Great news for Keracare Humecto lovers!

Deep Conditioning
Dr. Ali Syed, who is certified hair magician for Avlon products, made an exciting announcement on his blog recently about some changes to Keracare's beloved Humecto Conditioner. For those of you who aren't aware (like I wasn't), apparently the Humecto you and I buy in the 8oz and 16 oz sizes are formulated differently from the 5lb size your stylist would normally use. The 5lb bucket of Humecto was comprised of a richer, thicker formula that most of us new nothing about.

Well times have changed ladies and now everyone of us now has the opportunity to enjoy the delicious benefits of this thicker, richer formula. I've always been a fan of Humecto so I am completely smitten by the news. I can only imagine how much more moisturizing this new formula will be. I can't wait to try it!

BTW, If you're picking up a bottle make sure it has the yellow label that says "Now Richer & Thicker" on it so you know are buying the new formula. Dr. Ali has a picture of the bottle on his blog.


  1. Hey, I knew something was suspicious about that lil bottle I was getting from JCP. I bit the bullet and bought the 5 lb tub from Paynesbeauty a few months ago...LUV IT!

  2. RHH,

    I would just like to add that the new 8 and 16 oz Humecto formulae aren't radically different from the Humecto found in the 5 lb tub. They technically had the exact same ingredients, with some of the percentages getting adjusted.

    The only real difference now is that the percentages are the same for all versions of Humecto. So if anyone liked the previous manifestation of the 8 and 16 oz Humecto, I would not worry about a difference in performance.


    Dr. Ali N. Syed

  3. Hi, great post. I have fine hair and have been wanting to move from bone straight relaxers to maintaining some curl and am interested in mixing some Keracar eHumecto with my relaxer to stop it from processing bone straight. Do you think this will give me the results I want, or will the cones and mineral oil stop it from relaxing my hair completely? Just wanted your opinion. Thank you! :-)

  4. Hi Emz. I can't say for sure how adding Humecto will work with the relaxer. I do know that Avlon has the Preservo serum which is said to help protect from over processing. You can also opt to leave the relaxer in for a shorter period of time or use a milder strength relaxer.

  5. Hi, thank you for the response... I will try moving down from regular to mild and see how it goes.


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