L'Oreal Hair Fixer update part four

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Today marked the fifth installment of my L'Oreal Hair Fixer experiment. This week was a bit different then past wash and sets. This time I decided to air dry instead of my usual rollerset. As part of my commitment to continuous improvement, I chose to tweak my routine. Instead of using a cheap conditioner before the wash I opted to use my regular conditioner as a pre-poo. I figured that since I haven't deep conditioned in so long my hair would really appreciate it if I used a quality product. I was right.

I used my Silicon Mix with Pearl Extract prior to washing. After shampooing, I combed the hair into a ponytail. I leveraged the running water to help me comb the hair back without adding too much stress on hair. Once the hair was detangled, I proceeded to saturate the hair with my leave-in, L'Oreal Hair Fixer, and shea oil. After securing my hair into a nice ponytail, I pulled the loose hair up to the top of my head and secured the hair in place with a bobby pin. That's when I tied my hair down with a silk scarf to dry.

After a few hours when my hair was around 75% dry, I took down my hair and used my Super Salono dryer on a cool setting to speed up the drying process. (I also took a moment to rub some more shea oil in) Once the hair was dry, I combed through with the largest tooth comb I have to remove any remaining tangles. Because I took the time to detangle under running water, I had very little tangles to deal with when my hair was finally dry. Next I decided to flat iron the hair to add some smoothness. I did not use the flat iron to create silky straight hair, I only lightly passed the iron through my hair as quickly as I could. As you can see from the picture below, my hair was not flat ironed to the point where it was bone straight.

I decided to air dry and flat iron today because I wanted to assess the health of my hair. Needless to say that I am extremely pleased with how my hair has evolved while using the Hair Fixer. Before, I was plagued with fly aways and tons of breakage. Today my hair looks and feels smooth and moisturized. I need to reiterate that I have not deep conditioned (other than pre-poo) in nearly six weeks. The amount of breakage I experience is manageable compared to what I was dealing with before my experiment.

This week's wash and set was extremely successful. Before today, I nearly swore off airdrying but now that I am assessing my results, I think that I may once again put my back into faith into air drying now my hair has been given a second chance.

Thanks L'Oreal Hair Fixer!


  1. Looks great! I will have to buy for my wash & set this week!

  2. Yeah your hair looks great! Can you explain the ponytail airdrying thing you said though at the end of October please. Is putting it in just one ponytail easier?

  3. Hi Anon! I was airdrying with two ponytails in order to help the drying process along. If I put my hair in one ponytail, it takes longer for the center of my hair to dry. Either way works its just about preference.

    Once I put my hair in a ponytail (whether its one ponytail or pigtails) I take the loose hair (the actual ponytail) and pull up towards the front of my hair. Then I pin the hair to my scalp with a bobby pin and tie a satin scarf to help keep the edges down. Hope that helps clarify. If not, let me know and I can take a pic next time I airdry.

  4. Thank you! But can you take a picture as well pls. I'm probably thinking of the wrong thing lol

  5. Oh and sorry, does two ponytails get the new growth smoother?

  6. Best relaxed hair I've seen

  7. Hi girl, i just ran on your blog and you're the bomb ! I live in France and you make it all so easy to understand, tks
    PLUS you have gorgeous hair ! !!

    Do you know if it is ok to use the l'Oreal hair fixer along w/ proteins in a regular hair regimen?
    Or do one have to cut off the proteins completely?

    Tks a lot and congrats, you are so great ;-)


  8. Hi Nunaa!
    I didn't use any other protiens after the wash as one normally would.
    I did, however, use protien conditioners during the pre-poo step.
    I found that my results were even better when I started using fortified conditioners before the wash rather than using the same ole cheap conditioners one would use when pre-pooing.

  9. Thanks so much for answering, this is really nice of you ;-)

    French fan ;-)


  10. Your hair looks great! I'm definitely gonna be stalking your blog from now on.

  11. Sista-girl, THANK YOU for this post! It was so very helpful. I was a bit frustruated at the hair fixer instructions that mentioned NOT to use a conditioner before application, since that method left my hair so tangled. Your pre-poo method and gentle, under-water comb was a great solution!

    My hair is very similar to yours. It was once thick and long, but suffered a great deal of damage when I started doing it on my own to save money.

    Looking forward to great results now that I've found the answers that I've been looking for.

    Thanks again!

  12. I know I am late. But today 3/30/10 I purchased the L'Oreal Hair Fixer. I wasn't too fond on washing without using some sort of conditioner b/c it's harder to detangle and comb before roller setting. But I followed the directions in the box and detangled my hair then applied the Hair Fixer.
    I also added in "One n' Only, Argan Oil" which the lady @ Sally's sold me and told me once I try it I will never live w/o it.
    I tried to use the under-hand method of roller setting u suggested but it's been a while since I tried to roller set and my hair ended up air drying so I blow dried it on a low setting and flat ironed it.
    I must say that I am absolutely in LOVE with the way my hair came out!! It is very soft and shiny and I owe it to the Hair Fixer and the Argan Oil :)

  13. Ness, it's never too late for hair fixer. I'm soooo glad you loved your results. I'm just glad you experienced such good results on the first application. That's fantastic!

  14. Your hair is beautiful. I started using an egg protein treatment about three weeks ago (2 applications), and I have noticed significant reduction in breakage. Just wondered if anyone here has used egg protein treatments and how do they compare to "Hair Fixer". Maybe I'm a little ambitious in wanted NO breakage, maybe I need a stronger protein treatmen, or maybe just give the egg treatments a little more time. I get about 10-15 little hairs in the sink when I comb. Is that still a lot??

  15. Hi, I really need something to strengthen my hair. i had a bad experience with aphogee 2 min last year. I wrapped it slightly and it came out with major dreds and knots and I lost a lot of hair. While I know wrapping it caused the knotting and matting, I am afraid to use harder proteins again.

    I got recommended to use this product at longhaircareforum, however I'm a little worried since some people said it caused tangles. When you used it, you used it as a leave in? Would you recommend conditioning then using the hair fixer?

  16. According to the instructions, they advise using Hair Fixer as a leave in instead of a conditioner. If you are really concerned about tangling/dry hair. Try doing your deep conditioner before the wash. Use heat and quality conditioners like a normal deep conditioning session. This really prepares the hair for the rest of the process. Let me know how it goes.


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