most moisturizing oil (shea oil) and proceed to tie my hair down with the silk scarf. The scarf stays on the rest of the day and overnight if possible. By the time the scarf comes off in the morning, fuhgetaboutit! My hair is supple, shiny, and feels hydrated.

I'm starting to get this feeling in the pit of my stomach because I now only have two applications to go. Something deep inside of me doesn't want this experience to end. I'm thinking about integrating this product into my routine going forward. Maybe I'll alternate between normal washes with conditioner and the Hair Fixer. Or better yet, maybe I can wash and condition like normal and use this product in my leave in conditioner. The possibilities are endless. This product is so amazing that I haven't even been tempted to open up my new batch of Silicon Mix conditioner with Pearl extract.

I tell you guys, this product has given my hair a new lease on life. I feel like I have been given a new head of hair. I am extremely grateful for my second chance and I promise to never allow my hair to have to go through that horrible phase ever again.


  1. Oooohhh, so pretty, and shiny! I am so gonna look for this at the BSS!

  2. Wow! This hair fixer is no joke...I'm going to be trying this really really soon!

  3. i just used my first application today and can't wait to see great results. i was doing some additional research on the product and was glad it lead me to your blog!! i plan to use it 6 weeks straight and then everyother week. once again thanx for the great blog and i can't wait to see all the great post to come in the future. sc


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