Wash day 5.18.09-My Keracare Humecto and Aubrey GPB experience

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So yes, this past week's wash day was absolutely magical-thanks for asking.

I just returned from a four day mini-vacay to the Bahamas with the husband, desperately needing a wash. Over a week passed since my last wash and, during the vacation, my hair was exposed to harsh elements of island salt water along with the blistering heat of the caribbean sunshine. Add to that the fact that my absent-minded self forgot to bring along my satin scarf and you have a recipe for disasterous hair.

I came back with dry, tangled tresses in desperate need of some TLC. The minute I had the opportunity I began to saturate my hair with my trusty Amla oil and coconut/amla blend. The more oil I rubbed in my hair, the more relief I felt. As the oil soaked in as the dryness softened. Within a half hour, my state of my hair began to transform. That's when I knew everything would be alright.

After washing with my Hair One Conditioning cleanser, I broke out my secret weapons which were to fully complete the work of transforming my hair. You see, the week before I washed, I made two small hair product purchases. First, I was finally able to get my hands on the "new thicker richer" Keracare Humecto (the one with the bright yellow sticker on it).

Let me tell you people! This thicker formula is no joke..

I absolutely love the fact that I can apply this product on wet hair and have it stay completely put. There's no fear of conditioner run off in the shower (what a waste). Every ounce of product stays on on the hair strands doing what it does best. And of course, this product was amazing before so now it's uber-amazing...

Get some.

Not only did I get my hands on some Humecto but I also went back to the old school by scooping up some Aubrey Organics GPB balancing conditioner.

Yes. GPB.

While strolling down the aisle of my of my local natural foods store, I stumbled upon this oldie but goodie. After looking at the list of ingredients on the backside of the bottle, I knew I had to have this product back into my life. I don't think I own a conditioner this natural.

Take a peek at the ingredient list:

Coconut Fatty Acid Cream Base, Organic Aloe Vera, Wheat Germ Oil, Lactalbumin, Organic Rosemary Oil, Organic Sage Oil, Horsetail Extract, Coltsfoot Extract, Nettle Extract, Amino Acid Complex, Glycoprotein (from oyster shells), Balsam oil, Citrus Seed extract, Vitamin A, C, and E

According to the bottle, "nutrient-rich, protein-based GPB rehydrates and re-energizes your hair. Glycoproteins strengthen the hair fiber, repair the damage from salon treatments and restore softness, manageability and shine." GPB is Aubrey Organic's most popular product ever!

With these two products working together to mend my hair, I knew that everything would be o.k. It felt like they were working together to achieve a balance of moisture and strength in my hair. My airdrying experience tonight was magical to say the least. It's unbelievable how quickly my hair went from mangled and tangled to soft and moisturized.

While washing out this luxurious mixture, a thought ran across my mind. "What if I were to treat my hair to these delicious ingredients twice a week instead of just once?" Currently I wash pretty much every Saturday and that schedule is convenient. Deep down though I realize that if I really want to have supple hair, I need to implement some actions which will promote suppleness. One such action would be to wash more frequently. I've operated in such fashion in the past and know the benefits of a more frequent wash cycle. Moisture levels in the hair are maintained and hair loss is likely to reduce as a natural result.

My only concern with taking on a more frequent washing routine is the possibility of long term hair loss due to my unsuccessful airdrying stints. Today's airdrying result, however, has caused me to change my ways and believe once again that this frequent washing thing can work. So I'm taking on Wednesday (or Thursday) as an added wash day. Yes, it will be slightly inconvenient to wash in the middle of the week but I know it's all for the betterment of my hair. The reason I am doing this is simply so I can realize the following:

-Higher moisture levels in the hair.
-Increase of strength in the hair.
-A noticeable reduction in hair loss via breakage, shedding, etc.

If I don't realize these desired outcomes, then I may go back to the once a week wash and set. On the other hand, if I do notice a reasonable benefit to the twice a week wash, then the routine continues-no matter how much time and effort it requires.

Wish me luck people.....

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  1. It's so great that you're committing to this. One thing I've noticed is that all of the women whose hair I admire, wash at least 2-3 times a week. I bet this is going to make all the difference in your hair...good luck!

    Oh yeah, I also recently started using Aubrey Organics conditioner (Honeysuckle Rose) and all I can say is wow...this stuff is amazing! I am into natural products, so I'll pick up some of the GPB, maybe it can replace Mane n Tail.


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