Is your Hair Journal the Secret to creating Beautiful Hair?

Healthy Hair
Image by Dreamglow Yesterday I stumbled upon my old hair journal from (get this)....2004! Apparently, I was going through a phase where I was extremely serious about my hair practices. So serious that I was willing to dedicate my time and energy into the documentation of all my hair routines and the results of what I was doing. Once I found this little valuable archive, I immediately began reading to unlock forgotten long lost secrets to healthy hair. Much to my dismay, there weren't any long lost secrets, what I did find was a collection of pages documenting my wash routines and product usage along with the results I experienced from my current regimen. While I enjoyed reading the pages from the past, I felt that the data was a bit lacking. I really couldn't get a clear read about my hair condition at that time other than the fact that I was dealing with a little breakage. My goals and progress we're not clear enough and I had know idea what my nutritional habits were like back then. That's when I decided to bring this baby back.....and with a vengeance. This time I want to use the journal in the most value-added way possible. So far I've decided to track and measure these major hair indicators: Wash day regimen Logging the techniques and products used from pre-poo step all the way to styling. Notating the hair's condition prior to washing and it's the final outcome after each step (look and feel of the hair). I'll also describe the success of the regimen with regards to the overall vitality of the hair and the amount of hair lost throughout the process. Last but not least, I'll talk in detail about the condition of the hair throughout the week as a result of the last wash routine. Nutritional Support I sometimes fluctuate the types of nutritional supplements I use. For instance, not too long ago, my nails were weak chipping and breaking all over the place. Now, weeks later, my nails are amazingly strong healthy and growing. I'm sure this is the result of some changes in my nutritional regimen but unless I document what works, I will not likely be able to sustain these great results. So as part of my new supped up hair journal, I'm making sue that I keep a log of what and how much I'm taking to feed my hair from the inside out. Goals and objectives In my old hair journal, I mentioned something about the length I wanted to achieve but looking back, that wasn't specific enough. When did I want to achieve it? How was I going to do it? What would have to change to make sure I succeed? These are some of the the questions that I'll be putting some thought into while I document my journey. For instance, I say I want supple hair. Well I know for a fact that certain specific actions will help me to create supple hair. I may not know what all of those actions are right at this moment, but I'll make educated guesses, take deliberate action, document my results, and adjust as needed. But I finally get the idea that hair goals don't just fall on your lap out of the sky (especially for chemically treated hair). If I want perfect hair, it's going to take some planning along with effective execution. Pictures and Inspiration Image byiheartjack18 One major missing link from my last journal was inspiration. I faithfully washed and conditioned week after week and only talked about how much breakage I was experiencing. I didn't talk about what I wanted my hair to look and feel like. I didn't mention what kind of hair I was inspired by and how much closer I was to reaching my goals. This time will be different. I'm sprinkling in some inspiration to get me motivated to succeed. This hair journey thing should be fun and exciting but if I continue to only focus on my hair's weak areas, then I'm taking my eyes of my goals. Once you take you eyes away from where you are going, you have no idea if you're still headed there. I am brimming with excitement about this new and improved process of tracking and measuring my hair progress. With 100% certainty I can truly say that if I stay consistent with this improvement tool, my hair will flourish. May I be bold and predict that I'll be the proud owner of the most fabulous of hair that I've ever had? I expect no less than a huge turnaround in length, strength, and vitality if I do this thing right. I say this with conviction because the hair journal will help to bring focus to my efforts and we all know that powerful changes start to take place once we align our focus to what we want. Happy hair growing ladies.


  1. Thanks for this post because you have opened my eyes to what I need to add to my personal hair journal. Like you I'm just talking about what I did and not the condition of my hair before and after and between washes. Thanks again!

  2. Thank you so much for this post! I love your down-to-earth approach.

    I just started keeping a hair diary last week, and I'm going to incorporate some of your tips from now on.

  3. I completely passed over your comment and I didnt see your advice until today. Thank you for the tips about dry flexi rod sets!! I don't know if I'm an official follower but your blog has been in my favorites since I started my hair journey last year, you have a lot of good tips, thanks.


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