So this is what I've got coming up......

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I have so many hair related ideas and updates just floating around in my head.  I figured that I would just put them in writing as a mini-post.  We're all family here so I figured that I could give you guys a quick peek on some of the topics that I'll be working on in the upcoming weeks.

First of all, please excuse the randomness of this blog post.  It's really just me putting my thoughts down quickly in writing.  But I just had to share because I'm really excited about what is to come.  

So here it goes.......

  • My Asience conditioner and hair mask has arrived.  I can not wait to review it.  You couldn't believe my frustration when I just finished my most recent wash and set only to find the mail man at the door with my package.  It took almost everything I had inside not to jump back in the shower and redo my hair just to try this product out.   
         Review coming this weekend!

  • I've purchased some PH strips and had some fun playing with my hair products.  I was surprised at the PH levels of some of my products.  I'm still learning and testing but I can't wait to share my experiences with you all.  I may even turn some of my experiments into a video.  

  • I have an idea about a way of  improving on the satin/silk scarves we use to tie our hair down with.  I'm playing with the idea of finding and using other types of material that will protect the hair and not absorb the precious product we put on the hair.  I'm not even sure such a material exists but I hope to experiment until I uncover a better hair scarf.  

  • In my never ending quest to create better than expected hair, I've stumbled upon an oil blend that really makes a difference on the look and feel of my hair.  Ever since putting this blend together, I've pretty much forgone every other leave-in moisturizing product I've ever used.  Just recently I provided a sample of this product to my mother-in-law while she was down on vacation.  She was sooooo happy with the results that she literally left her hair products in my bathroom when she flew back.  She even called me days later telling me that she received multiple compliments on her hair from both her sister and her coworkers.   I'm thinking about putting this blend together in sample sizes and seeing if  others experience some of the same results that I and my MOL are experiencing.   Time will tell......

"I feel so much better now."


  1. Please share the oil blend. I desperately searching for something to keep my moisturized.


  2. Hi Cruzangirl,
    Why don't you send me a quick email to [email protected] and I'll send you a sample.

  3. The oil blend sounds awesome! I'd love to get a sample, too.

  4. @ Serenity!
    I'd love to send you a sample! Reach out to me via email.
    [email protected]

  5. Your oil blend sounds wonderfrul, i would like a sample as well, my email is [email protected], how do you apply it?


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