"Are you packin?" Five healthy hair must haves for your purse.

Hair Maintenance

Beautiful hair doesn't just happen on wash days, your hair constantly requires maintenance throughout the day to ensure it remains fabulous around the clock. It's what we do on a daily basis that adds up to healthy beautiful hair.

I've seen some youtube videos in which well-known makeup divas invite us to view what they always have with them in their designer purses. I figured that while having a small bottle of perfume and three types of lip gloss is a good idea, we should also have an arsenal of healthy hair items within arms reach at all times.

Here are my top five healthy hair purse supplies we should all have in our handbag.

Wide tooth comb
Think of the wide tooth comb as the cornerstone of every woman who seeks to maintain healthy hair. Ultimately, you should not be combing your hair much throughout the day but if you get caught in some crazy windstorm and the need arises, you shouldn't have to look far for a hair-friendly comb. Any wide tooth comb is not the answer, you need to carry your trusty comb. The one that loves your hair as much as you do.

Baby Brush
For those of you who have sworn off combing/brushing for fear of over manipulating, the baby brush may be your answer. Baby brushes do a fabulous job of smoothing the hair and creating a polished finished look. The bristles of a baby brush are super-soft and non-threatening. Its purpose is not to detangle like normal brushes. It merely helps promote smoothness and shine by gently taming flyaways and other hindrances to pretty hair. Best of all, you can pick up a baby brush for a couple of dollars at Wal-Mart or Sally's. Next time you're in one of these stores, use the baby brush on the palm of your hand and feel the difference.

Ever since reading Wanakee's pamphlet on healthy hair, I've become extremely weary of the damaging effects of exposing our hair to the air throughout the day. There have been times when I've worn my hair in a style where half my hair was pinned up and the remaining half was worn loose. At the end of the day, the loose(exposed) felt hair dry while the hair that was pinned up remained moist and supple. That's when I knew that exposed hair required additional moisturizing throughout the course of day. We all have moisturizing product our hair responds well to. Once you've identified that product, buy a small travel size container so you can create a portable version of it. Now that you have the travel size version of your fave moisturizer, use it and use it often.

Sealing the moisture in your hair is key. That is why you should also have a little bit of oil in a spill proof travel size bottle. Please remember to look for the a bottle that avoids spills if you plan on carrying oil in your bag. Oil is a quick way to add shine and suppleness to the hair very quickly. I also recommend you use a tiny bit of oil whenever you plan on combing or brushing. This will help avoid any possible friction and allow the comb/brush to glide through the hair with the greatest of ease. I sometimes even mix my oil and moisturizer in one bottle and create a quick healthy hair blend. Because you may be touching up the hair several times a day, you should think of using a lighter textured oil like jojoba instead of a thicker oil like castor so your hair doesn't feel too weighed down.

The key is to remember to use the products throughout the day. Remaining consistent my be hard at first but if you use it at certain times of the day like whenever you use the restroom, you begin to develop a habit that will soon turn into a routine for you. I can't tell you how many hair compliments I get when I faithfully moisturize/oil my hair throughout the day. I've even had to break out my miniature bottle of oil on several occasions to show people who've stopped me to ask about my hair routine.

Hair Pins
Your purse should always contain some sort of hair tool that helps you maintain a cute style even when you change your mind about the hairstyle you are wearing. For me the answer comes in the form of hair pins. If I feel that my hair has been down too long or beginning to feel dry, I can just grab a couple of hair pins and create a loose bun or put my hair in an upsweep. You can also substitute hair pins for a large clip but just make sure no damage can ever come of your hair from using the hair clip. Hair pins are so convenient and I don't have to worry about matching them with my outfit like other hair accessories. They are a definite must have at all times.

Honorable Mention: Satin Scarf
Photo courtesy of modestworld.com

Even though I completed my top five list, I still want to mention another option that can also benefit your daytime hair....a satin/silk scarf. Sure maybe you can't wear a satin scarf around your head to work, but have you considered using one the moment you get in your car for your commute home. Often times we don't break out the satin scarf until just before bed meanwhile the air is slowly but surely sucking your hair's moisture with every passing second. If you were to tweak your routine to tying up your hair after work, you can protect your hair's moisture levels for up to an additional 30 hours a week! Go and find cute scarfs that you would want to wear in public. If you stick to your 10 year old scarf that you wear to bed every night you wont be motivated and your hair won't benefit.

Think about how healthy your hair will look and feel if you make sure you're packin' everything you need to take care of your hair throughout the day. I can almost guarantee you that if you are consistent with the periodic moisturizing and tying up your hair well before bedtime that you will radically improve the look and feel of your tresses.

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