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PhotobucketIf you're like most people, funds might be pretty tight for you nowadays. Even if you're fortunate enough to have maintained the same level of income during this economic downturn, you're most likely still making more cost conscious choices on how you spend your money. Chances are, you are probably not able to jump on every new product bandwagon like the good 'ole days. Long gone are the days when we'd just swipe up a product off the shelves simply because it looks pretty. Nowadays, we absolutely have to make smart hair buying decisions without compromising the fabulous-ness factor of our beloved tresses.

So what's a girl to do?

Here are some simple tips to fabulous hair on a limited budget:

Tip #1: Use what you got!

There are times of plenty and times of lean. Chances are, during the times of plenty, you bought up every brand name product raved about. Now, even though you're not able to purchase as much as you used to, you've probably got enough in your stock pile to last you 'till the next economic upturn. So take a good look at your hair product closet. Probably half of what you now have works pretty decent. Now's the time to use it up. Who knows you might even fall in love again with one of your oldie but goodie conditioners.

Tip #2: Focus on the ingredients

Do you notice that every product you tend to buy has avocado oil or coconut oil? Take a look at the products you already have, if you're seeing a trend in the main ingredient, why not save some money by purchasing the avocado oil straight and adding it to what you already have. Sure, you could spend another $10 on a moisturizer with jojoba oil or you can spend $10 on straight jojoba oil and add to your conditioners, pre-poo and other moisturizers. You'll get the effectiveness of jojoba in everything you already have without having to go out and buy a bunch of other products. Now that's a smart move!

Tip #3: Go back to the basics

Yes, quality products are a major part of an overall healthy hair routine but without solid techniques, you are only half way there. During times of plenty, we look for miracle products which sometimes take our focus away from the foundations of a solid hair routine. How beneficial is your pricey conditioner if you're not taking the time to part the hair and apply to each section? How impactful is your strengthening product if you opt not to sit under the dryer for more intense results? No matter how fabulous the product, if you're loosing length because your detangling skills are lacking then you're waisting your efforts. Good hair practices aren't pricey. Take the time now, to really work on the basics of good hair care. Your hair, and your wallet, will thank you.

I personally have made a decision to curb my overall hair product spending. But to tell you the truth, I started by focusing on my technique and results. When I wanted to increase moisture levels, I would ask myself "what can I do to increase moisture?" I didn't say "what can I buy to increase moisture levels?" As a result of asking (and answering) those types of questions, I began to find alternatives that really worked. Sure, I've bought some products here and there, but I'm making more calculated decisions about what I do chose to buy.

One more thing, when I do buy products, I only get items that specifically address issues that I am working to eradicate. In a recent post, I advised that we target one major concern at a time. This means that any purchase you make should be of a product that has been proven (based on the intensive research you've conducted) to be effective at responding your issue. You have do not have the time, or the money to waste on a "nice to do" product purchase when you have real hair concerns that need addressing.

Take my word for it, this temporary pinch on your finances could actaully turn out to be a good thing. Now, more than ever, is the time to buckle up your bootstraps and get back to the business of haircare 101. Focus on what you can do to improve on the health of your hair. Take calculated steps in the right direction. Make educated decisions on what products are best for you right now, and enjoy the bountiful fruits of your labor. Yes, times are lean right now, but that doesn't mean that you will have to sacrifice on the essentails of life which are food, water, and glorious hair.

Till next time.



  1. Great post! Right on time, I have been pj clean almost 2 months now using up what I have. I have found on my hhj that there really is no miracle products it is mainly the technique b/c ppl will rave about every product, but your hair might not like it.

  2. Excellent post! I, too, have recently decided to cut back. I was never much of a "product junky" to begin with, but the current economy was just the boost I needed to simply use what I have.

  3. This was such an excellent post. I've really been trying to work on incorporating these principles, thanks for laying it all out for me.

    Regarding products...I've been a PJ since *long* before I got into haircare, and one thing I've learned is that there are no products that just "don't work," they simply might not be what your (hair, skin, body) needs right then. A product that you thought was mediocre might turn out to be your saving grace when you're facing a different challenge. So I never throw anything away (yeah, I'm a packrat LOL).

  4. I agree. Most of the products are pretty much the same anyways, so why not use up what you have. I too, am a PJ, but have been doing quite well using my products I already have. Even though I have been tempted to purchase some new products (gosh it's so hard).


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