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I'm really proud at how consistent I've been with documenting my experiences and struggles in my revived hair journal. I'm on a mission for perfect hair and I can't afford to leave my desired results to chance. One of my secret weapons in this battle will be the insights I gleam from my documented hair memoirs and, I'm happy to say, the learnings have already begun. Though not much time has passed since I've brought the journal back, I've already identified some wonderful improvements that I hope to have a major impact on my overall results. I'll share with you all some of my early learnings and will continue spread any nuggets of wisdom as they are revealed to me in my writings. The past couple of weeks have been crucial with regards to breakage avoidance and moisture retention. My last relaxer was late February/early April. Not sure the exact date but that is what I have my hair journal for going forward. The warm weather, coupled with my consistent vitamin usage, have made for a very robust new growth spurt. One major faux pas on my end was my inability to remain consistent with consuming green drinks in the morning. One of the most powerful side effects, for me, of green super-food drinks is the greater manageability of my textured hair. When I did the right thing with regards to my green drink routine, my new growth thanked me. So now I've learned my lesson and the green drink routine is back! My goal is to stock back up on my spirullina powder and get to 'crackin! Some tweaks to my hair routine have come about because my diligent approach to hair care. For one, I've started my pre-poo step by locating the most damaged areas of the hair and paying extreme attention before moving on to the rest of the hair. I finally figured out that I've developed some patterns in my hair routines that have led to the creation of damaged areas. I figured the only way I can reverse this damage was to change up how I take care of my hair. So long story short, I leave the healthiest parts of my hair for last whenever I deep condition or pre-poo. *Tip* Generally we tend to pay closer attention to the hair we can see (i.e. the front and sides of the head), make sure you also give equal attention to the entire head of hair whenever you moisturize or deep condition. Next, I've also begun treating my pre-poo step as I do the deep conditioner. I no longer just apply product to the hair when treating it. I now cover my hair with a plastic cap and towel for deeper processing both when I pre-poo and when I deep condition. The results of this slight shift in routine are impressive. Moisture levels are high and the amount of breakage i am experiencing this many weeks post is incredible. My hair is definitely liking this. I have no doubt in my mind that this method will do wonders for my hair long-term. I'm extremely grateful for these insights that I've received in such a short while. Right now my mind is completely open to any and all ideas of how to continue on this hair improvement journey I am on. Not sue where this journey will lead me, but I'm glad that I have some company with me as I go. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Congrats on your findings in your hair journal. And thanks for that sound advice on treating the damaged parts first. I find that the hair around my face is much healthier than the damage that's occuring in the back. I think I'm gonna add the same special treatment to these areas during deep conditioning. Wat oils do u use on damaged hair?

  2. Glad your hhj journal has provided ou grat insight. I continually journal so that I can refer to things. I actually do this quite often so I can remember which moisturizers left my hair the most moisturized or which setting styles help my hair the most. It is very helpful. And like you said, you can notice habits that are unhealthy.

  3. Yes...
    I'm totally excited about any type of progress. This is only the beginning.

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