Discounts galore at the Ulta store!

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Awwwww yeah! I'm brimming with excitement right now. Why? Because as of today, I'm now able to offer readers of some amazing discount offers from purchases at Ulta!

For those of you who aren't familair with Ulta Store, they are, in my humble opinion, thee most amazing beauty product supplier around. I've heard of Ulta well before they actually came to my town. I was told that Ulta provided a wide variety of hair products ranging from "over the counter" brands to salon quality. Before Ulta, I was forced to by my salon brands from expensive mall salons. Then came the day when Ulta was brought to me. I remember the first time I experienced Ulta, I felt like I walked into hair product heaven. Best of all, most of the product prices there were well within my budget.
Add to that the fact that Ulta offers some amazing discounts on their already low prices. I'm always taking advantage of their $3.50 off any $10.00 purchase deal. Before I get it elsewhere, I check to see if Ulta's got it. Just the other day I bought two more tubes of Burt's Bees Avocado Pre-Shampoo treatment with my $3.50 off coupon.

Some of my other faves I like to pick up with the $3.50 off include:

-Products from the Neutrogena Triple Moisture Line

-Biolage Silk to Touch Leave-In (I pretty much love their entire line).

-Nioxin Healthy Hair and Scalp Products
-Makeup colors, brushes, etc. (I take full advantage of their buy one get one free sales of L'Oreal HIP eyeshadow offers).
-Nail Colors. (I can get OPI products there cheaper than anywhere else if I use the coupon.)

Ulta also offers a nifty 20% off deal which I utilize for my larger purchases. For instance, I bought my Super Solano (uber powerful) hair dryer there and saved $20 off the total price. Also got my Revlon steam setter from Ulta with coupon in hand. Right now I have my eye on the Clarisonic as a future purchase. I could save up to $40 bucks off that thing if I use the coupon.

Since I was just talking about saving money on products a couple of posts ago, I felt that this would be a great way to follow up for those of you who do plan on buying in the near future. If you haven't heard of, or shopped at Ulta before, I urge you to take a look to see if Ulta has what you're looking for.

$3.50 off $10.00 Purchase at

20% off one item using code 23387

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  1. I had no idea about Ulta until reading an earlier post of yours and was ecstatic when I realized they were right next door! Thought I was the only one completely enamored with this store! Thx for the heads up!


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