All Hail Burt's Bees Avocado Butter Pre-Shampoo Treatment!

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How did I get so lucky? I feel like I've struck gold with my recent hair product finds. You guys all know that the only thing I've been talking about lately is Asience. Well today I decided to make a quick visit to my local Ulta beauty store just to enjoy the sights. So there I am browsing and touching and smelling and sampling when, lo and behold, I find myself right in front of a tube of Burt Bee's Avocado Pre-Shampoo treatment.

I stood there still for a few moments, quickly trying to retreive all the memory stores I have of other people's review of this product. Every thing I've heard about this treatment has been extremely positive. Add that to the fact that there was only one tube of it on the shelf. I had no other choice but to snatch it.....that was my only option (you guys understand). I could not allow myself to walk away from a product which could possibly revolutionize the results of my pre-poo treatments as I know it. Don't get me wrong, there was a millisecond where I asked myself if it was worth paying money for a pre-poo treatment when I had tons of conditioners I could use for the same purpose at home. But before I had a chance to finish that thought, I was already making my way up to the register (Burt's Bees in hand).

So the first thing I do when I get back home was to get comfortable and commence to pre-poo. I squeezed a little bit of the product in my hands and rub together. All of the sudden, I feel this warming sensation which kinda frightened me to tell you the truth. I've never had a product react to me like that before. I didn't let a little heat activation action stop me from using it. The Burt's Bees Pre-poo treatment smelled heavenly. I literally smelled my hands after each dollop I used. Moving on....This stuff is thick. The only way I could describe it is like the old blue magic grease (but not). It's not as greasy as grease but it left my hair feeling like I just put grease all over it (my hair felt weighed down and really coated). So right after I finished applying I was only about 50% convinced that I made a good purchase.

Then something wonderful happened....

As time passed, my hair began to feel increasingly soft. The Pre-poo treatment had began to sink into the hair (unlike grease). I was soooo excited about what was happening. Twenty minutes later I could not wait to see what my hair would feel like as I rinsed it out. Thankfully, this product had no problem rinsing out.

Let me tell you the time I rinsed the Burt Bees Pre-Shampoo treatment, and washed with my Hair One Conditioning Cleanser, I literally began to dance in the shower. I don't mean this in a figurative way to help improve my story-telling. I mean that your girl was dancin' and shakin' in the shower while thanking God for answering all of her hair prayers. My overly-emotional reaction was a really a result of how much my hair has improved in just a short time frame with the help of Asience and, now, Burt's Bees Pre-poo treatment. I could barely control my excitement.

After my wash, I usually step out to apply my deep conditioner. This time when I stepped out, it already felt like I had applied my deep conditioner. I still used my Asience mixed with a little Humecto and let sit for half an hour. Long story short, my wash day was incredible. I am absolutely stoked about these two new products and how much they've impacted my hair in such a short period of time.

Life is good. I feel like a fat, happy, tick after getting it's fill of an unsuspecting host. I know that's a really bad analogy but what I mean to say is that I feel really satisfied right now. I can honestly say that my hair has no immediate needs at this moment. It's sitting smack dab in the middle of the moisture/strength pendulum. It looks and feels unbelievably wonderful.

Life is good.......

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  1. Wow! Glad you' ve been having a great time with your experimentation.Your first post on Ascience really had me interested. I'm ready to add Ascience to my wishlist. However, I'm gonna get rid of all of these conditioners before I go to purchase this product.

  2. Ahh, I can never find this stuff in the store, lol. It sounds great.

  3. Wow, awesome review!! You've got me girl, I will definitely keep an eye out. I wish you listed the ingredients, I wonder what makes it so wonderful??? lol

    ☼ Sunshyne

  4. This is the second great review of this product that I've read in the past week! For the past 5 months, I've been debating whether to buy this Avocado Butter, so I will definitely pick it up next time I'm at the grocery store. Thanks for the review!

  5. i'm so happy for you. I gotta try this stuff out myself. So would love for you to give advice when looking for products in the store..this could help stave off pj-ism and get to finding the products that are gonna work. like you often do these days!

  6. That stuff is great. Another tip: If you lightly wet your hair first, and THEN put the treatment on, it works wonders.

  7. Girl,stop! I'm lusting over a product. I've got to get my hands on some real soon. Thank You! Hope to have the same experience, cause I wanna dance in my shower

  8. Burts Bee Avocado Pre treatment is great! Although thick and gooey, it will definitely improve the condition of damaged, relaxed or colored hair. You can get it on Amazon or in the Merz Apothecary located in Macy's. I have used the Aveda Pre poo treatment in the past and this is much better.

    Fanci, Chicago

  9. I finally tried it, and this stuff is great! I've used it alone, and mixed into a pre-poo mixture of conditioner, Burt's Bees, and oil. It's fantastic both ways, and I love the smell. I also like that's it's fairly easy to wash out, since it's not overly greasy. I bought mine at Vitacost...they have it for cheaper than anywhere else I've seen.

  10. omgoodness i have been using it and then for some reason i stopped. after a horrible wash day last week, and 22 wks into my stretch, i pulled it back out and literally had the same exact regimen and reaction (right on down to the HairOne). thanks for sharing!

  11. I had the same reaction you had when I discovered it LITERALLY melted my split ends. Initially I was following the rules re: keeping it on for 20 mins but this one day I didnt. I applied it then tied my plastic bag and forgot about it for hours! The result was out of this world! I cnat explain how joyful I am...I think I am a happier tick! One day I had to run and I applied it and let it all airdry. You should have seen the curl pattern! For those in Canada like yours can get this shipped to you FOR FREE at I wrote a giddy review there coz I was just to excited that 1) I had found this amazing product and 2)it was being shipped to me for free! I am putting my Deep Conditioning cholesterol aside and going with this.


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